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Thanks you have great seeds.
M.M., Lake Wales, Florida, USA - 12.08.2013

Just to inform you that we already have received our order from you. Thank you so much and see you on our next order.
M.V.L., Bangad, Cabanatuan City, Philippines - 12.07.2013

Thank you tobias... this is my second time ordering. The last seeds I received were very nice :)
T.B., Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 20.06.2013

There are so many caudiciform plant seeds from Africa, Kenya and Madagascar, please try to get some for me. In fact you are one of the BEST seed supplier in the world and i am sure you can do it. Well thanks a lot for your cooperation with me.
H.S., Gurgaon, Haryana, India. - 11.06.2013

I love your website and we have ordered many palms from you which are now in Texas!
P.D., Dallas, Texas, USA - 2.06.2013

keep up the good work! :-)
P.S., Limassol, Cyprus - 22.03.2013

Your seeds are the best out there!!
J.D., San Marcos, California, USA - 22.03.2013

thanks for all the great seeds in the past!!!!!
P.G., Spearwood, W.A., Australia - 25.01.2013

As always it's a pleasure to be doing business with you. Believe it or not having rarepalmseeds in our nursery is great even when we are going through rough times here in Egypt. Hope Dypsis cabadae is fresh and hope it will be available in greater numbers in the future.
T.S., Cairo, Egypt - 10.01.2013

Palmtalk member. Love your work. Thankyou.
S.T., Rochedale South, Queensland, Australia - 10.01.2013

thanks for the seed and joy I have.
B.R., Rundu, Namibia - 13.12.2012

Thanks for the continued good service.
R.U., Colchester, Essex, U.K. - 8.12.2012

Love Rarepalmseeds.com and you have become our best seed supplier.
R.H., Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, U.K. - 5.12.2012

Thank you for your last envoy, which arrived safely at this address. Thanks again.
A.S., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - 30.11.2012

Thank you again for those good seeds!!
J-L.G., La Chaize le Vicomte, France - 17.11.2012

By the way, I thought you'd like to know that the germination rate on the Borojo seeds I got from you back in August was excellent. I just transplanted 75 of them.
S.B., Maples, Florida, USA - 13.10.2012

Thank you very much for the superb quality seeds! Danke schön!!!
T.O., Oulu, Finland - 21.09.2012

Whow! Melothria dulcis available! Fantastic! There is a so long time I am seeking this exsquise fruit Cucurbit. Many thank for your wonderfull seed selection.
J-L. G., La Chaize le Vicomte, France - 31.08.2012

thanks Toby, your seeds are the best!!!
D.H., Menifee, California, USA - 4.07.2012

You provide a remarkable service, many thanks and all the best.
P.J., Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia - 3.07.2012

Thanks for the great seeds.
T.A., North Fort Myers, Florida, USA - 21.05.2012

Pleased to see you can offer Oenocarpus bataua, which prompted this order - you are the only source I found online for this palm. You are doing good work.
R.U., Colchester, Esser, U.K. - 16.05.2012

I received the packages today and I would like to thank you very much for the extra seeds and superb quality.
M.Z., Tbilisi, Georgia - 15.05.2012

I am grateful to you for all the seeds i have acquired from your esteemed company. I have learned a great deal from you. it is the trust that has made me a regular with your company.
A.Q., Manama, Bahrain - 20.03.2012

i just received the package...thank you very much...keep it up for the excellent service...
R.I., Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines - 8.03.2012

I got my order yesterday and I'm very thankful to you for the extra seeds of Livistona Inermis you sent me. I know yours is a very reliable company and I'm happy to buy from you every time you have interesting items.
G.C., Rome, Italy - 1.03.2012

Is it possible to have a wholesale list of upcoming palm seeds. I want to notice you that i been always satisfy by your service and your high quality seeds. I've been real satisfy from your service and your quality seeds.
T.K., Morocco - 14.02.2012

I just found your wonderful site and am so excited I can hardly sleep. You sir are a answer to prayer! Thanks so much, God Bless...
T.K.. Portland, Oregon, USA - 1.02.2012

Hi Toby, great success with all your seed so far. Many thanks for providing such an incredible service for people all over the world.
P.J., Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia - 9.12.2011

Everything is great and we find your seeds to be excellent quality too (but you already know that!).
R.G., Doha, Qatar - 28.10.2011

Congratulations for the freshness of your seeds. I have purchased more than 100 species and all of them have germinated!
J.O., San Isidro, Lima. Peru - 27.09.2011

Received the seeds! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
P.G., Everett, Washington, USA - 27.07.2011

Thank you for the opportunity you're bringing to the plant world.
S.A., Lagos, Nigeria - 30.06.2011

Thank you for previous order. I have several seedlings in very good shape. Great service.
B.H., Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico - 3.06.2011

Thanks Toby, I had to recount twice, as I thought it most unusual from RPS, you are always over. On the seed germination side, we have had good results of seed germination bought from you. We have been very surprised on how quickly some seeds have shot. We have about three more orders on the way and are looking forward to receiving them.
I.T., Gooburrum, Queensland, Australia - 27.05.2011

Hi my friends, here I am again making my second purchase with you. My first purchase was 100% positive, I love the seeds. Keep it up. Thank you.
F.M., Dona Euzébia, Minas Gerais, Brazil - 13.04.2011

This is my second order and was pleased with my first. Probably will make a third...
D.C., Kenansville, Florida, USA - 28.03.2011

The Agathis ovata seeds arrived last Thursday in good condition. Thanks so much! I soaked them for half a day and most sank. A few seem to be showing signs of the earliest stages germination. I am most impressed that you were able to get Agathis seeds across the world in such good condition. Congratulations to you and your seed collectors!
C.H., Palmetto Bay, Florida, USA - 21.03.2011

Thanks for great seeds.
G.S., Skåpafors, Västra Götaland, Sweden - 6.02.2011

I have had great success with seeds from Rarepalmseeds and such good service!
M.T., Perth, W.A., Australia - 30.12.2010

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for my order. I am very impressed & will most certainly be placing another order with you again very soon. Thanks again.
R.C., Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K. - 28.11.2010

Love the website!
M.L., Orange Park, Florida, USA - 24.11.2010

THANK YOU for such a healthy batch of seeds!!!!!
C.S., Monahans, Texas, USA - 13.11.2010

Hello Dear, I got great seeds today ! Thank you so much =)
Y.I., Nishinoomote, Kagoshima, Japan - 27.10.2010

I would like to say that I am very happy with all the palm and fruit tree seeds I have bought from you in the past.
G.R., San Juan, Puerto Rico - 18.10.2010

The first sign of green emerged yesterday from the great seeds that you sent to me. Dacrydium araucarioides and Araucaria laubenfelsii both appeared. Can't tell you how much it means to me to finally have these!! A. rulei seems to be pushing up growth too! Have found your seed mentioned on a couple of garden forums and everyone seems to be having real success with your seeds.
B.K., Queensland, Australia - 14.10.2010

Order recieved, perfect!! Many Thanks.
M.A., Knutsford, United Kingdom - 17.09.2010

Thank you for the great service you provided. Love your work!
A.L., Tinh Dong Thap, Vietnam - 17.08.2010

Everything worked out great. Thanks a lot!
P.G., Grover Beach, California, USA - 13.08.2010

The Dypsis marojejyi and other seed arrived yesterday in fabulous condition ...best D. marojejyi ever!
J.M., Mountain View, Hawaii, USA - 8.08.2010

Just wanted to let you know that I received everything today and appreciate you making everything perfect and the extras that you sent as well. I know you operate a busy operation, but the extra effort here is what keeps you "tops in your trade." Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service!
C.R., Clearwater, Florida, USA - 6.08.2010

Hello! Just to say that my order arrived today , everything good and nice shipped! Thanks again.
J.M., Abrantes, Portugal - 22.07.2010

My seed order arrived safely today. Australian customs had opened it but everything got through OK. Thank you.
P.M., Tasmania, Australia - 16.07.2010

I did a place an order a few days ago. Sorry for the extra work. All the seeds i get from you had a germination rate of 80% and more, so very happy with RPS seeds.
P.V., Leiden, The Netherlands - 3.06.2010

I've been a customer of yours for two years or more, I love your website, is a wonderful reference, its also a school for learning about palms. The quality of your seeds is very high with magnificent results thanks for putting them within reach.
J.C.V., Tucson, Arizona, USA - 29.05.2010

Two days ago, the seeds arrived. I am now happy. Thank you so much. You are the best.
O.P., Omnoi, Thailand. - 13.05.2010

The seeds arrived perfectly. That is why I always buy seeds with you. Quality, price and security. Thanks again.
H.S., Holambra, S.P., Brasil - 23.04.2010

I was wondering when you would offer a selection of New Caledonian conifers... Congratulations! Good for you... good for everyone!
K.M., Lafayette, California, USA - 7.04.2010

I've previously ordered some seed from you (mostly palms) and all have germinated very well. I only wish I had more space and could order lots more. Anyway, I'm very happy with your service.
A.H., Oulu, Finland - 6.04.2010

We placed an order with you about 1 half months ago and just wanted to let you know everything looks great. I figured most emails are complaints but our seeds all look very good. We also wanted to thank you for compensating us for the last last order we purchased from you.
M.S., Winter Park, Florida, USA - 5.04.2010

Wow, what an Incredible list! where do you find your suppliers for all of these incredible plants? Keep up the amazing work, My hats off to you.
J.P., Veracruz, Mexico - 27.03.2010

I have got seeds today. Those are very good seeds!!
R.O., Tokyo, Japan - 25.03.2010

I just received my order of 100 Cycas cairnsiana seeds, I already put them to soak in water, only 3 on 104 are floatting (maybe they'll sink overnight). I'm very satisfied. Furthermore you add some Zamia nesophila replacement seeds, that's very nice, I thought you might be too busy to answer me but you finally took it consideration. I'm very happy to buy your seeds, and have good results with them. Thank you so much.
S.L., Condon, Andert et Condon, France - 13.03.2010

Wonderful selection!
R.B., Hurstpierpoint, United Kingdom - 12.03.2010

It's very cool and absolutely amazing what you're doing. Rarepalmseeds.com goes further than any other seed outfit in having the most diversity. You're breaking new ground. No one in the past has come close to offering what you make available. How you managed it all is beyond me. A prodigious achievement to say the least.
J.H., Sarawak, Borneo - 12.03.2010

Thanks! Great to see these wonderful fruits available!
J.B., San Isidro, Costa Rica - 12.03.2010

Thanks for your good quality seeds. I will keep on supporting you.
J-L. B., Magaliesburg, South Africa - 3.03.2010

Thank you for the last lot of seeds you sent me. All arrived in fine condition and all twelve seeds of C. tuerckeimii germinated.
K.H., Kuranda, Queensland, Australia - 22.02.2010

Thanks for all the hard work! I bought some Dendroseris seeds, and they germinated quickly! I wrote a comment about this, also.
D.P., San Francisco, USA - 08.01.2010

Order received in perfect condition. Thank you!
T.B., Duddleyville, Arizona, USA - 05.01.2010

I have to say that I'm always impressed by the range of seeds you are offering. BRAVO!
S.T., Casablanca, Morocco - 29.12.2009

It's always a pleasure buying from you at RPS... I have to add that my last order, for Carpoxylon, has been particularly satisfying... since you ship the seeds moist, two were germinating by the time they got here last week, and I'm now up to 8 out of 10 germinating! I'll start writing up some germination reports for your site soon- I'm enjoying this so much! You run a great business there- the monthly newsletters with news of fresh seeds are such a good idea, since extremely fresh seed can be key to so many things. Thanks again!
G.D., Leeds, U.K. - 19.11.2009

I must say I have really enjoyed your website and all the seeds you offer. I am also glad to see your Musa and Ensete lists have grown and I look forward to seeing new species of these available. Thanks.
B.W., Louisville, Kentucky, USA - 27.10.2009

Thanks for being the provider of the best rare palms seeds in the world. You definitely are the best!
J.D., San Marcos, California, USA - 09.09.2009

Thank you Toby, my previous order was great as expected!
M.M. Ft. Myers, Florida, USA - 03.06.2009

there is many different seeds, I like this site ;)
M.F., Landskrona, Sweden - 08.05.2009

Thanks a lot for great seeds!
G.S., Skåpafors, Västra Götaland, Sweden - 30.04.2009

Though I'd let you know that the Chamaedorea Plumosa seed you supplied in December resulted in 99% germination. You were right it was a good batch!! Cheers for that.
C.V., New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand - 21.04.2009

Seeds arrived and look great. Thanks. Will order more soon...
J.D., Fort Myers, Florida, USA - 15.04.2009

I'm very pleased and impressed with the germination from your seeds. We start several hundred different types of seeds each year, and this is our first attempt with palms – thank you for the high quality.
R.G., Fort Bragg, California, USA - 02.04.2009

I'm always very happy with the quality of your seed. I have many specimens here in Key West that started out as seeds purchased through you. Thank you.
V.Z., Key West, Florida, USA - 26.02.2009

The quality of the seeds of rare palms is spectacular as we can to appreciate in the photos in annex all the received seeds are to germinate, congratulations!
C.R., Juquia, São Paulo, Brazil - 18.02.2009

I recieved the package. Many thanks for the seeds and for making available so many interesting species.
P.L., Berkeley, California, USA - 17.01.2009

You have an unbelievable amount of different palm tree seeds.
M.N., Massachusetts, USA - 05.01.2009

Thank you for your swift reply. I would like to honestly thank you for all that you have done to make the gardens of the world and our lives and dreams so much 'palmier'! Thank you! A 'click' and wonderful palm species are delivered to your door, how different this was back 25 years ago, even if there was the IPS Seed Bank. Wishing you even more spirit and devotion to continue your 'palm quest' in the coming decades!
A.N., Felcsut, Hungary - 03.01.2009

I want to tell you the palm seeds ordered last year had a great germination rate!! Thanks.
J.S., Uniondale, New York, USA - 12.12.2008

I just wanted to let you know that I got the seeds today. they look like they are in good shape. I think a couple even "popped" while they were in transit. Despite the occassional pit falls --I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your efforts that fuels this hobby for so many people around the world.
E.B., San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines - 04.12.2008

Wow, that has to be the best seed list I have ever seen. I need time to have a good look.
A.E., Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia - 07.10.2008

I have ordered 3 groups of seeds and wanted to say Thank You germination rates on cycas debaoensis 100% cycas panzhihuannesis 90% after 5 days...all going great.
M.M., Lake Wales, Florida, USA - 18.09.2008

Truly outstanding selection this period! Thanks in advance Toby!
J.S., Orlando, Florida, USA - 15.09.2008

Once again I'm very pleased to advise the 3 lots of Chamaedorea (C.liebmannii, C.tuerckheimii & C.tenerrima) seeds arrived in great time and in very good condition.
Thanks again, J.C., Lakelands, Australia - 19.08.2008

Thank you for your good service. The seeds arrived in good nick. It is easy to complain but I wish to say you are a gentleman and I would do business with you at any time.
R.W., Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa - 16.07.2008

Thank you very much and please keep up the great work you are doing for the palm enthusiasts around the world.
T.T., Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - 16.06.2008

You all have the best palm seed service available.
J.H., Austin, Texas, USA - 09.06.2008

the package arrived in the afternoon! Seeds are magnificent thank you very much! great packaging!
E.S., Hyeres, France - 17.04.2008

I'm very happy with my last order i had 100% of germination.
M.R., Lesseux, France - 12.04.2008

I have a good surprise this afternoon when I have open my mailbox, your letter was here. Thank you very much for your post and the seed's quality, fabulous.
M.G., Nagem, Luxembourg - 07.04.2008

I have been a palm enthusiast for a long time but was ignorantly unaware of rps. Now I am pretty addicted to your site. Are you aware of the Livistonia endauensis? I got one speciment from a friend sometime ago and it really very nice. Well, thanks again and keep up the great work!
T.T., Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia - 28.02.2008

Thanks for a great seed-site/store!
E.S., Mongstad, Norway - 28.02.2008

Thanks for seeds I've received from you in the past. They have been of great quality.
J.T., Gainesville, Florida, USA - 15.02.2008

Today I received my 2 other packages. Everything looks perfect. You go to hear from me when I need more seeds. Your service is perfect.
R.L., Tegucigalpa, Honduras - 14.02.2008

All in all, I'm happy to do business with you, and looking forward to order more seeds from you. rarepalmseeds.com rocks................
P.S., Jogjakarta, Indonesia - 31.01.2008

All the seeds you have sent me are doing great! Keep up the good work!
A.C., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA - 28.01.2008

Thank you for sending the Newsletter. I must say that I have a very nice collection of palm trees from the seeds I have gotten from you over the years.
D.C., Nassau, Bahamas - 19.01.2008

Your service has been excellent. I look forward to doing business again.
R.H., Oratia, Waitakere City, New Zealand - 09.01.2008

Thanks again as always for the great selection and service.
J.B., Thorntown, Indiana, USA - 07.01.2008

You guys are great, I received both my last two orders within 2 wks of on line purchase. Thank you.
M.T., Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia - 07.01.2008

Thank you one more time. Almost all the seeds I have bought are growing, even the parajubaeas !! I hope these grow up as fine as the rest I have already bought!
J.S., Mislata (Valencia), Spain - 18.12.2007

Btw, my last seed order turned out quite nice. Got one of the Mapu to germinate and about 10-11 hookeri coming up so far. Just placed another order today for some satakentia's. I appreciate the good service you guys provide.
M,F., Pembroke, Bermuda - 27.11.2007

We also want to thank you for being the major player in the conservation of the common and rare palm species of the world as more and more of the world becomes developed.
Nearly Native Nursery - 25.11.2007

Thanks for always having what I'm looking for when I need them.
J.C., Zolfo Springs, Florida, USA - 03.11.2007

I must share this story with you. To begin I have been married to a Cuban immigrant who is now proud to be an American Citizen for 31 years. As a child he lived and grew up in Cuba a communist country, but he still has childhood memories. He has always spoken to his children about his godfather who had a night club outside of Havana. This night club had art designed by his grandfather who was a craftsmen by trade, prior to Castro. Any way he always spoke of these palms that grew in Cuba called Barrel Palms. these palms his grandfather carved chairs and statues from because of their unlike design. No other Palm could match. Living in S. Florida we have many tropical palms but never have I ever seen these in particular here. I am pleased to tell you that now because of your travel you have been able to give this little boy back his memories. When I received the palm seeds today they all had sprouted with the exception of two, which I have planted as instructed. Tomorrow when he goes in the garage there are 10 pots that say CUBAN BARREL PALMS .
B.A., Palm Bay, Florida, USA - 25.10.2007

Seeds arrived today. Thank you very much and we will do business again.
J.J., Chinderah, New South Wales, Australia - 23.10.2007

I'am very happy to command another seed because my last seedling grow very well.
D.R., La Londe les Maures, France - 31.07.2007

Thank you for the last shipment. Everything was delivered in good condition. I'm looking forward in doing more business with you.
G.G., Leesburg, Florida, USA - 22.06.2007

I am always very indebted. My best regards at this time.
K. M., Kumamoto, Japan - 22.06.2007

Happy to have found this source.
T.B., Leesville, South Carolina, USA - 22.06.2007

Everything looks o.k. package just came. Seeds look good. Panzhia seeds are developed well and look like they should sprout soon.
M.J., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 02.06.2007

I did receive the Cycas corky seed, actually have 10 out of the 11 sent germinated & beginning to show there 1st leaf, it was quite a job removing the corky out layer. I had no problems germinating them at all, kept at 24c for 8 hours a day & around 32c for 16 hours a day.
M.K., Fordingbridge, Hants, U.K. - 02.06.2007

Thanks for the palms. The other I have received from you are growing great!
S.N., South Pasadena, California, USA - 01.06.2007

Your the best! Thank you! All my seeds came in today. My whole order is complete and I am very happy with the service. Thank you very much for the seed sampler too! And for replacing my musa seeds. Also I will let you know on how we get them to grow, and how many make it. Thank you and I will be back soon! Keep up the great work and i will keep coming back again and again!
M.K., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

I have ordered from you before with good results and am always impressed with the number of palm species you offer for sale. Thank you.
J. H., Sacramento, California, USA

Was about to free some space for the "new" seeds and discovered that another pelagodoxa had finally (after 15 month) decided to sprout. So far this gives me an 80% germination rate while two seeds are still "on the grill". Thanks for the good quality.
O.S., Fruthwilen, Switzerland

Thank you for the very good seeds and the fast deliveries.
H.R., Purmerend, The Netherlands

I would like to mention that your service has been excellent and that some of my seeds are growing very well already and are about to go into the ground. I intend purchasing a few more soon, but have just been monitoring climate conditions as winter is coming up here. Thank you for your efficient service.
Q.T., Johannesburg, South Africa

I spend a lot of time looking on your website, and take great pleasure in knowing a site like yours exists. I am an avid palm and cycad fan.

You guys are the best!
L.K., Auckland, New Zealand

Danke! Continue to love your site - fantastic information and ease of ordering.
A.D., Albany, Oregon, USA

We received the cycad and palm seeds yesterday. Thank you for sending them out so promptly. Also, you were quite generous in giving us extra seeds of each species. Quite a few of the Dypsis fibrosa seeds were floating as of yesterday, but you more than made up for it by sending us an additional 100 seeds. Thank you for your generosity. I can see why your business has flourished for you as your devoted attention to your customers is quite evident. Thank you again.
K.S., Vista, California, USA

I have had such GREAT success with your seeds. Thanks again.
B.G., Arlington, Texas, USA

Many great plant seeds, great work.
J.K., Isorehto, Finland

I've been purchasing seed through you for the past two years and have been very happy with the quality. Keep up the good work.
J.T., Gainesville, Florida, USA

Thank you, your seed's are truely fresh. Got some germinating all ready from my last order. Unlike some of your competitors that I've ordered from and wasn't impressed with the garbage they sent me. You definatley got my buisness. Thank's again!
T.M., Salinas, California, USA

By the way, your website works very well. For example, after I looked at the germination comments for one species, I was able to return to exactly where I was in the list. Some websites go back to the beginning of a list which is really tedious!
L.M., Olympia, Washington, USA

Thank you so much. The replacement seeds arrived without a problem, and I have already placed them in bags for germination. I will order more soon.
R.S., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Received the ten cycas seeds today in good condition! Thanks for your excellent service.
J.L., Dargaville, New Zealand

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful service you've provided me over the last year and to wish You a very wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to your association in the coming year.
M.F., San Diego, California, USA

You guys ROCK!! Thanks.
C.S., Miami, Florida, USA

I have noticed your business seems going very well and your website give us very good moments, congratulations.
P.G., São Paulo, Brasil

I also want to advise that i have a success rate of 80% on all of the seeds that was supplied to me.
W.V., Phalaborwa, South Africa

I have placed several orders of Agave seed with you from Australia. Thanks for the hassle free service and congratulations on the best web site of its kind on the net. I have had good germination success 80 to 90%.
M.M., Tamborine Village, Queensland, Australia

This is the second time I have ordered from you. The first time I had really good success with your seeds.
J.P., Port Orange, Florida, USA

I know how hard it is to run a seed buisness and think your doing a great service to the palm community! Thanks.
P.A., East Patchogue, New York, USA

I am very satisfied with the quality of your seeds and the increasingly vaster choice of species suggested.
E. G., Carqueiranne, France

Thanks for the seeds!!! I received them today, and they were all in perfect condition! And I got a happy surprise when seeing that there were many more than 10 seeds in each packet! Thanks!!!
G. N., Öyslebö, Norway

Its always a pleasure to place an order with rarepalmseeds. As you know we are a very big fan of your site and we will always be palm lovers.
T.S., Cairo, Egypt

I am very pleased with the the quality of your seeds and company.
J.D., Quincy, Florida, USA

I ordered seeds from you. I received my order last week in good order. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure doing business with you.
J.V., Pretoria, South Africa

I profit of this mail to congratulate (in my bad English: I am French) rarepalmseeds for the quality of seeds. It is a rare pleasure to find so much species with a very good rate of germination.
H.L., Paris, France

I love your site and your service. I will be back for more and more seeds.
M.K., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

I am having great success with some seeds I purchased from you. They are germinating in just 1 month and are 4-6" tall. Other are starting to germinate!
J.R., Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

I've had excellent germination with your seeds. Thanks!
J.K., Franklinville, New jersey, USA

I recieved my small packets yesterday, thank you very much. They were in good condition, well labeled, and I am anxious to see them grow. Some had germinated in route!
W.D., Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Thank you for your prompt reply and services.
A.V., Mesplede, France

As usual it is a pleasure to visit your website which really helps all palm lovers and addicts to fulfill their hobby and promote their business. So I would again like to express my appreciation to you Mr. Toby and all the staff working with you.
T.S., Cairo, Egypt

My order arrived today in great shape with all seed accounted for and well packaged. 20 days from Germany was much faster than I expected. Thanks for the quality seeds that we can not find any where else.
J.R., Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

As you can see I have a Dypsis addiction problem. Please send fresh and plentyful seeds to help fulfill my addiction! Thanks for sending my last order quickly.
B.M., Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, D.F., Mexico

Thanks for the last order, as usual you have a great selection!
D.M., Astor, Florida, USA

The seeds arrived the other day. They look great. Many thanks and will be placing another order soon. Again, thank you very much, I love your business.
J.W., San Antonio, Texas, USA

My last order looked great!
J.D., Yorba Linda, California, USA

First off, we know you are probably expecting bitching about our latest seed order..... On the contrary, we wanted you to know how much we appreciated the superb quality of the seed. Less than 5 floaters in the entire order! Thank you.
B.B., Orlando, Florida, USA

Thanks again. You're the best!
M.F., San Diego, California, USA

I was ordered seeds from your web site... the No.1 place to order seeds in the world.
S.F., Bangkok, Thailand

I love your seeds.
S.M., Modena, Italy

I should be able to start buying from you in the 10,000 quantities. You have great selection and prices.
D.J., Slidell, Louisiana, USA

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M.J., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

WONDERFUL! I have not been on your site for awhile, and I am utterly stunned by the volume of your offerings. Do you guys sleep?!
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My latest order arrived today, complete with the "extra" Cycas debaoensis. Thank you very much! I appreciate the service and quality of almost all of your material.
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Excellent photos of species, very informative, great comments. Excellent selection! Merci!
K.C., Captain Cook, Hawaii, USA

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Many thanks to you for making a new Trachycarpus species (T. geminisectus) available to all temperate palm enthusiasts!! Thinking how hard getting rare palm's seeds was in the past, when your seed service was not around! I am sure making the seeds available to us is often an even more difficult task.
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A.H., Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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D.W., Claxton, Georgia, U.S.A.

Just got your latest seed list. It is always filled with truly wondrous new additions, but I never thought I'd see Ensete perrieri on any commercial list ever! I expect amazing palms which you seem to have endless resources to find, but wow! And you have a very impressive list of Musa species. From a modest start the list of Yucca and Agave has also grown very impressively. Congratulations on another dazzling list.
J.W., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.

great success with my first order...can't wait to start germinating my second.
M.Q., York, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The Zombia I bought last order were fantastic. All germinated and have 2 to 3cm long shoots in 3 weeks.
N.S., New Town, Tasmania, Australia

The overall range of palms and plants you now have is incredible... well done!!!
T.K., Romford, Essex, U.K.

Your website has turned me into a hardcore palm freak. :)
T.C., Belmont , W.A., Australia

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V.J., Pahrump, Nevada, U.S.A.

I received the Hyophorbe indica and Dypsis oropedionis seeds yesterday with 14 H. indica already popped and some forming roots and stems, and about the same from the D. oropedionis, and I'm really happy. I didn't expect plants. Thank you very much :)
T.C., Belmont, Western Australia

Thanks for the order. Received three orders consolidated. I have twenty different species already starting to germinate in the bags. Thanks for the attention to detail. Hope to do my part to conserve these endangered species. Thanks.
R.V.C., St. George, Bermuda

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Thank you ever so kindly on the seeds, they have arrived at the destination, and I'm very pleased with them, Good job!!! Also, can you introduce to me more new palms you have come across that are beautiful and rare...
A.L., Plumpton, NSW, Australia

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L.P., Dunedin, Florida, U.S.A.

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R.H., Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A.

Your palm seeds are doing extremely well. Thank you!
H.N., Georgetown, Guyana

I find it impressive to see that you are accredited in some of the palm references. I am reading "Palms Of The World" at this time. Congratulations on that.
D. C., Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

I've been very pleased with the previous 4 purchases I've made in the past 7 months. You guys seem to be very focused on costumer service which is everything these days. Keep it up and you will have this costumer for life.
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Overall I'm a very happy customer, your website is my favourite on the net, and I'll spread the message about your trustworthiness and good service to others in the WA Palm & Cycad Society. A lot in the society are not too sure about buying seed from foreign companies over the net, and they are surprised at the species I have now, considering I've only been a member for about 18 months. Most of my really rare ones have come from you.
T. C., Belmont, Australia

I've ordered from you several times, and have had great germination success........ Thanks again for the high-quality seeds. I'll be placing another order soon!
T. L., Groton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

You have made me a palm tree addict.
A. S., Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

Wanted to let you know my order arrived today! I am thoroughly impressed!!! I really appreciate the extras...and the pocket guide book is excellent...a great recommendation, thanks.
K. S., Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A.

WOW!! Just a friendly thank you! I just got my seeds Thursday. You are amazing! Got them in less than 2 weeks ;) Just started my first seeds right out of the package and am very excited! Thanks again! Look forward to sharing my germination success with you :}?
D. Y., Carmichael, California, U.S.A.

Thanks for the good quality on the seed.
G. M., Florida City, Florida, U.S.A.

Your seeds of Jubaea I ordered a few months ago seem to be very fresh, already 80% have germinated.
A. W., Oudenburg, Belgium

Just wanted to say thanks for all you do to provide quality seeds to your customers. I'm just an enthusiast, but I've grown palms from seed that I would never have been able to own were it not for you. Soon, I plan to buy one of the Lodoicea maldivica seeds. And I know that if ever my dream will come true of growing Johannesteijsmannia perakensis, it will be through you! Keep up the good work.
S. N., Park Forest, Illinois, U.S.A.

I very much enjoy your web site, and growing the seeds I've obtained from your company!
J. M., Alabama, U.S.A.

Everything we have purchased from your site has germinated, most times all 10 seeds have germinated.
L. N., Cairns, Queensland, Australia

im always really happy to order you seeds. really fresh good percentage of germination ...great job !
L. B., Frejus, France

I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago wondering when my seeds might get here and the next day, they arrived, just like I thought they probably would. They got here fine, and they look great.
T. B., Polk City, Florida, U.S.A.

I received my order today, thank you. I didnt have to bother with customs since you arranged everything. The enveloppe got a green sticker on it from customs... Also, the seeds of Rhopalostylis have germinated during their journey! Good job!
H. C., Rabat, Morocco

I am very happy with the seeds I purchased from you in October. The canaries are sprouting faster than I can handle them. Sylvestris was 100% and still waiting on ensete ventricosum (you said they would take awhile).
D. L., Slidell, Louisiana, U.S.A.

K. K., Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

You have a good selection of Texas dasylirions & yuccas this time, better than any seed company in the U.S.
R. C., Canton, Texas, U.S.A.

The seeds have arrived in very good condition. Excellent service!
P. B., São Paulo, Brazil

...congratulations on a fantastic website. It is refreshing to see one as informative and well-designed as yours!
A. W., New Zealand

Just to say the seeds just arrived and look great.
S. P., Hoevenen, Belgium

I just wanted to say thanks for all your patience and help with this order. It finally got here. All the seeds look great. I'm looking forward to getting them germinated and in the ground. Thanks Again.
R. R., Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

rarepalmseeds.com really is THE PALM SITE!
C. S., Réunion Island, France

Thanks for maintaining such an interesting and extensive website.
T. C., Rockledge, Florida, U.S.A.

I just received my Lodoicea maldivica seed. Size is 12Kg! Condition is good!! Thank you very much.
K. T., Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

This is my second order in two days! Thanks for the great selection.
T. C., Rockledge, Florida, U.S.A.

I really like your site a lot.......
E. R. E., Naples, Florida, U.S.A.

Just telling you we have received the order and we are very satisfied with rarepalmseeds.com. Everything has worked perfectly! Congratulations and thanks,
F. G., Madrid, Spain

Third Order in a week! Thanks for an outstanding selection...
T. C., Rockledge, Florida, U.S.A.

I've ordered seed from your site and appreciate the freshness and viability.

Your site is great and I visit it often.
G. M., Malahat, California, U.S.A.

....the palm seeds that I received from you about two months ago are doing extremely well! I have had at least 95% germination success and have to say that I couldn't ask for fresher seed!
E. H., Sunrise, Florida, U.S.A.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Rhapis multifida seed we recieved from you is germinating very nicely. Great job!!! My hat is off to you for providing us with great seed. Well done, Thanks
P. M., Hilo, Hawaii, U.S.A.

...thanks for all and congratulations for this web site and your professional spirit
L. B., Frejus, France

Thanks for excellent seeds and correct service!
A. H., Rishon Lezion, Israel.

Thanks for being there, I allways look for seeds off the palms. I've had very good luck.
C. B., Jupiter, Florida, U.S.A.

I have been purchasing and using your seeds for several years now with great results in San Diego area. I would like to continue using your seeds.
D. M., Valley Center, California, U.S.A.

The seeds arrived today in great shape. The Satakentia liukiuensis were already sprouting. Thanks!
C.V.F., Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

I just found your site and was so pleased to see what you have for sale. You have the nicest and most unique site of this type.
P. L., Texas, U.S.A.

Just got my first seeds from your company and in the best conditions too!
J. C. S., Lisboa, Portugal

60% of the same seeds bought 2 weeks ago have already germinated! It's incredible!
F. P., Barcelona, Spain

You guys are great. Thank you especially for keeping the palm world supplied with seeds.
M.L.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Your selection of seed this year has been absolutly great to say the least!!! And I will continue to buy alot more as you receive more species when they become available.
J. S., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

So far I have great successs with the Musa sikkimensis seeds as they are continuing to sprout (about 60 out of 100), the Travellers palm seeds are now begining to germinate and I have very happy about that as well. So are the African Oil palms and Orange Bird of Paradise seeds are sprouting as well. You really do have the best source for seeds that I can trust. Man, you have the BEST SEED SITE on the internet! Thank you!!! Thank you for helping me get my business going.
D. M., Astor, Florida, U.S.A.

The trouble comes now when trying to chose an amount of seeds to suit the bank account! You have such a good selection.
K. J., Verwood, Dorset, U.K.

Thank you very much that you supply very fresh seeds every time.
K. T., Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

You mentioned in the newsletter that it turned out rather long. It is an interesting news letter. I forward them to other interested growers in Florida USA. Keep them coming!
N. B., Florida, U.S.A.

Thanks very much! I am really looking forward to this wonderful fresh seed collection... I can say that I feel like a little boy at Christmas!!! It's a great feeling to know that an exotic palm aura will soon be "sprouting forth" so close to me!! Thank you for making so many palm lovers' dreams come true!!
P. N., Pembroke Pines, Florida, U.S.A.

Look forward to doing business with you guys again in the near future. I'm a Detective and there are about 5 of us that are becoming palm enthusiasts (including one Bonsai addict). Thanks.
J. K., Boynton Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Your seeds got here quickly and were packed well with fungicide and more than I ordered. Thankyou for the good service.
T. C., Belmont, Western Australia

I shall be putting your glossary to good use, as I am currently preparing three reports on palm research that we have been doing in Dominica.
A. J., Dominica (Caribbean)

I received my order yesterday and I'm vey pleased with the condition of the seeds. Exellent!! We will do more business in the near future.
G. C., Boortmeerbeek, Belgium

Im just starting this business and know that it will be a profitable one. I really like your selections and service and thank you for offering what you do. I do thank you for your personal email service and customer support and fast shipment of seeds. If you had a rating page I would post a definite Grade A+ !
D. M., Astor, Florida, U.S.A.

Just to inform you that I received today the last two boxes with no problem; and one more time congratulations for the seeds quality. Thanks.
M. A., rio de janeiro, brasil.

Hello, I recently got some seeds of various species of palms, and they looked great, hoping to get them going soon. You site is very well done and I have heard nothing but good things about your business.
A.S., Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

Today, the seeds have arrived, and they all look fine. Thank you for your great service!
H. N., Tokyo, Japan

Thank you very much. I think you are the best I have seen for palm tree seeds!!
M. R., Murfreesboro, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that my seeds arrived yesterday, and they are great!! Thanks for your informative web site, it is the BEST.... God Bless,
C. S., Nashville, North Carolina, U.S.A.

You have been a reliable and great source of seeds! Thank you.
M. C., University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Your seed list is very good! You guys are doing a great job. Your prices on Bismarckias are great!
J. S., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

I received the package, and seeds were in great condition. Thank you for the professional service.
M. C., Boca Raton, Florida, USA

I want to tell you that seeds you sent me are very good and I'm happy with that.
J. A., Elche, Spain

Your website is beautiful, I learn so much information from your website. We are a garden company located in southern China.
J. L., China

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Greetings and thank you for your service! I found your website a very great source for information, and I am quite excited to receive the seeds.
T. P., Athens, Greece

With regard to my initial 700 seeds, many of the species are germinating; this is a new aspect for me and one that I can see being fully devoted to. Thanks for everything.
L. K., Pensacola, Florida

We love your web site and we are very happy with the results we have had with your seeds.
D. M., Tigard, Oregon, USA

Thanks the great seed from previous orders. Germination was very good.
B. M., Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada

This is my third order for seeds, the quality is great! Wouldn't go anywhere else.
I. S., Lahore, Pakistan

Thank you very much for your excellent quality of seeds and service.
I. I., Yavne'el, Israel

Your newsletter is great.
I.V. by e-mail

Its a pleasure doing business with you, thanks again.
J.P., Loxahatchee, Florida, USA

Thanks, the order arrived today, the seeds look great. We start germinating them now and in the coming weeks we will be preparing a substancial order.
W. v. K., Santa Ana, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

This is a wonderful site, it's my first time buying seeds on line, you have made it very easy. Thank you.
R. H., Stafford, Virginia, USA

I like your ordering system, clear and easy.
A. B., Brazil

I can only imagine the nightmares with trying to sell palm seeds. I only hope it is worth the headaches. Keep up the good work.
T. A., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Thanks for the prompt reply and for the excellent service! I'll wait for the seeds eagerly.
A. P., Athens, Georgia, USA

They arrived perfectly and the first couple of seeds are beginning to sprout, so thanks !! And I guess there will be more seeds ordered when I have room for them.
H. v. W., Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This is my second time ordering from you and I was very satisfied with my order. Thank you very much for this service.
D. S., Seguin, Texas, USA

The needle palm and the phoenicophorium seeds are starting to germinate in less than 2 weeks after I soaked and then placed them into plastic bags (with soil of course). Keep up the good work with your supplying of fresh and viable seeds.
G. G., Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia, Canada

Extremely informative site!
G. P., Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

The Trachycarpus wagnerianus seed you just sent is the best & freshest looking T. wagnerianus seed I have ever received. Thank you.
R. C., Canton, Texas, USA

Thank you for your great seed service and for making available all the varieties of palms you do and the work you have done with palms.
A. G., Los Gatos, California, USA

Your website is an incredible source for seeds.
C. V., Florida, USA

I bought a lot of palm and cycad seeds from you this year. Thank you for the high quality and germinability of your seeds.
G. S., Arezzo, Italy

I'm having great success with the seeds I purchased from your company.
M. R., Clearwater, Florida, USA

I highly admire your site, and the business you run.
J. N., USA

Often I get 100% germination in a couple of weeks after putting [the seeds] on the germination substrat!
O. A., Massamá, Portugal

Your glossary helped clear up a few questions. Thanks!
M. S., Kaysville, Utah, USA

As ever, I'm impressed by your seed list and presentation!
M. G., Richmond, Surrey, U.K.

What fabulous new species! Congratulations, you never stop surprising me with the prices as well....
O. A. F., Massamá, Portugal

You have the best selection I have ever seen.
J. H., Costa Rica

I want to congratulate you for the latest improvements in rarepalmseeds site. For beginners and for people not so deep into the palm and botanical world, the glossary and the seed sampler are very interesting. Keep up the good work and that commercial talent as well.
O. A. F., Massamá, Portugal

Thanks again for your good service.
D. V., Ventura, California, USA

You have really exceeded all expectations with your new list! So, I was irresistibly tempted... I might be given a Rarepalmseeds Gold card soon...
O. A., Massamá, Portugal

Thank you again for the awesome web site.
P. S., Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

I'm glad that all my orders have arrived. I will buy seeds here again. Thank you.
T. H., Ichihara, Chiba, Japan

I am working with over 50 species of palms that have potential to be grown in Southern Nevada we now only grow about 8 species. Most of the palms that I am using in research must be grown from seed, as they are yet not available in large numbers or at all. The Rare Palm Seed supply is the only way I can obtain seeds to grow plants for research. Thanks for being there.
M. L. R., Associate Professor at University of Nevada, USA

Thanks for the great service!
L.B., Santa Maria, California, USA

I receieved the seeds in perfect condition. Will order some more soon.
R. F., College Station, Texas, USA

Your shipment arrived in perfect condition yesterday. Thank you!
W.P., Warsaw, Poland

I received my seeds, germination was very successful.
A. H., Fort Worth, Texas, USA

You are one of the few reliable sources out there. Thank you.
D. O., Houston, Texas, USA

Great site!
J. D., Akron, Ohio, USA

I truly appreciate that you are providing seeds that would not be otherwise available to the consumer. Thank you.
B.L., Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

By the way, all of my previous seed purchases from rarepalmseeds.com have exceeded my expectations of quality and I look forward to many future purchases. Thanks.
B.S., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

I've got that bunch of wonderful (as usual) seeds yesterday! The previous ones are still knocking me down... I already could begin a Phoenix multi-species plantation :) You know, my first 10 Caryota maxima (Himalaya) seeds sprouted ALL in two weeks! Amazing...
O.A., Massamá, Portugal

Sir, I have been buying seeds from you with more success than from any other organization. I started growing palm seeds after seeing the photographs of palms like Chamaedorea, Rhapis, Licuala, and Thrinax... It is needless to say that you are the best seed seller in my opinion... With kind regards. Thank you.
K.P., Austin, Texas, USA

Have had great results with your seeds and always look forward to the new listings.
D. M., Valley Center, California, USA

Caryota maxima (himalaya) seeds have germinated ALL (I nad never seen Caryota seeds germinating THAT fast and THAT percentage!). Thank you very much for the excellent seeds, you're responsible for my germination enthusiasm!
O. A. F., Massamá, Portugal

The order came in on Tuesday and the sprouts were in great shape. The seeds looked great. Thanks again.
B.C., Dana Point, California, USA

Glad I found your site, it is simple, easy to order. Good work!
A. M. B., Cayucos, California, USA

Thanks for doing such a great job!
R. W., St. Helena, California, USA

Im very happy because today I receive my first order from your company. Thanks.
M. R., Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Just wanted to say that me and many fellow-gardeners are very pleased with the services of Rarepalmsseeds : great seeds, rare seeds and fair prices ! We can't think of a better source for those rare and most wanted seeds.
M. V., Borsbeek, Belgium

Thank you for your great service! Wonderful selections!
J. Y., Santa Barbara, California, USA

Thanks a lot for your advices and the quality of your seeds.
S. D., Saint Joseph, La Reunion

I am very happy with your seed service. My Ceroxylon quinduense are coming up like cress. I am looking forward to more cold hardy palms in the future. Thanks for all your fine work.
R. W., St. Helena, California, USA

Thank you for your great service and most informative web site.
P. W., Summerville, South Carolina, USA

Thank you for your great service.
G.S., Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

By the way, my success rate with your seeds has been uniformly excellent - I am always looking forward for more!
A.P.D., University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, USA

I have always been pleased with the service and products I have gotten from you and I wanted to express my thanks for that! I wish you a prosperous and healthy 2002 and beyond!
L.B., Santa Maria, California, USA

I've never had this much success with palm seed germination in my life. Keep up the good work.
G.G., Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you very much for the first seed order you sent me. I receiced the order in a very timely fashion and I have had very good success with all the seeds I received. I am still waiting for some of the slower germinating species but I expect good results. I am a little concerned with the black magic you have to be using for such good sucess. Thanks again for the seeds.
D.B., Nokomis, Florida, USA

Thanks for having such a great business!
M.S., Kaysville, Utah, USA

Just wanted to drop you a note about the seeds I got from you. I am pleased so far. Still waiting on the others....ahhhh..patience........ Nannorrhops r. has sprouted (5 weeks), Phoenix theophrastii sprouted (4 weeks), W. filifera sprouted (2 weeks), Musa Yunnan (3 weeks), Arenga micrantha (just starting to sprout--6 weeks)
C.K., Apex, North Carolina, USA

I really like your site!
L. L., Wrightstown, Wisconsin, USA

Hi, I just wanted to thank-you so much for your new feature. I am a very novice gardener, and with the last batch of small seed packets I purchased, discovered I was way out of my league. I tried to plant them as though they were everyday flower seeds in small peat pots with ordinary potting soil. No soaking, no sphagnum moss, or peat moss. Now with the new comments, I'm ready to do some research and give it another try. Thanks for being so patient with me, even though I'm not a big spender, you continue to send me your newsletter, and order forms. Much appreciated. Thanks,
L., by e-mail

I love your site and everthing has been as promised.
K.F., Gilbert, Arizona, USA

I am very happy with my last order, some have germinated already. I am keen to grow the Musa Velutina, it looks great. Thank You....
T.H., West Albury, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you for the seeds you have sent me. I have been very successful on sprouting them. I have followed the "recipe" on your website to plant the Hyphaene coriacea and obtained 80% germination in 11 days. Thank you,
J. C. G., Brotas, S.P., Brazil

Today I received a shipment of seeds from you which all look in great order, thanks.
C.M., Dunfermline, U.K.

Recieved my order yesterday, all in excellent condition, thank you!
J.McL., Victoria, B.C., Canada

Got the last shipment yesterday looks good. Thanks again, keep up the good work. Because you all are there I can keep my research going now over 50 species of palms being tried in Southern Nevada.
M.L.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Our first order placed last March produced excellent results. We're thrilled and can hardly wait to try a few more species. Thanks so much.
S.F., Fellsmere, Florida, USA

Yesterday I received your seeds. They were as usual of an outstanding quality, and as you may know there were several already germinated ones. Thanks again.
J.M.Z., Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Great Site! I love all the rare seeds! Keep up the great work!
J.Y., Santa Barbara, California, USA

Wonderful site! I love the selection of seeds! There are so many rare ones! Keep up the excellent work!
J.Y., Santa Barbara, California, USA

Most of the seeds you have send us are coming quite quickly and we love to see these little plants growing.
A.V., Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

The last seeds have been great. Good germination all summer long. More seedling palms than I know what to do with. Will have to get a bigger research area. Thanks again.
M.L.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I was very pleased with my previous order.
P.S., Dallas, Texas, USA

Damnit! Will you please stop adding species I want faster than I can order them!
P.B., Farnham, Surrey, UK

The seeds I ordered were of excellent quality. Thank you.
D.D., Lanoka Harbor, NJ, USA

I was very satisfied with my last seeds and I'm sure that I will be again. To tell you the honest truth, I had no intention of purchasing seeds before this past week. But I needed something to get my mind off of the current chain of events. Thank God for the internet and rarepalmseeds.com. I've got something good to look forward to now. Take care.
J.S., Orlando, Florida, USA

Tout d'abord merci pour la commande de graines qui sont bien arrivées et déjà germées pour une partie après seulement quelques jours!
E.M., Paris, France

While I have not kept "scientific" records of the germination rates of the palm seeds I ordered from you in July, I have had excellent results, with all over 50% germinating to date and still sprouting after being planted 5 weeks. In fact, the Washington Robusta germinated 100% at 14 days. I expect all or most seed to germinate within the next 6 weeks. Keep up the good work.
J.J., Mobile, Alabama, USA

A very large selection. I am impressed.
E.B.P., Brandon, MS, USA

Great seeds! I ordered some Ravenea sp. Anjouan seeds back in July and some Thai dwarf cycads. Both are already coming up- thanks for the great seeds and the ease of foreign ordering. (I told some friends of mine and they have placed a commercial order with you). Thanks again.
S.D., San Marcos, California, USA

Hi Guys, I had great success with all the seeds I got in the last batch. I was blown away with the addition of sphagnum moss with some of the seeds to protect and prolong the viability/germination of those sensitive species. I am getting ready to place another order.
M.M., Nassau, Bahamas

Thanks a lot for the very good quality seeds.
J.M.G., Bordeaux, France

Thanx very much! It was a delight to find your web site and I am really looking forward to trying these great new palms. You have a fantastic selection!
J.Q., Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

I wanted to tell you that you guys have a great site and it's very easy to get around.
J. McC., USA

The last Bismarcia are coming up already and Hyphaene coriacea began to germinate in a large 30 gallon container in which I put them to hold them until I could plant them in citrus pots. Who knew they would germinate in 2 months. I have removed them, roots intact, and planted in 18 in. citrus pots. 80% germination! Great. Thanks.
M.L.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The recent Bismarckia seed I got from you have started to germinate in an explosive manner, in 72 hours, 570 seeds have germinated with 266 of those in one 24 hour period! The seeds have only been in the tubs for 14days. Thanks.
J.M., Pierson, Florida, USA

Thanks for the very high quality seed you sent me last time. Especially regarding Trachycarpus martianus (100% germination rate) and T. wagnerianus (85% by now). 8 of 10 Cycas nongnoochiae have germinated by now and one is already pushing its first leaf, about double the speed of Cycas revoluta. Spectacular!
J.Z., Tenerife, Canary Islands

You seem to be one of the few on the Internet who truly have wholesale prices on their seeds.
J.C., Galveston, Texas, USA

I wanted to tell you that I've had good luck germinating seeds I bought from you.
A.A., La Mirada, California, USA

This is my second order, first order was awesome, almost 100% germination from all types and size, thanks, keep up the good selection!
S.R., San Antonio, Texas, USA

I have had good luck with your seeds in the past. I have always been pleased!!
W.W., Sebastian, Florida, USA

I have received the last purchase, congratulation for the quality & service.
M.A., La Plata, Argentina

I am very pleased with all the seeds I received from you, I hope to place an order every month now that I have a serious supplier. I have been ripped off too many times in the past which has made me very skeptical. Thank you for easing that skepticism. Hope we can continue doing business for a very long time. Thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon.
J.F., Miami, Florida, USA

I have just received my Musa sikkimensis seeds in good order. Thank you for the good service.
A.S., San Jose, California, USA

The first order of Bismarck Palms I received from you has produced 90% plus germination! Thanks.
J.M., Pierson, Florida, USA

I'm really happy that I was able to find you on the net.
V.S., Homestead, Florida, USA

We are currently looking for suppliers of rarer Musa and Ensete banana seeds (plus some palms too!). I have scoured various web sites and was impressed when I came upon your own.
H.L., Spain

I just received Ravenea glauca, Wettinia, Livistona jenkinsiana and Johannesteijsmannia altifrons. Most are germinating already. I finished planting the germinating seeds today. Hopefully tomorrow the other box will arrive. I am very happy with what has gotten here so far. Sorry for all the excitement but I have had horrible results with past seeds dealers. From what I've seen so far quality and freshness is unquestionable and I thank you. I Hope to order more seeds in the next week or so I will let you know.
J.F., Miami, Florida, USA

I have heard much about the quality of your seeds and the quality of your organization. I am very much looking forward to germinating my first batch of seeds as a palm hobbyist!
J.S., Orlando, Florida, USA

Thanks for the great service and I hope to continue to doing business with you in the future.
J.M., Delray Beach, Florida, USA

By the way, there are 5 Trachycarpus wagnerianus already germinated, a real surprise the speed those guys are comming into life! really nice, one T. martianus and one A. merilli are following and some of the Cycas nongnochiae are also starting to open. Thanks for your magnificent shipments.
J.Z., La Laguna, S.C.Tenerife, Spain

Almost every seed I have ever bought from you has sprouted. Thanks!!!
G.S., Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

I must say that you have the best selection of palm seeds I have encountered and very reasonable prices.

I look forward to purchasing palm seeds from your very impressive establishment. I appreciate your honest approach when I am reading each description of the germination rate, growth rate, temp range, etc. Your recommendations for successfully growing these palms from seeds is extremely helpful and the pains you seem to be taking to keep your seed sources the purest possible are truly remarkable. I applaud your efforts and commend you for taking this stance.
B.Z. and J.A., USA

I thoroughly enjoy your website - it is very informative, unique and well laid out......
K.K., Vancouver, B.C., Canada

It's a pleasure buying seeds from rarepalmseeds.com. Keep up the good work.
R.C., Loxahatchee, Florida, USA

Do you hear often from customers that it is REALLY hard to narrow down a selection when faced with all the wonderful choices on your site? :-) It is, you know.
D.S., Wilton Manors, Florida, USA

Aloha, are you planning on supplying Verschaffeltia splendida seeds? I would rather buy them from you than anyone else.
J.R.P., Hawaii, USA

This is my first order. I have heard good things about your seed service and I enjoy reading your articles. Thank you.
M.V., Covina, California, USA

Vielen dank for the exceptional service! My skill as a sprouter of palms may be very much in question, but my nursery customers are champing at the bit for the Ensete g.'s & Musas I have growing on. You chaps are the best on the web!
F.P., West Linn, Oregon, USA

The seeds arrived today in perfect condition - will get them started soon. Thanks!
A.P.D., University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA

Some weeks ago I received the seeds. To my pleasant surprise, a lot of them have already been sprouting. In fact I will be facing some space problems in the coming weeks, as the plants have to be potted into bigger pots. In all I am very satisfied.
H.S., Kronenberg, The Netherlands

I could get my seeds elsewhere, but everyone says your place is the best!
M.H., France

First I wanted to let you know that I think you do a great job and have a great product! I've ordered from you before and the quality of seeds was great!
D.O., Bloomington, MN, USA

Your selection is incredible - and your service is impeccable! Many Thanks.
F.P., West Linn, Oregon, USA

I've enjoyed your site!!!
S.B., Oregon House, California, USA

I received my package. I must say I was VERY impressed with the quality and condition of the seeds - Great job!! Now lets see some sprouts!!! Thanks again -
J.M., Katy, Texas, USA

Hi, we received the seeds in the Philippines. The seeds must have been real fresh, they sprounted en-route. ha! Thanks again.
M.O., Philippines

Thank you very much and I will be back for more.
S.P., Olympia, Washington, USA

I just recieved my seed order. Thanks so much. Some of the seeds have already germinated in transit! Thanks again.
A.A., Ventura, California, USA

Keep up the great work!
C.M., University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA

Thanks for this great service, appreciate the e-mail update as well.
J.J.B., San Pedro, California, USA

Damn you two! I'm hooked. But seriously, Thank you so much for the site and the book reviews. I've managed to germinate a few of the seeds I bought from you earlier, and now I can't seem to help myself -- but I'm fascinated and very happy. Thanks.
F. P., West Linn, Oregon, USA

I received my latest order and as always, everything looks great. I just placed another order today. I got some more joeys and also some of the red sealing wax seeds. Thank you so much for the great service and also providing me with the banana book. It is fantastic.
M. C. Hollywood, Florida, USA

I have now placed yet another order.... I am impressed with your web page! Nice Job.
D.K. Fallbrook, California, USA

You have a wonderful site. I would rather purchase from you than from someone else because I know that you take pains to collect from the most cold hardy, natural occuring populations.
L.G., Columbus, North Carolina, USA

I know from much experience that if the seed is not fresh, germination percentage is horrible. Please send only fresh, if I have to wait, that's OK. But from what I have heard, your seeds are quite good. This is the first time I am ordering from you, because I never had a need for large quantity. Glad you started to offer smaller quantity orders.
R.V., Westminster, California, USA

The seeds arrived today and in fine shape. The Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana were already germinating. Thanks for your great service and seeds.
S. D., New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Just few words that I must to say : Out of 10 seeds of medemia, 9 have germinated within ten days!!!! Unbeleavable - but it is so!!!! Thank you very much for the best quality I have ever experienced in my life!!!! With warm greatings from cold Ukraine.
S. L.

I received my seeds last week and everything looks great. Thanks.
M. C., Hollywood, Florida, USA

I think you know that kind of palm fever a collector feels waiting for new seeds. The seeds are received in EXCELLENT condition - brilliant, I love it!!! Few seeds of H. canterburyana already started to germinate - FANTASTIC! MANY THANKS for extra quantity of some species - that's great! I'm FULLY DELIGHTED with quality of the seeds as well as your GREAT choice! Thank you very much & have a nice day. Warm greetings to Germany from cold Ukraine.
S.L., Kiew, Ukraine.

I hope you don't mind frequent orders from the same address, it seems you add new things constantly, or some that I simply missed last time. Thank you again!
D. S., Portland, Oregon, USA

Great web site and I am very excited to get the seeds. I have been looking for PURE phoenix species for a long time and am glad I came across your site.
K. F., Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Once again thanks for operating such a fantastic service to us palm enthusiasts. Many thanks.
A. W., Dublin, Ireland

I have found another source but I would rather use you. I have been pleased with your business.
R. C., Loxahatchee, Florida, USA

Thanks for the good quality of the seeds I received 4 months ago. They all successfully germinated. Keep on making us dream.
J. M. G., Lanton, France

What a surprise to get a personal reply from one of the seed gods. I know you have larger customers and a busy schedule, so your quick order confirmation and a personal reply to my comments was impressive to say the least. Anytime I need seeds, your company will be my source. I'm looking forward to my order. Have a great day and thanks again.
M. C., Hollywood, Florida, USA

Well I'm sure you hear this all the time but here goes anyway! I ordered a 100 lot of numerous types of palms and cycads and bananas, I thought (from my past experiences) that I needed to have that many to obtain 40-50 of each one. Not so with your seeds. I had to expand my tiny side yard operation to half of the back yard! The 11 Bel Air and the 23 El Camino are pushed way to the side now to make room for the palms. And I also put some seeds up for sale on ebay to reduce how many I will need to pot (I'm getting a very large ammount of sprouts per each type that has a quick germination rate). You said to stand back and watch the eneste glaucum grow? You forgot to suggest to wear eye protection if you watch them sprout! I left for 2 1/2 weeks to work out of town. But when I returned, the baggies were bursting out with 6 curled up himalayan giants with leaves! If I was here to watch them sprout it would have put an eye out from sprouting so fast. I will make another order, in a few days or so.
J., California, USA

I really enjoy looking at your site. Your pictures and information are excellent. Thanks.
A.E., Waipahu, Hawaii, USA

Thanks for the seeds. They all look great.
P.M. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Thanks for the fine product and service.
J.T., Atascadero, California

I have purchased palm seeds and found the quality exceptionally good.
J.S. Venice, Florida, USA

THANK-YOU so much! We have purchased seeds from many other sources and don't have half the sprouting results from the other companies that we do from you. Over 70% of the seeds you send us sprout compared to 20% of the others. So I just wanted to let you know that YOU are our ONLY source for seeds now. THANKS for your great fresh quality! Look forward to receiving our new batch of seeds! Have a GREAT Day!
S. & K., D.K. Palms

...I have purchased palm seeds and found the quality exceptionally good.
J.S., Venice, Florida, USA

Thanks for the fine product and service.
J.T., Atascadero, California

Thanks for the seeds. They all look great...
P.M., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

I really enjoy looking at your site. Your pictures and information are excellent. Thanks.
A.E., Waipahu, Hawaii, USA

Good move guys - I like it
A. S., Wantirna, Australia

Congratulations in opening your Retail website. I think it's nice to let people buy seeds in smaller quantities.
R. S., MD, USA

I want to congratulate you to this wide range of palm seeds.
J.G., Caracas, Venezuela

Dear Toby, I'm sorry to say you have a customer for life. Thanks again.
G.W., California, USA

I like it - this is just great!
I. H., California, USA

Thank you for making small packages available to us. I realize that it is more work and less productive on your end but it really helps us experimentors.
R.G., Kentucky, USA

You really have an interesting offer of seeds! Congratulations!
C.G., Bern, Switzerland

I just can't wait for these exciting seeds.
I.M., Wolverhampton, UK

I received the first batch of seed that I ordered and planted them straight away and are very thrilled with your service. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
J.E., South Africa

Thank you for the response. I'll look forward to future orders. I'm particularly impressed with the germination rate for these.
R.S., Virginia, USA

You have a wonderful site here, and a great selection. Keep it up!
K.D., Florida, USA

Just want to let you know about the Ensete and Musa seeds I got from you. I have tried Musa seed in the past from other companies and yours are the only ones I have ever germinated successfully. I am sure the others were old. The Ensete were the first to come up, some are 3 to 4 inches high. At this time the Musa are just poking up but doing very well. Thanks.
M.L.R., Las Vegas, USA

Thanks for the small packets service!
D.P., San Francisco, California, USA

I've received my seeds today...thank you very much for the fast service. I look forward to my next order from your web site.
M.S., Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Received your last shipment in excellent condition. Some even have started to sprout. Thanks.
B. A., Palm Bay, Florida, USA

Just a thank you to tell you that I'm delighted to have germinated my first banana seeds. It's been an ambition since childhood...
D.T., Manchester, UK

I really appreciate your mailing list availabilities!
L.M., California USA

Your website looks terrific and I love your e-mail newsletter....Anyhow, thanks again for the interesting newsletter.

I really apreciate what you are doing and I'm gonna need a lot of seeds...
E. V., Guadalajara, Mexico

Thank you. keep up the great work!

Dear Sirs: I want to compliment you on the high quality of the seeds I purchased from you. Two days ago I received Zamia lecointei seeds and they have already started to germinate! Thank you.
J.B., Orange, California, USA

I have made several orders to you and have received beautiful seeds many of which have already germinated.
G.P., Lima, Peru

I love the web site and your selection. Keep up the good work.
C. J., Ventura, CA, USA

We couldn't have said it any better. Thanks to everyone who wrote us. We just love it!
Tobias W. Spanner, rarepalmseeds.com, Germany

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