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For those who loved the compact wholesale list from our old website, we have set up a quick and easy reference list with botanical names and wholesale prices.

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Abies balsamea – Balsam Fir
A pretty, medium-sized conifer rarely to 30 tall, widely distributed and commonly seen from central to eastern Canada and scattered south to Virginia in the U.S.A. It forms a narrowly conical, densely branched crown with short, narrow but blunt leaves that are dark glossy green above and pale to blu..
From USD 5.07 In Stock
Acacia adunca – Wallangarra Wattle
A small tree or large shrub to about 6 m (20 ft.) tall, native to the high mountains of northeastern New South Wales and southeasternmost Queensland, Australia. It has narrow, pendulous phyllodes and produces large sprays of fragrant yellow flowers in spring. One of the hardier Australian Acacia, it..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Acacia auriculiformis – Earleaf Acacia
A medium to large tree to 30 m tall, native to northern Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea with attractive, sickle-shaped phyllodes (leaves that are actually not leaves but widened leaf stalks) and yellow, bottle-brush-like flowers in great profusion. Besides being grown as a robust ornament..
From USD 5.30 In Stock
A small tree with a spreading crown of finely pinnate, silvery leaves and bright yellow, strongly scented puffball-like flowers. Originally native to New South Wales, Australia, it is widely grown elsewhere in temperate climates. Seeds should be scarified or immersed in boiling water to break dorman..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae – Coastal Wattle
Widespread in coastal eastern and southern Australia and Tasmania, this moderate, spreading shrub is a typical plant of seashores and usually found on sandy soils. It makes a lovely and profusely flowering ornamental for temperate and warm temperate climates and also a great windbreak and stabilizer..
From USD 6.13 Low Stock
Acca sellowiana – Pineapple Guava
Originally native to southeastern Brazil and northernmost Argentina, this shrub or small tree is now widely cultivated around the world for its edible fruits, as well as for its ornamental qualities. Acca sellowiana grows to about 5 m tall and forms a dense, rounded crown of small leaves that are gr..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acer ginnala – Amur Maple
A small, deciduous tree, rarely more than 5 m tall with lobed leaves that turn intensely red in autumn. Acer ginnala is widespread in eastern Asia and makes a wonderful and extremely cold hardy ornamental for temperate climates...
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Acrostichum aureum – Mangrove Fern, Golden Leather Fern
A large, vigorous, cycad-like fern with pinnate leaves to 1.8 m tall that have broad, leathery leaflets. Acrostichum aureum is widespread and common in the tropics and most often seen colonizing disturbed, open, coastal wetlands, including mangrove swamps as it is quite salt tolerant...
From USD 7.07 In Stock
Adansonia digitata – Baobab
The African Baobab is one of the world's most unique and iconic trees, producing an enormous, thick, swollen trunk that can reach up to 28 m (92 ft.) in circumference and a broad, spreading crown that stands bare during the dry season. Its large, fragrant white flowers, after pollination by bats, ar..
From USD 6.72 In Stock
Aechmea angustifolia
An attractive, usually epiphytic bromeliad native to rainforests in Central and South America between Honduras and Bolivia, usually at low to medium elevations but in Colombia found to 2000 m. It forms an upright rosette of broad, pale green leaves with prickly edges and a long-lasting, very colorfu..
From USD 6.84 In Stock
A very large bromeliad native to forests from the Caribbean to Central and northern South America, where it is found growing on trees and cliff faces. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with spiny margins and upright, pinkish red inflorescences. Aechmea aquilega makes a bold plant for the tropica..
From USD 6.72 In Stock
Aechmea bracteata
A large, epiphytic bromeliad native to rainforests from eastern Mexico to northwestern Venezuela with broad, tonguelike, green leaves with spiny margins and long, red inflorescences. It makes a bold plant for the tropical garden, where it can be grown on large trees but also on the ground or in cont..
From USD 5.66 In Stock
Aechmea coelestis
A large, epiphytic bromeliad native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest in southeastern and southern Brazil. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with a silvery sheen and smooth margins and produces an upright, pink inflorescence with blue flowers. Aechmea coelestis makes a great ornamental for the trop..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Aechmea lueddemanniana
(Description coming soon)..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Aechmea mexicana
A large, epiphytic bromeliad, widely distributed but uncommon in deciduous and semideciduous forests between sea level and 1700 m from central Mexico throughout Cental America and south to Ecuador. It has broad, straplike, green leaves with toothed margins and produces an upright, whitish wooly infl..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Aechmea nudicaulis
A medium-sized bromeliad that is widely distributed as an epiphyte in tropical forests between Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. It forms a rosette of broad, straplike leaves with slightly spiny edges. The arching inflorescence is pink and orange-red. In cultivation it does best in a tropical..
From USD 5.42 In Stock
Aechmea strobilacea – Giant Coning Bromeliad
After Puya raimondii perhaps the worlds second largest bromeliad, this enormous, usually terrestrial bromeliad grows to 4 m tall with a huge rosette of 20 or more narrow, bluish green, ascending leaves with pendulous tips that can reach a length of about 10 m. It produces a short-stalked, club-like,..
From USD 7.31 In Stock
Aeonium aureum – Canary Golden Mountain Rose
A stunning, small succulent, native to the Canary Islands to 2000 m elevation, where it is found on steep, rocky slopes or cliffs. It forms a small, very compact and mildly clustering rosette of broad, grayish green leaves that usually have a more or less pronounced red hue. In cultivation it is bes..
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Aeonium davidbramwellii
A low growing succulent from the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, where it grows in the understory of pine woodlands to 1000 m elevation. It forms a low shrub with sparsely branching stems and large, flatish rosettes of succulent, spoon-shaped leaves with reddish margins. The relatively lar..
From USD 6.01 In Stock
Aeonium haworthii
This smaller Aeonium native to Tenerife in the Canary islands forms branching stems topped by small rosettes of diamond-shaped bluish leaves...
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Aeonium holochrysum
An upright, sparsely branching, succulent shrub, usually to about 1 m (3 ft.) tall, native to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, with greenish gray branches, showy rosettes of light green leaves and pyramidal panicles of bright yellow flowers. An excellent ornamental for warm-temperate climates, Aeoniu..
From USD 5.42 In Stock
Aeonium lancerottense
A magnificent, compact, densely branching succulent with compact rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves, found exclusively on dry Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where it is rather rare and endangered...
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Aeonium percarneum
A lovely small shrub to about 1 m tall, native to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands to 1300 m. It sports a sparsely branching stem, fairly large rosettes of succulent, spoon-shaped, bluish green leaves with reddish margins and compact whitish inflorescences. In cultivation it is best suited to fros..
From USD 5.07 In Stock
Aeonium spathulatum
A popular species from the Canary Islands with branching stems and rosettes of small spoon-shaped leaves...
From USD 5.77 In Stock
Aeonium undulatum
A larger Aeonium from Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands between 300 and 1500 m with a sparsely branching stem to 2.5 m tall and succulent, spoon-shaped leaves that form flatish rosettes to an astonishing one meter in diameter. The conical inflorescence holds countless yellow flowers...
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Afzelia quanzensis – Pod-Mahogany
A beautiful, medium to large, dry deciduous tree with a spreading crown of drooping, dark, glossy green, pinnate leaves and conspicuous red and green flowers that are followed by large pods with very attractive, red and black seeds. Afzelia quanzensis is related to Bauhinia and native to woodlands i..
From USD 6.01 Low Stock
Afzelia xylocarpa – Makha Tree
A beautiful, medium to very large, dry deciduous tree with a spreading crown of drooping, dark, glossy green, pinnate leaves and conspicuous green and orange flowers that are followed by large, woody pods with very attractive, brown seeds with orange arils. Afzelia xylocarpa is related to Bauhinia a..
From USD 7.19 In Stock
Agathis australis – New Zealand Kauri
A giant conifer to 50 m (170 ft.) tall from the North Island of New Zealand to 600 m, with a trunk to 4 m (13 ft.) in diameter. One of the worlds largest trees...
From USD 10.96 In Stock
Agathis ovata – Mountain Kauri
A small to medium-sized conifer that can reach about 25 m (80 ft.) tall and is found only in southeastern New Caledonia between 150 and 1150 m (500 and 3800 ft.) elevation, mostly in humid forest or low maquis minier scrubland on ultramafic soils that are high in heavy metals. It forms an ascending,..
From USD 35.94 In Stock
Agave albescens – Guantanamo Bay Agave
A rare, medium-sized Agave that forms a weakly clustering, beautiful, dense rosette of many broad, bluish gray leaves with a rough surface and attractive, small, dark spines along the margins. It is native to eastern Cuba, where it grows in dry scrubland on rocky limestone slopes not far from the se..
From USD 6.84 In Stock
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