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Medium Tree

Moderately large trees that can reach a height of 15 m (50 ft) or more. A phanerophyte in Raunkiær's life-form classification.

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Abies balsamea – Balsam Fir
A pretty, medium-sized conifer rarely to 30 tall, widely distributed and commonly seen from central to eastern Canada and scattered south to Virginia in the U.S.A. It forms a narrowly conical, densely branched crown with short, narrow but blunt leaves that are dark glossy green above and pale to blu..
From USD 5.07 In Stock
Abies fraseri – Fraser Fir
(Description coming soon)..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
A beautiful, small to medium-sized conifer that rarely reaches more than 10 m tall, native to southern Korea and Jeju-do between 1000 and 1900 m. The Korean Fir has smooth bark, a dense, pyramidal crown and dark green, needlelike leaves with white undersides. The compact, upright cones are an attrac..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Abies pinsapo – Spanish Fir
This rare, medium-size conifer grows only in southern Spain and northern Morocco, usually on dry mountain slopes and it is considered endangered due to degradation of habitat, deforestation and fires. It develops a broad, conical, symmetrical crown to to 25 m tall of spirally arranged branches, shor..
From USD 6.01 In Stock
Acacia auriculiformis – Earleaf Acacia
A medium to large tree to 30 m tall, native to northern Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea with attractive, sickle-shaped phyllodes (leaves that are actually not leaves but widened leaf stalks) and yellow, bottle-brush-like flowers in great profusion. Besides being grown as a robust ornament..
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Acacia burkei – Black Monkey Thorn
A popular, multi-purpose tree, distributed in southern Africa, in a variety of habitats, from woodlands to dry river valleys to scrublands. It varies considerably in height, ranging from 3 to 27 m and has even been cultivated as a bonsai. It has a smooth or sometimes scaly trunk and a spreading, rou..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acacia cincinnata – Scorpion Wattle
A small to moderately-sized, evergreen, tropical tree to about 25 m tall with long phyllodes and spikes of cream white, scented flowers. Acacia cincinnata is native to Australia and islands of the South West Pacific, where it grows in open forests. It makes a nice ornamental and is also planted for ..
From USD 6.13 Low Stock
Acacia decurrens – Early Black Wattle
A well known and popular, very fast growing ornamental tree to 15 m tall, native to eastern Australia with dark green, bipinnate, feathery foliage and wonderfully scented, golden yellow flowers in great profusion in early spring. Seeds should be scarified or briefly immersed in boiling water before ..
From USD 5.77 In Stock
Acacia erioloba – Camel Thorn, Giraffe Thorn
A typical tree of the drier parts of southern Africa, Acacia erioloba is widespread and common in various types of savanna and is a dominant tree species especially in Namibia and Botswana. Acacia erioloba grows into a small to medium-sized tree and bears yellow, spherical flowers followed by furry,..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acacia galpinii – Monkey Thorn
A fast growing, dry deciduous, medium to large size tree that can reach 25 to 30 m tall, native to the forests of south-eastern and southern Africa, at elevations between 350 and 1500 m. It develops a straight trunk with rough, scaly, grayish-brown bark, a spreading crown, branches armed with viciou..
From USD 6.36 In Stock
Acacia mearnsii – Black Wattle
A medium-sized tree originally native to forests in southeastern Australia and Tasmania with fern-like foliage and creamy white, globose flowers. It is a popular ornamental for warm temperate climates in USDA zones 8 to 11 but also widely used in forestry for a multitude of purposes. It has a reputa..
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Acacia melanoxylon – Australian Blackwood
A variable, moderate, evergreen tree rarely more than 20 m tall with a dense crown of dark green phyllodes and spikes of cream white, scented flowers. Acacia melanoxylon is native to coastal eastern and southeastern Australia, including Tasmania. It makes a lovely ornamental for warm temperate and s..
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Acacia nilotica – Gum Arabic Tree, Egyptian Thorn
A dry-deciduous, small to medium size tree to about 13 m tall, valued for its many uses -medicinal, forage, wood for construction- since the era of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Originally native to Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and southern Asia, today it is also cultivated in other parts of th..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acacia robusta – Splendid Acacia
A medium-size tree, that can reach 20 to 25 m in height, native to eastern and southern Africa, with a trunk covered by smooth or fissured bark, a spreading crown, branches armed with short, straight thorns, pinnate foliage and creamy-white, perfumed flowers, followed by brown, dehiscent seed pods. ..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acacia sieberiana – Paperbark Thorn
Acacia sieberiana
Paperbark Thorn

= Vachellia sieberiana
A medium-size tree that will reach 20 to 25 m in height, distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, from Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad, down to South Africa. It has peeling, creamy-yellow bark, a spreading umbrella-shaped crown, branches armed with pairs of long, white thorns, feathery, dark-green foliage and a ..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Acacia tortilis – Umbrella Thorn Tree
Very widespread and very common on the Arabian Peninsula and over the drier parts of the African continent in bush, scrub and woodlands, the typical broad, flat, umbrella-shaped crown of this iconic tree is immediately associated with the African savanna. It grows into a moderately large tree with p..
From USD 6.13 In Stock
Acer ginnala – Amur Maple
A small, deciduous tree, rarely more than 5 m tall with lobed leaves that turn intensely red in autumn. Acer ginnala is widespread in eastern Asia and makes a wonderful and extremely cold hardy ornamental for temperate climates...
From USD 5.30 In Stock
Acer negundo
A small to medium-sized tree to 15 m tall with smooth bark and pinnate, light green leaves. Acer negundo is widely distributed throughout North America and south to the highlands of Guatemala. It makes a very robust, attractive and cold hardy ornamental for temperate climates...
From USD 5.77 In Stock
Acoelorraphe wrightii 'Azul' – Blue Paurotis Palm
A marvelous and rare form of of the well known Paurotis Palm or Everglades Palm with powdery blue leaves. Native to Cuba, it surprisingly is almost unknown in cultivation...
From USD 11.67 In Stock
Acoelorraphe wrightii – Everglades Palm
Not uncommon in its home in the Florida Everglades and other swampy areas throughout much of the Caribbean, this lovely palm typically grows with three or four of its slim trunks towering above the rest of the clump. Small, neat, fan-shaped leaves atop chestnut brown stems gives it an attractive app..
From USD 6.48 In Stock
Adansonia digitata – Baobab
The African Baobab is one of the world's most unique and iconic trees, producing an enormous, thick, swollen trunk that can reach up to 28 m (92 ft.) in circumference and a broad, spreading crown that stands bare during the dry season. Its large, fragrant white flowers, after pollination by bats, ar..
From USD 6.72 In Stock
Adansonia gregorii – Australian Baobab, Gadawon
A small to medium-sized, dry deciduous tree to rarely more than 12 m (40 ft.) tall, native to dry regions in northwestern Australia and the only species in the genus to occur outside of Africa. Adansonia gregorii has a thick, usually rather short but extremely wide, bottle-shaped trunk that can reac..
From USD 9.19 In Stock
Aegiphila sellowiana – Tamanqueira
A small to medium-sized tree native to much of South America between Ecuador and northern Argentina with large, soft leaves and small, axillary flowers and fruits...
From USD 5.77 In Stock
Afzelia quanzensis – Pod-Mahogany
A beautiful, medium to large, dry deciduous tree with a spreading crown of drooping, dark, glossy green, pinnate leaves and conspicuous red and green flowers that are followed by large pods with very attractive, red and black seeds. Afzelia quanzensis is related to Bauhinia and native to woodlands i..
From USD 6.01 Low Stock
Afzelia xylocarpa – Makha Tree
A beautiful, medium to very large, dry deciduous tree with a spreading crown of drooping, dark, glossy green, pinnate leaves and conspicuous green and orange flowers that are followed by large, woody pods with very attractive, brown seeds with orange arils. Afzelia xylocarpa is related to Bauhinia a..
From USD 7.19 In Stock
Agathis ovata – Mountain Kauri
A small to medium-sized conifer that can reach about 25 m (80 ft.) tall and is found only in southeastern New Caledonia between 150 and 1150 m (500 and 3800 ft.) elevation, mostly in humid forest or low maquis minier scrubland on ultramafic soils that are high in heavy metals. It forms an ascending,..
From USD 35.94 In Stock
Ailanthus altissima – Tree of Heaven
A medium-sized to fairly large but relatively short-lived tree that rarely grows taller than 30 m, with broadly pinnate leaves to 1 m long and small, white flowers. Ailanthus altissima is very fast growing and easily established, but can also become a nuisance as it spreads by root suckers when tryi..
From USD 5.77 In Stock
Ailanthus excelsa – Indian Tree of Heaven
A large, dry-deciduous tree to about 25 m tall, native to dry forests in India and Sri Lanka, with a spreading crown of pinnate leaves and small, white flowers followed by winged, reddish fruits. It is a popular and very undemanding shade tree for the tropics but also used for fodder, wood and in tr..
From USD 6.01 In Stock
Alberta magna – Natal Flame Bush
A stunning, evergreen shrub or small to mediu-sized tree rarely more than 10 m tall, with simple, glossy dark green leaves and masses of brilliant red, tubular flowers in terminal clusters, followed by small, ribbed fruits with scarlet wings. Alberta magna is native to eastern South Africa to 1800 m..
From USD 6.72 In Stock
Albizia androyensis
A small tree to 12 m tall with a rounded crown of bipinnate leaves and powder-puff-like, white flowers, native to dry woodlands in Madagascar...
From USD 7.31 Low Stock
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