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Artabotrys harmandii

Product Code: YMMAARHA
Ornamental Value: Pretty
Availability: In Stock

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Artabotrys, perhaps better known as Ylang Ylang, look rather unspectacular, but their flowers are among the most pleasingly and intensely fragrant in the plant kingdom.

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Size: Small Packets
Seeds Weight Price
  • 10 seeds
0.01 kg EUR 6.40

Size: Wholesale
Seeds Weight Price
  • 100 seeds
0.15 kg EUR 19.00
  • 1,000 seeds
  • Only 3 left!
1.48 kg EUR 139.00

A scrambling, tropical shrub native to Southeast Asia with long-lasting, scented flowers and leaves that are widest near the apex. Suitable for USDA Zones 10 and above.
Growth Form Shrub
Ornamental Value Pretty
Food/Medicinal Medicinal
Plant Group Ornamental Shrubs
Botanical Order Magnoliales
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