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Cissus verticillata  Princess Vine, Curtain Ivy

Cissus verticillata – Princess Vine, Curtain Ivy Cissus verticillata – Princess Vine, Curtain Ivy
Product Code: YRVVCIVE
Ornamental Value: Pretty
Availability: Out of stock

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This vine from tropical Central and South America produces heart-shaped leaves and many clusters of attractive, small, black grapes, but its most attractive feature are its incredibly long aerial roots that, if left undisturbed, can reach more than 10 m in length and grow so densely that they literally form a curtain of roots, hanging from the tree it grows on. These roots also grow incredibly fast, up to one centimeter per hour!
Cultural Requirements
Sun Exposure Light shade when young
Light shade in dry, hot climates
Light shade in all climates
Frost Tolerance None
Water Requirements High
Wind Tolerance Low
Growth Rate Moderate
Growth Form Climber
Ornamental Value Pretty
Properties Evergreen
Hazards Child and Pet Friendly
Gardening Indoor
Botanical Order Vitales
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