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'Old Style' Wholesale Price List
For those who loved the compact wholesale list from our old website, we have set up a quick and easy reference list with botanical names and wholesale prices.

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Acer laurinum
A large, evergreen, tropical maple that can reach to over 40 m tall, with gray bark and large, simple, glossy dark green leaves that are whitish underneath. Acer laurinum is rare but widespread in tropical forests from southern China and Indochina to the Philippines and southern India between 700 an..
From USD 5.54 In Stock
A medium-sized to fairly large but relatively short-lived tree that rarely grows taller than 30 m, with broadly pinnate leaves to 1 m long and small, white flowers. Ailanthus altissima is very fast growing and easily established, but can also become a nuisance as it spreads by root suckers when tryi..
From USD 4.67 In Stock
Ailanthus excelsa – Indian Tree of Heaven
A large, dry-deciduous tree to about 25 m tall, native to dry forests in India and Sri Lanka, with a spreading crown of pinnate leaves and small, white flowers followed by winged, reddish fruits. It is a popular and very undemanding shade tree for the tropics but also used for fodder, wood and in tr..
From USD 4.89 In Stock
Ailanthus triphysa
(Description coming soon)..
From USD 5.00 In Stock
Allanblackia floribunda – Tallow Tree
(Description coming soon) ..
From USD 19.55 In Stock
Allocasuarina duncanii – Duncan's Sheoak
A rare, dioecious, medium sized, conifer-like tree reaching 8 m in height, endemic to southeastern Tasmania between 200 and 1000 m. It grows a straight trunk covered with grayish bark, erect branches parallel to the trunk and dark green foliage. The female plants display beautiful light-grey cone-li..
From USD 4.67 In Stock
Allocasuarina littoralis – Black Sheoak
A dioecious, medium-sized conifer-like tree, ranging between 5 and 15 m in height, native to southeastern Australia, where it is found in coastal areas as well as inland on hillsides. Its trunk is covered by ridged, black bark and holds a crown of thin, dense, dark green branchlets with scale-like f..
From USD 4.67 In Stock
Allocasuarina verticillata – Drooping Sheoak
A dioecious, small to medium-sized, conifer-like tree, between 5 and 10 m tall, growing in woodlands and on rocky outcrops in southeastern Australia. It presents an upright trunk with dark gray bark, a rounded crown, thin, drooping branchlets and scale-like, grayish-green foliage. The male trees rev..
From USD 4.67 In Stock
Allocasuarina zephyrea – Western Sheoak
A small dioecious, conifer-like shrub to about 2 m tall from coastal areas, shrub and sedgelands of Tasmania, where it grows at elevations to 900 m. It grows ascending branchlets, reddish-brown flowers and gray, barrel-shaped fruits. It has good tolerance to drought and frost and it is very wind-res..
From USD 4.56 In Stock
Amphipterygium adstringens – Cuachalalate Tree
A dry deciduous, small tree to 9 m tall, native to the Pacific coast of Mexico, where it grows in dry tropical or oak forests at elevations between 100 and 1700 m. It develops a twisted trunk covered by grayish, wrinkled, corky bark and a flattened crown. The bark of Amphipterygium adstringens is wi..
From USD 6.30 In Stock
Antidesma dallachyanum – Herbert River Cherry
A medium to large, evergreen tree native to northern Australia with simple leaves and clusters of edible fruit that turn black when ripe and are sweet with pleasent acidity. They can be eaten fresh or used for making juices and jams. With ample moisture, good light and a tropical or frost free warm ..
From USD 5.00 In Stock
A shrub or small to medium-sized tree with attractive, leathery leaves and small, whitish flowers followed by clusters of pea-sized, fruits that turn red to black when ripe. The fruits are edible and sweet and can be eaten raw or processed into jams and jellies. Antidesma ghaesembilla is widespread ..
From USD 5.21 In Stock
Antidesma velutinosum
A shrub or small to medium-sized tree to 15 m tall with attractive, large, deeply veined leaves and small, whitish flowers followed by clusters of pea-sized, fruits that turn from white to reddish to black when ripe. The fruits are edible and sweet and can be eaten raw. Antidesma velutinosum is wide..
From USD 5.32 In Stock
Araucaria bernieri – White Cone Araucaria
An absolutely spectacular, large Araucaria to 50 m (165 ft) tall with small, scale-like, triangular leaves and prominent, bluish white cones. It is endemic to moist, evergreen forests in southeastern New Caledonia to 700 m (2300 ft). In cultivation, Araucaria bernieri will do well in most tropical a..
From USD 23.79 In Stock
Araucaria laubenfelsii – De Laubenfels' Araucaria
This spectacular Araucaria is known from a limited range in the high mountains of southern New Caledonia to 1400 m (4600 ft). The "wavy look" of the pinnate branchlets in younger trees is characteristic of the species and absolutely stunning. Even though it can grow as tall as 50 m (160 ft.), young ..
From USD 96.88 In Stock
Araucaria luxurians – Coast Araucaria, Lush Araucaria
This large New Caledonian conifer is found close to the sea on cliffs and rocky outcrops, mainly in the south of the island and rarely up to 1400 m (4600 ft.). It is a beautiful species that is becoming very rare in habitat and most of its existing populations are quite small. It's extraordinarily b..
From USD 13.69 In Stock
Araucaria muelleri – King Araucaria
Perhaps the most desirable of all Araucaria, this magnificent conifer can reach 25 m tall and forms a candelabra-like crown of thick branches with very broad, hard leaves to 3.5 cm long. The seeds are the largest of the New Caledonian Araucaria. Araucaria muelleri forms small stands in humid maquis ..
From USD 37.25 Low Stock
Araucaria nemorosa – Port Boise Araucaria
This beautiful, delicate, medium-sized conifer is critically endangered because of habitat loss. The entire known population on the southern tip of New Caledonia grows on only a few hectares and is threatened by encroachment and fires. Virtually unknown in cultivation but probably as adaptable as ot..
From USD 36.71 In Stock
Araucaria rulei – Rule Araucaria
Araucaria rulei is the king of the New Caledonian high plateau. Ever more rare because of habiat destruction in central New Caledonia, Araucaria rulei is a stately and ornamental conifer that eventually forms a candelabra type tree with scant but awesome foliage. The branchlets are densely covered w..
From USD 96.88 In Stock
Bischofia javanica – Bishop Wood, Java Cedar
A large, dry deciduous, fast growing tree that can reach 50 m tall, native to seasonally dry forests throughout tropical and warm temperate Asia to Australia and the South Pacific from sea level to 1800 m. Bischofia javanica is popular in Asia for its reddish brown, fairly heavy wood, edible seeds a..
From USD 4.89 In Stock
Bismarckia nobilis 'Silver' – Bismarck Palm
How to do justice to this magnificent palm in just a few words? The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, circular, silvery blue, fan-shaped leaves and a tall, columnar trunk. In seedlings and young plants, the leaves are tinged with an unreal purple color. Bismarckia develops fairly quickly into..
From USD 7.49 In Stock
Borassus flabellifer – Palmyra Palm
Though the Palmyra Palm is perhaps the most numerous and widespread of all palms in the world, ranging from India to Southeast Asia and Indonesia, its large seeds are, surprisingly, rarely available. Ideal for subtropical and tropical climates, the Palmyra Palm produces a breathtaking, large, solita..
From USD 12.27 In Stock
A small tree with a thick, succulent trunk, peeling bark and pinnate leaves. It is native to dry regions in eastern Africa. The dried resin is collected and sold as black frankincense. Boswellia neglecta also makes an excellent drought tolerant ornamental...
From USD 9.67 In Stock
Bowenia spectabilis – Zamia Fern
A beautiful dwarf cycad with a clustering underground stem that carries several long-stalked, bipinnate, fernlike leaves that hold numerous, glossy green leaflets. Bowenia spectabilis is distributed in north-eastern Queensland, Australia, where it grows in moist, humid forest to an altitude of 700 m..
From USD 20.64 Low Stock
Brachylaena discolor – Coast Silver Oak
A beautiful, large, evergreen shrub or small tree, rarely more than 10 m tall that branches early to form multiple trunks and a broad, spreading canopy of small, entire leaves that are dark green above and silvery white below. The small flowers are produced in large panicles that cover the entire tr..
From USD 5.32 In Stock
Canarium subulatum
This medium, dry deciduous tree grows to more than 30 m tall and produces green fruits similar to olives that are usually eaten fresh with a little salt. It is also appreciated for its light construction wood. Canarium subulatum is native to seasonally wet forests in Southeast Asia between 200 and 1..
From USD 8.47 In Stock
Carica candicans – Forest Papaya
A dry deciduous, sparsely branched shrub or small tree rarely more than 3 m tall with large, distinctly yellow-veined leaves that is widely distributed in dry highland valleys along the Andes from Colombia to northern Chile to 2800 m, where it is also planted for its edible fruits that are usually e..
From USD 10.10 In Stock
Carica microcarpa subsp. baccata – Fig Papaya
A slender, small, fast growing tree or shrub from rainforests in Ecuador that forms a largely unbranched trunk to about 5 m tall, topped by a terminal crown of undivided or palmate leaves. The cream flowers appear between the leaves or on the trunk and are followed by small, edible red fruits. Even ..
From USD 6.73 In Stock
Carica palandensis – Papaillo
Carica palandensis

= Vasconcellea palandensis
This little known and extremely rare papaya was discovered in 1995 in montane amazonian rainforests around 1800 m in southeastern Ecuador. It is a sparsely branched shrub or small tree to 6 m tall with thick branches, large, palmate leaves that are deeply divided, and sizeable, golden yellow, round ..
From USD 18.90 In Stock
Carica papaya 'Gabon Melon' – Papaya
A rare papaya cultivar grown in central Africa with nearly globose fruit that have a good flavor and texture...
From USD 6.95 In Stock
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