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The Cycadales are an order of plants comprised of three families: Cycadaceae, Stangeriaceae, and Zamiaceae, commonly known as cycads. Most members of this order are rather slow-growing but very long lived and share some common characteristics: They form a rosette of pinnate leaves, which makes them somewhat similar in appearance to palms and ferns, even though as Gymnosperms they are more closely related to conifers. Many have a stout trunk that supports a crown of rigid leaves, emerging from a meristem at the apex of the trunk, others grow from an underground rhizome. In Australia and India, the seeds of some species have traditionally been used as food even though they are poisonous. Other species, particularly in Central America and South Africa, are very rare and prized for their ornamental value.

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Cycas armstrongii – Armstrong's Sago
From around Darwin in northernmost Australia, where it grows in monsoonal forest, hails this slender-trunked species with elegantly arching leaves that hold many narrow, glossy, apple-green leaflets. While it forms extensive stands in its natural habitat, it is not well known in cultivation but woul..
From USD 30.76 In Stock
Cycas arnhemica
A medium-sized Cycas to about 3 m tall, from Arnhem Land, the northernmost part of Australia's Northern Territory, where it can form stands in savanna or Eucalyptus woodlands. Its slender trunks hold a neat crown of flat, narrowly pinnate, green leaves. It makes a beautiful ornamental for tropical a..
From USD 47.73 Low Stock
Cycas calcicola 'Blue' – Silver Dwarf Sago
A marvelously beautiful, smallish cycad to rarely more than 2 m tall, with flat leaves that have many narrow, silvery blue leaflets that are covered in fine, rusty golden hair below. Native to the northwestern Northern Territory in Australia, where it grows in sparse eucalypt woodlands. Cycas calcic..
From USD 58.10 In Stock
Cycas canalis subsp. canalis – Dorisvale Sago
A magnificent, rather compact cycad with short, flat, blue leaves, native to Eucalyptus woodlands in the northern part of the Northern Territory in Australia...
From USD 37.48 Low Stock
Cycas canalis subsp. carinata
(Description coming soon)..
From USD 36.77 Low Stock
Cycas chamaoensis – Chamao Sago
Known only from the mountain of Khao Chamao in southeastern Thailand, where it grows on rocky granite outcrops around 500 m (1700 ft.), this large cycad is generally similar to C. pectinata and forms a smooth trunk to 10 m (33 ft.) tall, that holds a circular crown of large, flat, gray green leaves...
From USD 31.58 In Stock
Cycas chevalieri – Chevalier's Sago
A smaller cycad from tropical forests in central Vietnam that forms an underground or shortly erect trunk that carries up to 15 flat or slightly keeled, highly glossy green leaves on long stalks. The leaflets can reach 42 cm (17 in.) long and 2 cm (1 in.) wide and often have undulate margins. It is ..
From USD 31.47 In Stock
Cycas clivicola subsp. clivicola – Mountain Sago
This rare cycad inhabits very steep limestone cliffs on the Malay Peninsula and some offshore islands. It is an elegant and fairly fast growing plant for the tropics but also well suited to cultivation in pots...
From USD 20.62 In Stock
Cycas clivicola subsp. lutea – Mountain Sago
A very elegant, slender cycad from limestone cliffs from southeast Thailand to southern Vietnam. It has a smooth, yellowish trunk and green leaves. ..
From USD 9.66 In Stock
Cycas debaoensis – Multipinnate Sago
Discovered and described as recently as the late nineties, this extraordinary cycad is only known from a single small area in western Guangxi, China, where it grows in mixed evergreen and deciduous forest on steep limestone slopes. Like so many cycads, it is highly endangered through destruction of ..
From USD 31.94 Low Stock
Cycas desolata – Charters Towers Sago
Of all the blue-leaved Australian cycads, this species is perhaps the most magnificent and the most rare. Only a few plants are in cultivation and only two populations are known in the wild, where they grow in truly desolate, sparse, dry Eucalyptus woodland near Charters Towers in northern Queenslan..
From USD 58.81 In Stock
Cycas edentata – Seaside Sago
Cycas edentata
Seaside Sago

= Cycas litoralis
A moderate to quite large Cycad with long, bluish-green leaves and a sturdy, usually solitary trunk. The large, buoyant seeds are an adaptation to being distributed by sea currents. It grows in a variety of coastal habitats from the Philippines and south Vietnam to the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and t..
From USD 21.45 Low Stock
Cycas hongheensis – Blue Hong He Sago
This magnificent small cycad is critically endangered and only known only from a few small populations in the Hong He river valley in southeastern Yunnan, China, where about 100 plants persist under threat from illegal poaching for the local plant trade. Its habitat are limestone outcrops in sparse,..
From USD 204.23 Low Stock
Cycas maconochiei – Fog Bay Sago
A large Cycas to about 5 m (16 ft.) tall, from the north-westernmost edge of Australia's Northern Territory, where it can form large stands in coastal savanna on sandy soils. Its slender, straight trunks are often blackened by fire in habitat, and hold a neat crown of fairly short, flat, green to gr..
From USD 58.10 In Stock
Cycas macrocarpa – Fern Sago
A large cycad, native to low elevation, swampy rainforests on the Malay Peninsula, that forms a trunk to 12 m (40 ft.) tall, holding a spreading crown of numerous, flat, glossy green leaves to 3 m (10 ft.) long with broad leaflets. It is a vigorous grower and best suited to the tropics. ..
From USD 22.16 Low Stock
Cycas multipinnata – Royal Sago
It is hard to find words to describe the amazing beauty of this cycad, which is undoubtedly the very best of its genus, and certainly among the best of all cycads. A short, mostly underground caudex to 25 cm (10 in.) in diameter gives rise to just one or two large, ascending leaves with elegantly ar..
From USD 55.74 In Stock
Cycas pectinata – Himalayan Sago
A large, beautiful, robust and rare cycad from the Himalayas in Nepal and northeastern India to Southeast Asia and China, best suited for warm temperate to tropical areas. Fast and easy growing, it quickly makes a fabulous landscaping or house plant...
From USD 13.32 In Stock
Cycas petraea – Loei Sago
This rare, and robust cycad from steep limestone hills in Loei province in northern central Thailand and neighboring Laos has been scientifically described in 2002 as a new species. It will form a straight, pale brown trunk to 6 m tall. The leaves are up to 2.3 m long and hold up to 115 bright green..
From USD 13.32 In Stock
Cycas pranburiensis – Pranburi Sago
A rare, midsized cycad with slender, smooth, yellowish stems and a small crown of pinnate leaves that are about 1 m (3 ft.) long. It has a very localized distribution and is only known from limestone cliffs and slopes along the coast in northeastern peninsular Thailand...
From USD 12.26 In Stock
Cycas revoluta – King Sago
An extremely popular and highly ornamental cycad that originates in southern Japan from Kyushu to Nansei-shoto in the Ryukyu Islands, which are home of so many fascinating plants. Very hardy and extremely adaptable, it will grow in most climates ranging from temperate to tropical...
From USD 7.78 In Stock
Cycas seemannii – Seemann's Sago
A large cycad native to the South West Pacific from New Caledonia to Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and the Torres Strait Islands. Its sturdy trunk can reach up to 10 m (33 ft.) tall and carries a crown of large leaves to 2 m (7 ft.) long with narrow, deep green segments and short, smooth petioles...
From USD 39.72 In Stock
Cycas sexseminifera – Dwarf Sago
With a small, underground or only shortly emergent trunk, and flat leaves that can reach 1 m (3 ft.) in length and carry 60 to 130 narrow leaflets, this charming plant is one of the smallest species in the genus Cycas. In its native northern Vietnam and southeastern China, it grows in cracks of stee..
From USD 25.10 In Stock
Cycas siamensis 'Dwarf Form' – Dwarf Thai Sago
A compact dwarf form of Cycas siamensis from central Thailand, particularly suited for containers and bonsai culture...
From USD 9.19 In Stock
Cycas siamensis – Thai Sago
An interesting, small cycad from Thailand and neighboring countries that has a swollen trunk base and an attractive crown consisting of many flat, dark green leaves. Ideal for the tropical to warm temperate garden, it requires well drained soil and can be grown in full sun or partial shade. It is ea..
From USD 10.25 In Stock
Cycas silvestris – Araucaria-Sago
A spectacular, large cycad that features a fairly slender, comparatively smooth trunk that reaches to about 7 m tall and holds a crown of beautiful, large leaves to 2 m long with long, sickle-shaped segments and short, spiny petioles. Cycas silvestris is largely restricted to seasonally dry Araucari..
From USD 21.33 In Stock
A small, trunkless cycad from northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and southern China, where it grows in the understorey of humid forests to an elevation of about 900 m (2950 ft.). It produces several rather large ascending, pinnate leaves...
From USD 12.14 In Stock
This cycad, native to coastal Tanzania and Mozambique, the Comoros Islands and eastern Madagascar is not only one of the largest species in the Cycadales, but is also probably the oldest, having been around for a possible 140 millon years with little change in apprearance. It is undoubtedly the fast..
From USD 26.99 In Stock
Cycas tropophylla – Ha Long Sago
A beautiful, smallish cycad with arching, strongly keeled, deep glossy green leaves. It forms at best a short aboveground trunk. Native to the Haiphong area of northern Vietnam, it grows on the bare faces of steep limestone cliffs that are typical of the region, often with no soil at all. In cultiva..
From USD 49.03 In Stock
Dioon argenteum – Silver Oaxacan Cycad
This magnificent and very rare cycad was scientifically described as recently as 2003 and is found only in a small area between pine-oak forest and dry deciduous forest on the sides of steep limestone canyons in Oaxaca, Mexico between 1100 and 1600 m asl. It forms a spreading crown of up to about 40..
From USD 33.12 Low Stock
In nature, this extraordinary cycad from Veracruz and Oaxaca in southern Mexico can grow to 16 m (50 ft.) tall, making it one of the tallest cycads. In cultivation, it is easily germinated, easy to care for, and fast growing. It is an attractive species with a regular crown of long, shiny green leav..
From USD 9.43 Low Stock
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Macrozamia communis – Burrawang
From USD 11.67   In Stock

For its gracefulness and ease of cultivation, this species from forests in eastern New South Wales, Australia, is undoubtedly the most popular of the Macrozamia. It forms a dense, rounded crown of dar...

Cycas revoluta – King Sago
From USD 7.78   In Stock

An extremely popular and highly ornamental cycad that originates in southern Japan from Kyushu to Nansei-shoto in the Ryukyu Islands, which are home of so many fascinating plants. Very hardy and extre...

Zamia furfuracea – Cardboard Palm
From USD 6.84   In Stock

A robust, adaptable and quick growing plant with a short, clustering trunk and a compact crown of light green leaves. Its common name refers to the very thick, felty, elliptic leaflets. The Cardboard ...

Cycas debaoensis – Multipinnate Sago
From USD 31.94   Low Stock

Discovered and described as recently as the late nineties, this extraordinary cycad is only known from a single small area in western Guangxi, China, where it grows in mixed evergreen and deciduous fo...

Cycas multipinnata – Royal Sago
From USD 55.74   In Stock

It is hard to find words to describe the amazing beauty of this cycad, which is undoubtedly the very best of its genus, and certainly among the best of all cycads. A short, mostly underground caudex t...

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