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For those who loved the compact wholesale list from our old website, we have set up a quick and easy reference list with botanical names and wholesale prices.

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Chamaedorea seifrizii  Seifriz's Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea seifrizii – Seifriz's Bamboo Palm Chamaedorea seifrizii – Seifriz's Bamboo Palm
Product Code: Y1-18900
Ornamental Value: Pretty
Availability: In Stock

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Size: Small Packets
Seeds Weight Price
  • 10 seeds
0.01 kg USD 6.36

Size: Wholesale
Seeds Weight Price
  • 100 seeds
0.02 kg USD 9.43
  • 1,000 seeds
0.21 kg USD 18.86
  • 10,000 seeds
2.10 kg USD 150.85

  • Ornamental Value (low–high) 4
  • Germination (difficult–easy) 5
  • Germination Time (years–days) 3
  • Plant Care (difficult–easy) 4
  • Speed of Growth (slow–fast) 3
  • Total 4
Seifriz's Bamboo Palm is so well known and so popular, it hardly needs any description. A perfect interior plant that is tolerant of low light and general abuse.
Cultural Requirements
Frost Tolerance Light
Water Requirements High
Wind Tolerance Low
Growth Rate Fast
Growth Form Shrub
Ornamental Value Pretty
Properties Dioecious
Hazards Child and Pet Friendly
Gardening Hedge
Plant Group Palms
Botanical Order Arecales
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Germination (difficult–easy)
Germination Time (years–days)
Plant Care (difficult–easy)
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