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Palm Seed Samplers
Fruit Trees
We have available a selection of the worlds rarest and best tropical and subtropical fruit tree seeds, many of which are only available here. More info and ordering...
Left: Fruit of Prainea limpato

Palm Seed Samplers
Seed Samplers - Ideal for beginners and...
...for those who are having a hard time deciding which seeds to pick, we have packed some of our most popular seeds as samplers. Each sampler contains six species with approximately 10 seeds each (60 seeds total!). Germination instructions are included.
8 different samplers are available and can be ordered separately and come at very affordable prices (starting at Euro 19.90 - no minimum order).
Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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palm seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii Everglades Palm 5.00
Acrocomia intumescens 37.70
Aiphanes eggersii Corozo Palm 6.10
Aiphanes hirsuta xxl 5.60
Aiphanes horrida (= A. aculeata, A. caryotifolia) Coyure Palm 6.70
Aiphanes horrida 'Variegata' (= A. aculeata, A. caryotifolia) Coyure Palm 23.20
Aiphanes minima (= A. erosa) Macaw Palm 7.40
Allagoptera arenaria 'Variegata' Variegated Restinga Palm 21.60
Alsmithia longipes (= Heterospathe longipes) 14.40
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana Bangalow Palm, Piccabeen Palm 5.10
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana 'Illawarra' Illawarra King Palm, Hardy King Palm 5.30
Areca catechu Betel Nut Palm 15.50
Areca catechu 'Golden' Golden Betel Nut Palm 49.00
Areca gurita Octopus Palmxxl 55.20
Areca triandra 6.20
Areca vestiaria Orange Crownshaft Palm 6.90
Arenga australasica Australian Sugar Palm 5.80
Arenga caudata 'Stenophylla' xxl 43.80
Arenga engleri Dwarf Sugar Palm 5.80
Arenga hastata 13.40
Arenga hookeriana Hooker's Fish Tail Palm 12.80
Arenga micrantha Tibetan Sugar Palm 8.60
Astrocaryum chambira xxl 26.80
Astrocaryum huaimi Goiás Tucuma Palm, 24.60
Astrocaryum standleyanum Mocora Palmxxl 12.40
Attalea cohune Cohune Palm 14.40
Attalea colenda Chivila Palm 13.10
Bactris coloradonis 5.60
Bactris mexicana 5.80
Balaka microcarpa Spear Palm 11.70
Basselinia eriostachys 5.80
Basselinia sordida 27.80
Beccariophoenix alfredii High Plateau Coconut Palm 7.30
Bentinckia condapanna Conda Palm 19.80
Bentinckia nicobarica Nicobar Palmxxl 5.40
Bismarckia nobilis 'Green' xxl 10.70
Bismarckia nobilis 'Silver' Bismarck Palm 11.60
Borassodendron machadonis Elephant Palmxxl 67.30
Borassus aethiopum African Palmyra Palm 121.10
Brahea armata Blue Hesper Palm 5.80
Brahea brandegeei San José Hesper Palm 7.80
Brahea clara Sonora Hesper Palm 7.80
Brahea decumbens Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm, Sierra Madre Palm 10.10
Brahea dulcis Rock Palm 5.60
Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm 6.30
Brahea nitida (= B. calcarea) White Rock Palm 5.90
Brahea pimo Furry Hesper Palm 13.60
Brahea sarukhanii Sarukhan's Hesper Palm 9.60
Brahea sp. 'Super Silver' Silver Rock Palm 5.60
Butia archeri Dwarf Jelly Palm 24.60
Butia archeri x B. capitata 16.60
Butia archeri x B. paraguayensis 19.80
Butia capitata Northern Jelly Palmxxl 13.40
Butia eriospatha Woolly Jelly Palm 5.80
Butia eriospatha x Syagrus coronata F1 39.80
Butia lallemantii Clustering Dwarf Jelly Palmxxl 18.20
Butia lepidotispatha Dwarf Jelly Palmxxl 22.40
Butia matogrossensis Dwarf Jelly Palmxxl 8.60
Butia noblickii Bonpland Palmxxl 11.80
Butia odorata Southern Jelly Palmxxl 5.60
Butia odorata x B. eriospatha F1 10.20
Butia odorata x Jubaea chilensis F2 13.40
Butia paraguayensis Dwarf Yatay Palm 19.20
Butia paraguayensis x B. capitata F1 9.10
Butia purpurascens Purple Yatay Palm 39.00
Calamus paspalanthus xxl 16.60
Calamus sp. 'Borneo' 13.60
Calyptrogyne costatifrons subsp. costatifrons 11.70
Calyptronoma plumeriana xxl 10.20
Carpoxylon macrospermum Aneityum Palmxxl 44.40
Caryota cumingii Philippine Fishtail Palm 8.20
Caryota maxima 'Himalaya' Himalayan Fish Tail Palm 5.80
Caryota mitis Clustered Fishtail Palm 5.60
Caryota obtusa (= C. gigas) Giant Fishtail Palm 12.30
Ceroxylon echinulatum Pumbo Wax Palm 6.20
Chamaedorea anemophila 7.00
Chamaedorea glaucifolia Glaucous Parlour Palm 5.30
Chamaedorea hooperiana Maya Palm, Hooper's Palm 5.60
Chamaedorea linearis St. Paul's Cane Palm 7.00
Chamaedorea pinnatifrons 5.90
Chamaedorea quezalteca Honduran Bamboo Palm 5.40
Chamaedorea radicalis 'Arborescent' Tall Hardy Parlour Palm 8.80
Chamaedorea sartorii Sartor's Parlor Palmxxl 6.40
Chamaedorea seifrizii Seifriz's Bamboo Palm 5.10
Chamaerops humilis Mediterranean Fan Palmxxl 5.60
Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano' Vulcano Fan Palm 8.60
Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm 5.80
Chambeyronia macrocarpa Red Leaf Palmxxl 18.50
Chambeyronia macrocarpa 'Hookeri' Red Leaf Palm 19.20
Coccothrinax borhidiana Borhidi's Guano Palmxxl 7.00
Coccothrinax crinita subsp. crinita Old Man Palm 6.20
Coccothrinax ekmanii Gouane Palm 6.40
Copernicia hospita Blue Yarey Palmxxl 13.30
Copernicia macroglossa Cuban Petticoat Palm 13.40
Corypha lecomtei Lecomte Palm 21.10
Corypha utan Buri Palmxxl 18.70
Cyrtostachys renda Sealing Wax Palm, Lipstick Palmxxl 5.30
Dictyosperma album Hurricane Palm 5.10
Dictyosperma album var. conjugatum Round Island Hurricane Palm 5.30
Drymophloeus litigiosus (= D. beguini) 5.90
Dypsis ambositrae Ambositra Palm 5.80
Dypsis ampasindavae Ampasindava Palmxxl 8.60
Dypsis arenarum Sand Palm 5.80
Dypsis carlsmithii Stumpy Palmxxl 8.50
Dypsis corniculata xxl 8.60
Dypsis decaryi Triangle Palm 5.90
Dypsis lanceolata Ivovowo Palm 6.10
Dypsis lanceolata - germinated Ivovowo Palm 7.70
Dypsis lastelliana Red Neck Palm 5.60
Dypsis leptocheilos Teddy Bear Palmxxl 5.60
Dypsis leucomalla (= D. sp. 'White Petiole') White Petiole Palm 6.40
Dypsis lutescens Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm 4.60
Dypsis madagascariensis 'Mahajanga' Mahajanga Palm 5.80
Dypsis malcomberi Malcomber's Palm 5.90
Dypsis mananjarensis Mealy Bug Palm 5.30
Dypsis pembana Pemba Palm 5.40
Dypsis pilulifera Orange Crush Palm 5.80
Dypsis poivreana xxl 6.40
Dypsis prestoniana Tavilo Palm 6.90
Dypsis prestoniana - germinated Tavilo Palm 8.50
Dypsis psammophila White Sand Palm 5.90
Dypsis robusta 6.20
Dypsis sp. 'Ambanja' xxl 5.40
Dypsis sp. 'Dark Mealybug' 7.20
Dypsis sp. 'Jurassic Park' Jurassic Palmxxl 5.80
Dypsis sp. 'Jurassic Park' - germinated Jurassic Palmxxl 6.40
Dypsis sp. 'Mayotte' Sohoa Palm 7.80
Elaeis guineensis 'Tenera' African Oil Palm 6.30
Elaeis oleifera American Oil Palm 5.60
Euterpe oleracea Açaí Palm 6.10
Geonoma atrovirens Black Leaf Palmxxl 25.60
Geonoma macrostachys xxl 8.60
Geonoma monospatha 27.80
Geonoma mooreana 6.70
Heterospathe brevicaulis 5.80
Heterospathe cagayanensis Cagayan Sagisi Palmxxl 12.00
Howea belmoreana Curly Palm, Sentry Palm 8.90
Howea forsteriana Kentia Palm 6.60
Hydriastele beguinii 'Obi Island' Obi Nymph Palmxxl 7.70
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle Palm 5.60
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii Spindle Palmxxl 5.10
Hyphaene coriacea Ilala Palmxxl 38.80
Hyphaene thebaica Egyptian Doum Palm 35.20
Iguanura wallichiana var. major 27.80
Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm 8.80
Jubaea chilensis x Butia odorata F2 Blue Jubaeaxxl 17.60
Jubaeopsis caffra Pondoland Palmxxl 23.00
Kentiopsis oliviformis 6.20
Kentiopsis pyriformis xxl 16.60
Lanonia centralis Vietnam Hat Palmxxl 24.60
Lanonia magalonii (= Licuala m.) (= Licuala magalonii) Lanon Namxxl 59.80
Leucothrinax morrisii (= Thrinax morrisii) Brittle Thatch Palm 5.80
Licuala aurantiaca Golden Licuala 6.10
Licuala bayana xxl 23.00
Licuala chaiana xxl 26.10
Licuala cordata Heart-shaped Fan Palm 32.60
Licuala lauterbachii var. lauterbachii 9.40
Licuala mattanensis 'Mapu' Paradise Palm 35.80
Licuala naumannii xxl 9.60
Licuala orbicularis Parasol Palmxxl 24.60
Licuala parviflora 27.80
Licuala peltata var. sumawongii Sumawong's Fan Palm 7.40
Licuala ramsayi Australian Fan Palm 5.80
Licuala sallehana var. sallehana 82.40
Licuala sarawakensis xxl 19.80
Licuala spinosa Mangrove Fan Palm 5.10
Licuala terengganuensis 'Solitary Form' Terengganu Fan Palm 11.40
Licuala triphylla xxl 15.00
Licuala valida Pala Palm 15.00
Livistona boninensis Bonin Fountain Palm 14.90
Livistona decora (= L. decipiens) Ribbon Fan Palmxxl 5.60
Livistona humilis Sand Palmxxl 5.80
Livistona lorophylla 11.20
Livistona mariae Central Australian Cabbage Palm 11.70
Livistona saribus Taraw Palm 5.40
Maxburretia furtadoana xxl 66.40
Nannorrhops arabica 'Silver' Silver Mazari Palm 5.60
Nannorrhops ritchieana Mazari Palm 5.60
Nenga pumila var. pachystachya 10.20
Oenocarpus mapora Mapora Palm, Don Pedrito‘s Palmxxl 9.40
Oraniopsis appendiculata Bronze Palmxxl 15.80
Oraniopsis appendiculata - germinated Bronze Palmxxl 20.60
Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palmxxl 5.00
Phoenix dactylifera Date Palmxxl 5.10
Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm 4.60
Phoenix rupicola Cliff Date Palm 5.60
Phoenix sylvestris Silver Date Palm 5.60
Pigafetta elata Black Wanga Palm 5.80
Pinanga aristata 16.60
Pinanga auriculata var. auriculata Red Cane Palmxxl 13.40
Pinanga auriculata var. leucocarpa xxl 18.40
Pinanga crassipes 11.80
Pinanga declinata Caurung Palmxxl 26.20
Pinanga javana Emerald Palm 10.20
Pinanga pachyphylla Thick Leaf Palmxxl 31.20
Pinanga patula xxl 12.80
Pinanga ridleyana 69.60
Ponapea hentyi (= Drymophloeus hentyi) 10.20
Prestoea ensiformis 'Entire Leaf' 19.80
Pritchardia glabrata Maui Dwarf Fan Palm 30.70
Pritchardia hillebrandii Molokai Fan Palm 11.20
Pritchardia lowreyana Lowrey's Fan Palm 37.80
Pritchardia martii Rocks Fan Palm 23.80
Pseudophoenix ekmanii Dominican Cherry Palm 8.60
Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm 5.10
Ptychosperma lauterbachii xxl 8.60
Ptychosperma macarthurii MacArthur Palm 4.60
Raphia hookeri West African Wine Palmxxl 31.20
Raphia sudanica Dwarf Raphia Palm 28.70
Ravenea julietiae Juliets Palm 19.70
Reinhardtia gracilis Window Pane Palm 7.80
Reinhardtia paiewonskiana Hispaniola Window Palm 36.70
Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm 10.20
Rhapis excelsa 'Taiwan' Taiwan Lady Palm 5.90
Rhapis subtilis Thai Lady Palm 7.00
Rhopaloblaste ceramica Majestic Palm 6.10
Roystonea regia Cuban Royal Palm 5.10
Roystonea regia 'Florida' Florida Royal Palm 5.40
Sabal bermudana Bermuda Palmetto 5.60
Sabal causiarum Puerto Rican Hat Palm 4.60
Sabal domingensis Hispaniola Palmetto 5.30
Sabal etonia Scrub Palmetto 6.10
Sabal mauritiiformis Bay Palmettoxxl 5.30
Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto 5.30
Sabal minor 'Variegated' Dwarf Palmetto 16.60
Sabal palmetto Palmetto Palm 5.10
Sabal uresana Sonora Palmettoxxl 7.00
Salacca affinis Red Salak 26.20
Salacca wallichiana 'Sala Sumalee' 19.40
Satakentia liukiuensis Satake Palm 8.60
Syagrus botryophora Pati Queen Palm 14.30
Syagrus campylospatha xxl 10.20
Syagrus cearensis Twin Palm 20.40
Syagrus coronata Licuri Palm 8.40
Syagrus flexuosa Acumã Palm 11.10
Syagrus kellyana Quarter Coconut 22.00
Syagrus kellyana x S. coronata 57.20
Syagrus mendanhensis x S. glaucescens 39.20
Syagrus oleracea x S. coronata 57.60
Syagrus vagans Wandering Palm 16.80
Syagrus x matafome 35.70
Syagrus x tostana 24.80
Synechanthus warscewiczianus 8.60
Thrinax radiata Florida Thatch Palm 5.10
Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm 4.60
Trachycarpus fortunei 'Naini Tal' Chusan Palm 5.30
Trachycarpus latisectus Windamere Palm 5.80
Trachycarpus oreophilus 'Naga Hills / Manipur' (= T. ukhrulensis) Saramati Palmxxl 5.90
Trachycarpus princeps 'Blue-Silver' Stone Gate Palm 10.20
Trachycarpus takil Kumaon Fan Palmxxl 6.10
Trachycarpus wagnerianus Waggie, Miniature Chusan Palm 6.60
Trithrinax brasiliensis var. acanthocoma Brazilian Needle Palmxxl 6.10
Veillonia alba (= Cyphophoenix alba) White Crownshaft Palm 19.80
Veitchia metiti Metiti Palm 14.60
Veitchia winin Malakula Palmxxl 5.80
Wallichia disticha Distichous Fishtail Palm 5.60
Wallichia oblongifolia (= W. densiflora) Wallich's Dwarf Fishtail Palm 5.60
Washingtonia filifera Washington Palm 4.60
Washingtonia robusta Skyduster, Mexican Cotton Palm 4.60
Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail Palmxxl 15.20

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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banana seeds, ginger seeds & relatives

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Alpinia arctiflora 5.40
Alpinia mutica Dwarf Cardamomxxl 5.30
Alpinia nigra 6.40
Alpinia nutans False Dwarf Cardamomxxl 5.60
Amomum dimorphum 5.60
Amomum maximum (= A. dealbatum) Java Cardamom 5.60
Amomum subulatum Black Cardamom, Nepal Cardamom 5.60
Calathea crotalifera Yellow Rattleshaker, Rattlesnake Plant 8.20
Calathea guzmanioides Beehive Calatheaxxl 8.20
Calathea inocephala Rotting Calathea 5.80
Calathea lateralis Yellow Cigar Plantxxl 6.20
Calathea latifolia (= C. sp. 'Purple Spike') Purple Calathea 8.00
Calathea pachystachya Red Spike Calatheaxxl 7.00
Calathea sp. 'Mariposa' xxl 15.20
Canna indica Canna Lily 5.40
Canna jaegeriana Orange Canna Lilyxxl 6.90
Caulokaempferia sikkimensis Orchid Gingerxxl 5.60
Cautleya gracilis var. gracilis (= C. lutea) Hardy Red Ginger 5.60
Cautleya gracilis var. robusta Hardy Yellow Ginger 5.60
Cautleya spicata Chinese Butterfly Ginger 5.40
Cheilocostus speciosus (= Costus speciosus) Crêpe Ginger 5.60
Costus barbatus Spiral Ginger 5.60
Costus dubius African Spiral Gingerxxl 5.60
Costus erythrocoryne Paradise Spiral Ginger 5.90
Costus guanaiensis Giant Spiral Ginger 4.80
Costus leucanthus Large White Spiral Gingerxxl 5.80
Costus lima Large Red Spiral Ginger 5.30
Costus ricus 7.50
Costus scaber 5.30
Costus woodsonii Red Button Ginger, Dwarf French Kiss Ginger 5.60
Dimerocostus strobilaceus Saguiro Ginger 5.30
Ensete glaucum Snow Banana 5.80
Ensete ventricosum Abyssinian Banana 5.80
Etlingera elatior 'Pink' Pink Torch Gingerxxl 4.60
Etlingera elatior 'Red' Red Torch Ginger 4.60
Etlingera venusta Malay Rosexxl 7.00
Globba schomburgkii Dancing Girl Ginger 5.60
Hedychium coccineum Red Gingerxxl 5.60
Hedychium densiflorum Hardy Ginger Lily 5.60
Hedychium ellipticum 5.60
Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger 5.60
Hedychium gracile Tiny White Ginger 5.60
Hedychium spicatum Spiked Ginger 5.60
Hedychium thyrsiforme Pincushion Ginger 5.60
Heliconia aemygdiana 7.00
Heliconia atropurpurea xxl 23.20
Heliconia bourgaeana 'Catemaco Red' xxl 12.80
Heliconia burleana xxl 5.80
Heliconia caribaea 6.40
Heliconia champneiana 'Maya Blood' xxl 8.20
Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Scarlet' 8.50
Heliconia curtispatha (= H. longa) xxl 7.50
Heliconia griggsiana xxl 5.80
Heliconia harlingii Lipstick Heliconiaxxl 6.20
Heliconia hirsuta 'Canelos' xxl 8.00
Heliconia hirsuta 'Yellow & Pink' xxl 7.50
Heliconia impudica xxl 5.80
Heliconia irrasa 13.40
Heliconia librata xxl 5.80
Heliconia nigripraefixa 5.80
Heliconia nutans xxl 6.20
Heliconia pendula xxl 5.80
Heliconia pogonantha var. holerythra 6.90
Heliconia psittacorum 'Andromeda' 6.10
Heliconia ramonensis 7.80
Heliconia riopalenquensis xxl 5.40
Heliconia sclerotricha xxl 5.60
Heliconia secunda 12.00
Heliconia spathocircinata 5.60
Heliconia spathocircinata 'Napo' xxl 7.00
Heliconia stricta xxl 8.60
Hornstedtia scottiana xxl 8.60
Hornstedtia tomentosa 5.90
Musa acuminata subsp. acuminata 5.30
Musa acuminata subsp. microcarpa Monkey Fingers Banana 5.80
Musa balbisiana var. balbisiana Sweet Banana 5.40
Musa borneensis var. flavida Angkadan Banana 11.80
Musa campestris var. lawasensis Lawas Swamp Banana 8.50
Musa campestris var. miriensis Miri Swamp Banana 7.40
Musa cheesmanii Cheesman's Banana 5.80
Musa hirta Bornean Hairy Banana 8.60
Musa itinerans 'Burmese Blue' Blue Burmese Banana 5.60
Musa itinerans var. formosana 7.00
Musa itinerans var. kavalanensis Ilan Yellow Bananaxxl 7.20
Musa mannii Indian Dwarf Banana 6.60
Musa monticola Kinabalu Mountain Banana 9.40
Musa muluensis Mulu Banana 6.90
Musa ornata 'Orange Flower' 5.80
Musa peekelii Peekel's Banana 11.00
Musa sikkimensis Darjeeling Banana 5.60
Musa sikkimensis 'Red Tiger' Red Tiger Banana 6.10
Musa sp. 'Helens Hybrid' Helen's Banana 5.80
Musa thomsonii Thomson's Banana 5.60
Musa yunnanensis Yunnan Banana 5.30
Phrynium pubinerve (= P. capitatum) 5.60
Plagiostachys albiflora Munong 7.50
Plagiostachys crocydocalyx Banjang Ginger 7.50
Pleiostachya pruinosa Wheat Calathea 5.80
Ravenala madagascariensis Madagascan Travelers Palm 5.00
Ravenala sp. 'Honkondambo' Red Travellers Palmxxl 5.60
Renealmia alpinia Tasty Ginger 4.50
Renealmia aromatica xxl 7.70
Renealmia oligosperma Red Ecuadorian Ginger 5.40
Renealmia thyrsoidea xxl 5.40
Strelitzia juncea Leafless Bird of Paradisexxl 6.60
Strelitzia nicolai White Bird of Paradise 5.30
Zingiber chrysanthum 5.60
Zingiber clarkei Clarks Ginger 5.40
Zingiber longipedunculatum Ligun, Tubu Abang 9.60
Zingiber rubens Bengal Ginger 5.60

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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bromeliad seeds, grass seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Aechmea angustifolia xxl 6.40
Aechmea aquilega xxl 5.80
Aechmea bracteata 5.30
Aechmea coelestis xxl 5.80
Aechmea dactylina xxl 5.40
Aechmea mexicana xxl 5.80
Aechmea nudicaulis xxl 5.10
Aechmea strobilacea Giant Coning Bromeliadxxl 6.90
Aechmea weberbaueri 5.90
Andropogon bicornis West Indian Foxtail Grassxxl 4.50
Anemanthele lessoniana Gossamer Grass 4.50
Apodasmia similis Jointed Wire Rush, Oioi 4.60
Aristida junciformis Wire Grass 5.60
Baloskion australe Mountain Cordrush 4.50
Baloskion tetraphyllum 4.50
Bambusa bambos (= B. arundinacea) Giant Spiny Bambooxxl 4.50
Bromelia pinguin Wild Pineapplexxl 5.00
Carex flagellifera 'Red' Glen Murray Tussock 4.50
Carex pumila Dwarf Sedgexxl 4.80
Carex secta 5.10
Carex trifida 5.10
Cenchrus alopecuroides (= Pennisetum alopecuroides) Chinese Fountaingrassxxl 4.50
Cenchrus ciliaris Buffel Grass, African Foxtail Grassxxl 4.50
Chionochloa conspicua Hunangamoho, Snow Grass 4.50
Cortaderia fulvida Toetoe 4.50
Cortaderia richardii South Island Toetoe 4.50
Cortaderia selloana 'Pink' xxl 4.50
Cortaderia selloana 'White' Pampas Grassxxl 4.50
Cortaderia toetoe Toetoe 4.60
Cyanotis somaliensis 5.10
Cyperus aggregatus xxl 4.50
Cyperus dives 4.50
Dendrocalamus barbatus 5.40
Dendrocalamus strictus Male Bambooxxl 4.50
Deuterocohnia chrysantha 5.80
Dichelachne crinita Longhair Plume Grassxxl 4.50
Dyckia frigida xxl 5.60
Elegia capensis Fountain Rush 5.10
Elegia equisetacea 5.40
Elegia tectorum (= Chondropetalum tectorum) Small Cape Rushxxl 4.50
Festuca coxii Blue Grass 4.50
Ficinia nodosa Knotted Clubrush 4.50
Flagellaria neocaledonica 9.10
Gahnia baniensis 5.40
Gahnia filum Chaffy Saw-Sedgexxl 4.50
Gahnia grandis Cutting Grass 5.10
Gahnia novocaledonensis New Caledonian Sawsedge 5.80
Gahnia trifida Coastal Saw-Sedgexxl 4.50
Gahnia xanthocarpa Kauri Grass, Tupari Maunga 5.10
Gigantochloa apus Tabashir Bambooxxl 6.60
Gigantochloa macrostachya xxl 5.80
Guzmania monostachia xxl 5.40
Guzmania testudinis xxl 5.40
Guzmania teuscheri xxl 4.50
Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus Buttongrassxxl 4.50
Gynerium sagittatum xxl 4.80
Hanguana major 18.40
Hanguana malayana 8.50
Joinvillea aff. ascendens 5.60
Joinvillea borneensis 7.40
Joinvillea plicata 5.30
Juncus effusus Common Rushxxl 4.50
Juncus kraussii Matting Rush 4.50
Machaerina deplanchei (= Baumea deplanchei) 5.60
Mapania floribunda 7.40
Mapania vitiensis 5.80
Melinis nerviglumis Ruby Grassxxl 4.50
Melinis repens Natal Grassxxl 4.50
Neoregelia sp. 'Island Sunset' xxl 5.60
Neoregelia sp. 'Songlines' xxl 5.60
Neoregelia spectabilis Painted Fingernail Bromeliadxxl 5.60
Ochagavia elegans 13.60
Palisota barteri 8.00
Paspalum saccharoides xxl 4.50
Phyllostachys edulis (= P. pubescens) Moso Bamboo 5.10
Phyllostachys heteroclada Water Bamboo 5.60
Pitcairnia bifrons xxl 5.90
Pitcairnia diffusa xxl 5.30
Pitcairnia elongata xxl 5.60
Pitcairnia grafii 5.30
Pitcairnia piepenbringii 5.30
Pitcairnia sceptrigera xxl 5.00
Pitcairnia sp. 'Lago Lindo' xxl 5.60
Pitcairnia spectabilis xxl 4.60
Pitcairnia squarrosa var. colorata xxl 4.50
Pitcairnia trianae xxl 4.50
Portea petropolitana var. extensa xxl 5.80
Puya alpestris Sapphire Towerxxl 5.40
Puya assurgens 5.40
Puya castellanosii 5.10
Puya chilensis Chagualxxl 5.10
Puya densiflora xxl 5.80
Puya harmsii 5.30
Puya mirabilis xxl 4.50
Puya raimondii Queen of the Andes, Giant Bromeliadxxl 5.80
Puya textoragicolae (= P. weberbaueri) xxl 5.60
Rhodocoma capensis 5.30
Ronnbergia explodens xxl 6.90
Schizostachyum funghomii 5.60
Scirpodendron ghaeri 10.40
Setaria palmifolia Palm Grassxxl 4.50
Stipa nodosa (= Austrostipa nodosa) Needle Grass, Knotty Spear Grass 5.00
Thamnochortus cinereus Silver Reed 5.60
Thamnochortus spicigerus Giant Restio 5.60
Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grassxxl 6.20
Thysanolaena latifolia (= T. maxima) Tiger Grass 5.00
Uncinia rubra Red Bastard Grass 5.10
Uncinia uncinata 'Red' Red Hook Sedge 4.80
Vriesea sanguinolenta (= Werauhia sanguinolenta) xxl 4.50
Vriesea sanguinolenta 'Rubra' 4.60
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora Bloodrootxxl 5.30
Xiphidium caeruleum Dove Tail, Palmita 4.60
Xyris gracilis Slender Yellow-Eye 5.00
Xyris operculata Tall Yellow-Eyexxl 5.00

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
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Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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screw pine seeds & cyclanth seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Asplundia albicarpa 5.40
Asplundia sp. 'Escudo' 5.00
Carludovica palmata Panama Hat Palm 4.60
Cyclanthus bipartitus 4.50
Freycinetia sp. 'Litchi-like' 5.60
Pandanus furcatus Himalaya Screw Pine 5.80
Pandanus papuanus xxl 21.40
Pandanus utilis 'Red Margin' Mascarene Screw Pine 7.80
Thoracocarpus bissectus xxl 5.40
Xerophyta dasylirioides 5.60
Xerophyta retinervis xxl 5.30

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
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Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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agave seeds, yucca seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Agapanthus Hybrid 'Wavy Navy' Lily of the Nile 5.30
Agapanthus inapertus Drakensberg Agapanthus 5.30
Agapanthus praecox 'Alba' White Lily of the Nile 5.30
Agapanthus praecox 'Blue' Blue Lily of the Nile 4.50
Agapanthus praecox 'Dwarf Blue' Dwarf Blue Lily of the Nilexxl 4.50
Agapanthus praecox 'Large Blue' Large Blue Lily of the Nilexxl 4.50
Agave aktites 5.40
Agave albopilosa White Tuft Agavexxl 31.00
Agave applanata Maguey de Ixtlexxl 5.30
Agave asperrima subsp. asperrima 5.30
Agave asperrima subsp. maderensis 5.60
Agave asperrima subsp. zarcensis Zarca Agave 5.60
Agave atrovirens Maguey blanco, Maguey Cenizo 5.60
Agave attenuata subsp. attenuata Fox Tail Agave 5.10
Agave attenuata subsp. dentata (= A. pedunculifera) Soft Agave 5.10
Agave aurea Golden Agave 5.60
Agave avellanidens 5.40
Agave azurea xxl 13.40
Agave bovicornuta Cowhorn Agave 5.90
Agave bracteosa Squid Agave 5.30
Agave brevispina 5.90
Agave bulliana (= Prochnyanthes mexicana) xxl 5.10
Agave cerulata subsp. cerulata 5.30
Agave cerulata subsp. nelsonii Nelson's Agave 5.40
Agave chazaroi 5.10
Agave chiapensis 5.60
Agave chrysantha Golden-Flowered Agave 5.10
Agave chrysoglossa Amole 5.80
Agave colorata xxl 5.80
Agave cupreata 5.30
Agave dasylirioides 5.60
Agave datylio var. datylio Datilillo 5.60
Agave densiflora xxl 5.80
Agave deserti var. deserti Sonora Desert Agave 4.60
Agave deserti var. pringlei 5.00
Agave deserti var. simplex 5.00
Agave desmetiana 5.60
Agave difformis xxl 5.40
Agave durangensis 5.60
Agave ellemeetiana xxl 5.10
Agave felgeri Mescalito 5.60
Agave filifera Maguey 5.30
Agave flexiflora Tautilla 5.80
Agave flexispina 5.60
Agave funkiana Ixtle de Jaumave 5.60
Agave garciae-mendozae 5.10
Agave geminiflora 5.10
Agave gentryi 5.00
Agave gigantensis 5.60
Agave gomezpompae Cacayas-Agavexxl 10.70
Agave guadalajarana Maguey Chatoxxl 5.60
Agave guiengola xxl 5.30
Agave gypsophila xxl 5.30
Agave havardiana Havards Century Plant, Chisos Agave 5.30
Agave horrida subsp. horrida Mexcalmetl 5.00
Agave horrida subsp. perotensis 5.60
Agave impressa 5.80
Agave inaequidens subsp. inaequidens Maguey Bruto 5.30
Agave karwinskii Karwinski's Agave 5.60
Agave kavandivi xxl 6.10
Agave kerchovei Rabo de León, Cacaya 5.10
Agave kerchovei 'Huajuapan Red' Red Agavexxl 5.80
Agave kristenii (= A. gypsophila 'Blue)) xxl 5.60
Agave lechuguilla Shin Dagger, Lechuguillaxxl 5.30
Agave macroacantha 5.00
Agave mapisaga xxl 5.30
Agave marmorata Pisomel, Huiscolexxl 5.00
Agave maximiliana 5.30
Agave mckelveyana 5.60
Agave mitis var. albidior 5.60
Agave mitis var. mitis xxl 4.80
Agave montana Hardy Century Plant 5.30
Agave moranii xxl 5.80
Agave multifilifera 5.30
Agave nayaritensis 5.00
Agave nickelsiae (= A. ferdinandi-regis) King Ferdinand Century Plant, Nickels' Agave 5.60
Agave nussaviorum Papalome Agavexxl 5.80
Agave obscura xxl 5.30
Agave obscura 'Xalapa' Xalapa Agave 5.40
Agave ocahui var. longifolia xxl 5.40
Agave ocahui var. ocahui 5.40
Agave ornithobroma Maguey Pajarito 4.80
Agave ortgiesiana (= A. colimana) xxl 5.40
Agave ovatifolia Whale's Tongue Century Plant 5.60
Agave pablocarrilloi Colima Stone Agave, Carillo Agavexxl 6.40
Agave pachycentra 5.90
Agave palmeri Lechuguilla 5.10
Agave parrasana 5.60
Agave parryi subsp. parryi Parry's Agave 5.30
Agave parryi var. couesii 5.60
Agave parryi var. huachucensis Huachuca Agave 5.60
Agave parryi var. huachucensis 'Wakefield' Giant Huachuca Agave 5.60
Agave parryi var. truncata 5.80
Agave parvidentata 5.90
Agave parviflora - EU ONLY 5.80
Agave peacockii Tlalometlxxl 6.20
Agave pelona Mescal Pelón 6.20
Agave pendula xxl 5.80
Agave petrophila xxl 6.10
Agave pintilla xxl 5.60
Agave polianthiflora Mescalito 7.00
Agave potatorum xxl 5.60
Agave potatorum 'Verschaffeltii' 5.60
Agave potreriana Lechuguilla 5.40
Agave rhodacantha xxl 5.80
Agave rhodacantha 'Dwarf' 6.20
Agave rutteniae 8.60
Agave rzedowskiana 5.60
Agave salmiana subsp. crassispina xxl 5.40
Agave salmiana subsp. salmiana Pulque Agave xxl 5.30
Agave salmiana var. ferox Maguey de Pulque 5.30
Agave scaposa xxl 8.60
Agave schidigera Magueyxxl 5.30
Agave schidigera 'White Stripe' Maguey Blanco 5.60
Agave schottii var. schottii Schott's Century Plant, Amolillo 5.40
Agave sebastiana 6.90
Agave seemanniana Seemanns Century Plant 5.30
Agave shawii subsp. goldmaniana Goldman's Agave 5.30
Agave shawii subsp. shawii xxl 5.60
Agave shrevei subsp. magna 5.40
Agave shrevei subsp. matapensis Mezcal Blanco, Lechuguillaxxl 5.40
Agave shrevei subsp. shrevei Lechuguilla, Ceniza 5.60
Agave sobria subsp. frailensis 5.40
Agave sobria subsp. roseana 5.60
Agave sobria subsp. sobria Mezcal pardo, Parditoxxl 5.10
Agave striata subsp. falcata 5.00
Agave striata subsp. striata Espadin 4.80
Agave stricta Rabo de León 5.00
Agave stringens xxl 5.60
Agave subsimplex 5.60
Agave temacapulinensis Maguey Blancoxxl 5.30
Agave tenuifolia 5.60
Agave tenuifolia 'Blue' xxl 5.60
Agave tequilana Blue Agave, Tequila Agave 7.00
Agave titanota 'Blue' Alabaster White Agavexxl 5.30
Agave titanota 'Green' Alabaster Agavexxl 5.30
Agave toumeyana var. bella 5.60
Agave toumeyana var. toumeyana 5.60
Agave triangularis xxl 5.60
Agave triangularis 'Subintegra' xxl 5.80
Agave univittata (= A. lophantha) Center Stripe Agavexxl 5.00
Agave utahensis subsp. kaibabensis Kaibab Agave 5.30
Agave utahensis subsp. utahensis Utah Agave 5.30
Agave utahensis var. eborispina 5.60
Agave utahensis var. nevadensis Nevada Agavexxl 5.30
Agave valenciana Giant Mezcal Agavexxl 5.80
Agave vazquezgarciae 5.30
Agave verdensis Sacred Mountain Agavexxl 8.20
Agave victoriae-reginae 'Bustamante' Narrow Leaved Queen Victoria Agavexxl 5.60
Agave victoriae-reginae 'Huasteca Canyon' Giant Queen Victoria Agave 5.60
Agave victoriae-reginae subsp. swobodae 'Compacta' Compact Queen Victoria Agave 5.60
Agave victoriae-reginae subsp. victoriae-reginae Queen Victoria Agave 5.40
Agave victoriae-reginae x A. pelona 6.20
Agave vilmoriniana Octopus Century Plant, Amole 5.30
Agave vivipara 4.80
Agave vizcainoensis xxl 5.30
Agave weberi xxl 8.20
Agave wocomahi Wocomahi 5.40
Agave x rossellonensis 7.20
Agave xylonacantha 5.80
Agave xylonacantha 'Blue' 5.10
Agave yavapaiensis Page Springs Agavexxl 8.50
Albuca virens (= Ornithogalum tenuifolium) Common Chincherincheexxl 5.00
Aloe abyssicola Abyss Aloe 7.20
Aloe affinis Spotted Aloe 5.00
Aloe africana African Aloe xxl 5.30
Aloe albiflora - EU ONLY xxl 5.90
Aloe alooides Grass Head Aloe 5.00
Aloe arborescens Krantz Aloexxl 5.00
Aloe arborescens 'Variegata' Krantz Aloexxl 6.40
Aloe austroarabica xxl 6.20
Aloe bakeri - EU ONLY xxl 5.90
Aloe barberae (= A. bainesii) Tree Aloexxl 5.60
Aloe bosseri xxl 5.60
Aloe boylei Grass Aloe 5.30
Aloe branddraaiensis 4.80
Aloe broomii Mountain Aloe, Snake Aloexxl 4.80
Aloe burgersfortensis 4.60
Aloe butiabana xxl 6.40
Aloe cameronii Red Aloexxl 4.80
Aloe camperi (= A. eru) Nubian Aloe 5.10
Aloe canarina xxl 6.20
Aloe capitata var. angavoana xxl 5.90
Aloe capitata var. capitata xxl 5.60
Aloe capitata var. quartziticola xxl 5.80
Aloe castanea Cat's Tail Aloe 4.60
Aloe castellorum xxl 6.20
Aloe chabaudii xxl 5.30
Aloe charlotteae 5.80
Aloe chrysostachys xxl 7.70
Aloe classenii xxl 6.10
Aloe claviflora Kraal Aloe 4.80
Aloe cooperi 5.10
Aloe cryptopoda xxl 4.80
Aloe dawei xxl 5.60
Aloe decaryi 5.10
Aloe decurva xxl 6.60
Aloe deltoideodonta var. fallax xxl 5.80
Aloe deltoideodonta var. ruffingiana xxl 6.40
Aloe dewetii 5.30
Aloe dhufarensis Dhofar Aloe 7.00
Aloe dichotoma Quiver Treexxl 5.40
Aloe dorotheae Sunset Aloexxl 5.80
Aloe duckeri xxl 6.60
Aloe dyeri xxl 5.80
Aloe ecklonis 5.30
Aloe elegans xxl 5.60
Aloe ericetorum xxl 5.80
Aloe erinacea xxl 5.80
Aloe ferox Bitter Aloe, Red Aloexxl 4.50
Aloe ferox 'White Flower' White Bitter Aloe 5.60
Aloe fievetii var. altimatsiatrae xxl 6.60
Aloe fievetii var. fievetii xxl 5.80
Aloe fleuretteana 5.90
Aloe flexilifolia 5.30
Aloe fosteri Large Spotted Aloexxl 5.40
Aloe gerstneri 5.90
Aloe globuligemma Button Aloexxl 4.80
Aloe gneissicola 5.80
Aloe grandidentata Dwarf Soap Aloexxl 5.30
Aloe greatheadii var. davyana Davy's Spotted Leaf Aloe 4.80
Aloe greatheadii var. greatheadii Greathead's Spotted Leaf Aloexxl 4.60
Aloe greenii xxl 5.30
Aloe harlana Mosaic Aloexxl 7.70
Aloe hemmingii xxl 6.90
Aloe hexapetala (= A. speciosa) Limp Horn Aloe 5.30
Aloe imalotensis var. imalotensis xxl 5.80
Aloe imalotensis var. longiracemosa Mahaboboka Aloexxl 6.10
Aloe isaloensis Isalo Aloexxl 5.80
Aloe kaokoensis 5.30
Aloe karasbergensis 5.10
Aloe kraussii 5.10
Aloe labworana Labwor Aloexxl 6.70
Aloe lavranosii (= A. splendens) 6.20
Aloe linearifolia 5.60
Aloe lineata x A. striata 5.00
Aloe littoralis Mopane Aloe xxl 5.30
Aloe lolwensis Lake Victoria Aloexxl 6.10
Aloe lutescens 5.10
Aloe macroclada xxl 5.80
Aloe macrosiphon xxl 5.80
Aloe maculata Soap Aloexxl 5.00
Aloe maculata 'Robusta' Soap Aloexxl 5.30
Aloe madecassa xxl 6.20
Aloe mandotoensis xxl 6.20
Aloe marlothii subsp. marlothii Mountain Aloexxl 5.00
Aloe mawii xxl 6.40
Aloe megalacantha xxl 4.80
Aloe megalacantha 'Yellow Flower' xxl 5.90
Aloe megalacantha x A. sinkatana 4.60
Aloe menyharthii Menyharth's Aloexxl 6.20
Aloe microstigma Red Cape Aloexxl 4.50
Aloe mubendiensis Mubende Aloexxl 5.80
Aloe mudenensis xxl 5.10
Aloe mutabilis xxl 5.80
Aloe ngongensis 6.40
Aloe omavandae Anthill Aloexxl 6.90
Aloe palmiformis xxl 7.00
Aloe parvibracteata 4.80
Aloe peglerae Pegler's Aloexxl 5.10
Aloe penduliflora Taita Aloe 6.20
Aloe perrieri Perrier's Aloe 5.90
Aloe perryi Perry's Aloexxl 5.30
Aloe pluridens French Aloe 5.00
Aloe praetermissa xxl 6.40
Aloe pretoriensis 5.30
Aloe purpurea xxl 5.90
Aloe ramosissima xxl 5.40
Aloe rauhii - EU ONLY Rauh's Aloexxl 5.40
Aloe richaudii xxl 6.90
Aloe rupestris xxl 5.00
Aloe rupicola xxl 7.20
Aloe secundiflora var. secundiflora xxl 5.60
Aloe sinkatana Sinkat Aloexxl 5.60
Aloe somaliensis Sheikh Aloexxl 5.80
Aloe spectabilis xxl 4.60
Aloe spicata Gazaland Aloexxl 5.00
Aloe striata Coral Aloexxl 4.60
Aloe suffulta 5.90
Aloe suprafoliata 5.10
Aloe suzannae - EU ONLY xxl 8.30
Aloe tenuior xxl 5.30
Aloe thraskii Dune Aloe 4.50
Aloe tomentosa Wooly Aloexxl 5.30
Aloe tulearensis Toliara Aloexxl 6.20
Aloe tweedieae Tweedie Aloexxl 6.20
Aloe umfoloziensis 5.30
Aloe vanbalenii Cinnamon Aloexxl 5.30
Aloe vaombe 5.40
Aloe vaombe 'High Plateau' xxl 5.80
Aloe vaotsohy xxl 5.90
Aloe verecunda 5.40
Aloe viguieri xxl 6.10
Aloe vogtsii Soutpansberg Aloexxl 5.60
Aloe vryheidensis Wolkberg Aloe 5.10
Aloe werneri xxl 6.60
Aloe wickensii xxl 5.10
Androstephium caeruleum Blue Funnel Lily 9.10
Aristea angolensis 5.10
Aristea capitata (= A. major) Blue Sceptre 5.40
Aristea ecklonii Blue-corn Lilyxxl 5.10
Arthropodium cirrhatum Rock Lily, Renga Lily 4.50
Arthropodium milleflorum Pale Vanilla Lily 4.50
Arthropodium strictum (= Dichopogon strictum) Chocolate Lilyxxl 4.80
Asparagus aethiopicus (= A. sprengeri) Sprenger's Asparagus 4.60
Asparagus asparagoides 'Smilax' Bridal Creeperxxl 5.00
Asparagus densiflorus 'Mazeppa' Mazeppa Emerald Fern 5.10
Asparagus densiflorus 'Meyersii' Meyers Emerald Fernxxl 5.60
Asparagus densiflorus 'Myriocladus' 5.30
Asparagus falcatus Large Forest Asparagusxxl 5.30
Asparagus officinalis 4.50
Asparagus racemosus Satavarxxl 4.60
Asparagus setaceus 'Nanus' 5.30
Asparagus virgatus African Broom Fern 5.40
Astelia alpina var. alpina Pineapple Grassxxl 5.40
Astelia banksii Coastal Astelia, Wharawhara 4.80
Astelia chathamica Chatham Island Astelia, Kakaha 5.30
Astelia fragrans Bush Lily, Kakaha 5.10
Astelia grandis Swamp Astelia 5.30
Astelia neocaledonica New Caledonian Astelia 5.40
Astelia solandri Perching Lily, Kaiwharawhara 4.80
Beaucarnea gracilis Sotolín 5.30
Beaucarnea guatemalensis Red Ponytail, Guatemala Ponytail 4.60
Beaucarnea hiriartiae Guerrero Pony Tail 5.30
Beaucarnea recurvata Ponytail 4.60
Beaucarnea sanctomariana Tehuantepec Pony Tail 10.20
Beaucarnea stricta Estrellas 5.60
Beschorneria albiflora White-Flowered Mexican Lily 9.60
Beschorneria calcicola Veracruz Lily 10.20
Beschorneria tubiflora Hidalgo Lily 9.10
Beschorneria yuccoides Mexican Lily 5.60
Blandfordia punicea Tasmanian Christmas Bellxxl 5.10
Bomarea cornuta xxl 8.00
Bomarea edulis xxl 8.00
Bomarea involucrosa xxl 15.00
Bomarea obovata xxl 6.20
Bulbine abyssinica Bushy Bulbinexxl 4.60
Bulbine frutescens 'Orange' xxl 4.80
Bulbine frutescens 'Yellow' xxl 4.80
Bulbine glauca Rock Lily 4.80
Bulbine latifolia Red Rootxxl 5.10
Bulbine narcissifolia Strap-Leafed Bulbine, Snake Flower 5.00
Bulbine natalensis Natal Red Root 4.80
Bulbine semibarbata Leek Lily 4.80
Calochortus raichei Cedar’s Fairy Lantern 10.70
Cardiocrinum giganteum Giant Himalayan Lily 5.80
Catasetum expansum 'Green' xxl 4.50
Caularthron bilamellatum Two-Ledged Caularthronxxl 4.50
Chasmanthe floribunda African Flag, Greater Cobra Lily 5.40
Chlorophytum bowkeri Bowkers Spider Plant 5.10
Chlorophytum comosum Hen-and-Chickens, Spider Plantxxl 4.60
Chlorophytum filipendulum subsp. amaniense Orange Spider Plantxxl 5.80
Chlorophytum krookianum Hardy Spider Plant 5.10
Chlorophytum saundersiae Saunders Spider Plant 5.00
Cordyline australis Cabbage Palm, Torbay Palm 4.50
Cordyline australis 'Purpurea' Red Cabbage Tree 4.60
Cordyline banksii Forest Cabbage Tree 4.60
Cordyline baueri Norfolk Island Cabbage Tree 5.30
Cordyline fruticosa (= C. terminalis) Ti Plant 5.30
Cordyline indivisa Mountain Cabbage Tree 5.00
Cordyline manners-suttoniae Swamp Palm Lily 5.40
Cordyline mauritiana Mauritius Palm Lily 5.90
Cordyline petiolaris Broad-leaved Palm Lily 5.30
Cordyline rubra Red Fruited Palm Lily 5.80
Cordyline sellowiana Brazilian Palm Lily 5.30
Cordyline sp. 'Cyclops' 5.60
Cordyline sp. 'Wide Leaf' 6.90
Cordyline stricta Narrow-leaved Palm Lily 5.30
Crocosmia aurea Falling Stars, Valentin Flowersxxl 5.30
Curculigo orchioides Golden Eye-Grassxxl 5.30
Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus Dobo Lilyxxl 5.40
Cyrtanthus breviflorus xxl 5.10
Dasylirion acrotrichum Green Sotol 5.60
Dasylirion durangense Durango Sotol 5.60
Dasylirion gentryi Gentry's Sotolxxl 5.60
Dasylirion glaucophyllum Hidalgo Blue Sotolxxl 5.80
Dasylirion leiophyllum Smooth Sotol, Desert Candle 5.30
Dasylirion longissimum Hidalgo Grass Treexxl 5.30
Dasylirion lucidum Clear Sotol 5.10
Dasylirion parryanum Parry Sotolxxl 6.20
Dasylirion quadrangulatum Mexican Grass Treexxl 5.60
Dasylirion sereke Chihuahua Sotol 5.90
Dasylirion serratifolium Oaxaca Silver Sotolxxl 5.30
Dasylirion texanum Texas Sotol 5.30
Dasylirion wheeleri Desert Spoon, Blue Sotolxxl 5.30
Dianella amoena Matted Flax Lily, Grassland Flax Lily 5.60
Dianella brevicaulis Small Flower Flax Lily 5.00
Dianella caerulea Paroo Lilyxxl 5.40
Dianella ensifolia 'Madagascar' Madagascar Flax Lilyxxl 4.60
Dianella javanica Java Flax Lily 8.60
Dianella nigra NZ Blueberry, Turutuxxl 5.10
Dianella tasmanica Tasmanian Flax Lilyxxl 5.30
Dichopogon fimbriatus (= Arthropodium fimbriatum) Nodding Chocolate Lilyxxl 4.80
Dierama argyreum Angel's Fishing Rod 5.10
Dierama pendulum Hairbellxxl 5.40
Dietes bicolor African Iris, Fortnight Lilyxxl 4.50
Dietes butcheriana Wide-leafed Dietes, Wild Iris 5.10
Dietes grandiflora Fairy Irisxxl 4.50
Dietes iridioides Wood Irisxxl 4.80
Dioscorea bulbifera - bulbils Air Potato 12.00
Dioscorea meridensis Ecuador Wild Yamxxl 5.80
Diplarrena latifolia Western Flag Iris 4.50
Diplarrena moraea Butterfly Flag Irisxxl 4.60
Doryanthes excelsa Flame Lily, Gymea Lilyxxl 5.60
Doryanthes palmeri Giant Spear Lily 5.60
Dracaena aletriformis Large-leaved Dragon Treexxl 5.30
Dracaena arborea African Dragon Tree 6.10
Dracaena draco subsp. draco Dragon Treexxl 5.30
Dracaena sp. 'Sarawak' xxl 22.20
Dracaena surculosa Japanese Bamboo 7.00
Epidendrum nocturnum xxl 4.50
Furcraea guerrerensis 5.90
Furcraea macdougalii Macdougals Giant Century Plant 5.90
Furcraea quicheensis Mecate 6.20
Furcraea undulata 5.90
Gasteria croucheri Natal Gasteriaxxl 4.60
Gasteria nitida var. armstrongii 4.60
Gasteria obliqua (= G. bicolor) Lawyer's Tonguexxl 5.40
Gasteria sp. 'Mix' 4.80
Gladiolus dalenii Parrot Gladiolus, African Gladiolus 5.10
Gloriosa superba Flame Lily, Fire Lilyxxl 4.60
Haworthia attenuata Zebra Haworthiaxxl 5.30
Haworthia glabrata xxl 5.00
Haworthia limifolia Fairy Washboard 5.00
Hesperaloe campanulata Bell-flowered Red Yuccaxxl 7.00
Hesperaloe engelmannii Engelmann´s Red Yuccaxxl 9.10
Hesperaloe parviflora Red Yucca 5.60
Hesperoyucca peninsularis (= Yucca peninsularis) 5.80
Hesperoyucca whipplei (= Yucca whipplei) Our Lords Candle 4.60
Hesperoyucca whipplei 'Eremica' Cabo Yucca 5.40
Hippeastrum Hybrid 'Red/White' 4.80
Hypoxis colchicifolia Broad-leaved Hypoxisxxl 5.30
Kniphofia laxiflora Slender Poker 5.40
Kniphofia linearifolia Common Marsh Poker, Torch Lily 5.10
Kniphofia praecox Early Red Poker, Torch Lily 5.00
Kniphofia rooperi East Cape Pokerxxl 5.30
Kniphofia tysonii Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily 4.80
Kniphofia uvaria Tritoma, Torch Lilyxxl 5.00
Libertia grandiflora Mikoikoi, New Zealand Iris 5.00
Libertia ixioides Mikoikoi, New Zealand Irisxxl 4.80
Libertia pulchella Pretty Grass-Flagxxl 5.10
Lilium formosanum Formosa Lily 5.40
Lilium nepalense Himalaya Lily 5.60
Lomandra insularis 8.50
Lomandra longifolia Basket Grassxxl 5.10
Lomandra longifolia 'Blue' Blue Basket Grass 5.40
Manfreda scabra (= M. brachystachys) 5.80
Merwilla plumbea Wild Squill, Blue Squillxxl 5.30
Moraea spathulata Large Yellow Moraea 5.30
Nolina bigelovii Desert Beargrass Tree 5.40
Nolina durangensis Durango Beargrass Tree 5.60
Nolina excelsa Giant Sotolxxl 5.30
Nolina hibernica (= N. sp. 'La Siberica') xxl 5.90
Nolina lindheimeriana Devil's Shoestring, Ribbon Grassxxl 5.60
Nolina longifolia Oaxacan Pony Tail 5.10
Nolina matapensis Tuya 5.40
Nolina microcarpa Bear Grass 4.60
Nolina nelsonii Blue Beargrass Tree 4.60
Nolina palmeri var. brandegeei Palmer's Bear Grassxxl 6.40
Nolina parviflora Small Flowered Beargrass Tree 5.60
Nolina texana Texas Beargrass 7.70
Ornithogalum candicans Summer Hyacinthxxl 5.30
Ornithogalum juncifolium 5.30
Orthrosanthus polystachyus 4.50
Patersonia fragilis Brittle Iris, Short Purple Flagxxl 5.80
Patersonia lanata Woolly Flagxxl 4.60
Patersonia occidentalis Purple Flagxxl 4.50
Patersonia occidentalis 'Alba' White Flag 4.60
Patersonia sericea Silky Purple Flagxxl 4.50
Patersonia umbrosa var. xanthina Yellow Flags 7.00
Phormium colensoi (= P. cookianum) Mountain Flax 4.60
Phormium tenax New Zealand Flax 4.50
Phormium tenax 'Purpureum' Purple New Zealand Flax 4.50
Phormium tenax 'Variegatum' Variegated New Zealand Flax 4.60
Polygonatum oppositifolium xxl 5.60
Polygonatum punctatum xxl 5.60
Sansevieria cylindrica Cylindrical Snake Plantxxl 6.90
Sansevieria metallica 5.30
Smilax kunthii xxl 5.40
Smilax mollis xxl 5.40
Smilax officinalis Sarsaparillaxxl 5.40
Smilax purhampuy (= S. febrifuga) Ecuadorian Sarsaparillaxxl 5.40
Smilax spinosa xxl 5.40
Sobralia klotzscheana Klotzsch' Sobraliaxxl 4.50
Sobralia pulcherrima xxl 5.30
Thysanotus multiflorus Many-Flowered Fringe Lilyxxl 5.40
Tritonia disticha xxl 5.30
Tulbaghia violacea Society Garlicxxl 5.40
Vanilla planifolia Flat-leaved Vanillaxxl 4.60
Watsonia densiflora Natal Bugle Lily 5.00
Watsonia gladioloides 'Orange Dwarf' Dwarf Orange Bugle Lily 5.10
Watsonia pillansii Pillan's Bugle Lilyxxl 5.10
Wurmbea dioica Early Nancyxxl 5.10
Xanthorrhoea brunonis Stemless Grass Tree 5.40
Xanthorrhoea caespitosa Tufted Grass Tree, Sand Heath Yacca 5.10
Xanthorrhoea drummondii 5.30
Xanthorrhoea johnsonii Northern Grass Tree, Blackboy 5.30
Xanthorrhoea preissii Common or Western Blackboy 5.30
Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata Mount Lofty Grass Treexxl 5.60
Xanthorrhoea resinosa Swamp Grass Treexxl 5.00
Xanthorrhoea semiplana subsp. tateana Tufted Grass Tree 5.30
Yucca angustissima Narrow Yucca 6.60
Yucca arkansana Arkansas Yucca 5.40
Yucca baccata 'Anasazi Supersweet' Sweet Datil Yuccaxxl 5.80
Yucca baccata var. baccata Banana Yucca 5.60
Yucca baccata var. vespertina Mojave Datil Yucca 5.80
Yucca baileyi Navajo Yucca, Alpine Yuccaxxl 5.80
Yucca brevifolia Joshua Tree 5.60
Yucca brevifolia var. jaegeriana Jaegers Joshua Tree 5.40
Yucca campestris Plains Yucca 5.60
Yucca capensis Cape Yucca 8.60
Yucca carnerosana Giant Daggerxxl 5.60
Yucca cernua Nodding Yuccaxxl 8.30
Yucca coahuilensis Coahuila Yucca 5.90
Yucca constricta Buckley´s Yucca 5.00
Yucca declinata xxl 6.90
Yucca elata Soaptree Yuccaxxl 5.10
Yucca elata var. verdiensis Arizona Yucca 5.40
Yucca elata x Y. filamentosa F1 Hybrid Yucca 7.80
Yucca filamentosa Adam's Needlexxl 5.40
Yucca filamentosa x Y. elata F1 Hybrid Yucca 8.20
Yucca filifera Giant Yucca 5.60
Yucca flaccida Flaccid Leaf Yuccaxxl 5.60
Yucca glauca Soapweed, Great Plains Yucca 5.00
Yucca glauca 'Angustifolia' 5.00
Yucca glauca subsp. albertana Palliser Triangle Yucca 5.60
Yucca harrimaniae Harriman Yuccaxxl 5.80
Yucca harrimaniae 'Gilbertiana' Salt Lake Desert Yucca 8.60
Yucca madrensis Soco Yucca 9.10
Yucca neomexicana New Mexico Yuccaxxl 7.50
Yucca pallida Texas Blue Yucca 5.60
Yucca periculosa Izote Yuccaxxl 5.80
Yucca potosina Potosí Yucca 5.60
Yucca reverchonii San Angelo Yucca 5.60
Yucca rigida (= Y. luminosa) Blue Yucca 5.40
Yucca rostrata Beaked Yuccaxxl 5.60
Yucca rupicola Rock Yuccaxxl 5.60
Yucca schidigera Mojave Yucca 5.30
Yucca thompsoniana Thompson's Yucca, Trans Pecos Yucca 5.10
Yucca torreyi Spanish Dagger 5.30
Yucca treculeana Trecul's Spanish Dagger 5.60
Yucca valida Datilillo-Yuccaxxl 5.80

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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aroid seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Amorphophallus bulbifer - bulbils 6.80
Arisaema flavum Yellow Jack in the Pulpitxxl 5.60
Arisaema intermedium Intermediate Cobra Lily 5.60
Arisaema tortuosum Whipcord Cobra Lily 5.30
Limnocharis flava Yellow Velvetleafxxl 5.00
Monstera dubia Shingle Plantxxl 7.40
Zantedeschia aethiopica Lily of the Nilexxl 5.10
Zantedeschia albomaculata Black Throat Calla, Spotted Callaxxl 5.30

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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gunnera seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Gunnera bracteata 8.80
Gunnera manicata Brazilian Giant Rhubarbxxl 5.00
Gunnera peltata 5.80

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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magnoliid seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Annona cherimola Cherimoya, Custard Apple 5.80
Annona edulis xxl 5.90
Annona glabra Pond Applexxl 5.30
Annona hypoglauca xxl 29.30
Annona purpurea Soncoyaxxl 9.60
Annona reticulata Wild Sweetsopxxl 7.00
Annona spraguei 19.40
Annona squamosa Sugar Apple, Sweetsopxxl 4.80
Artabotrys hexapetalus Manoranjini 10.20
Asimina triloba Pawpawxxl 15.00
Calycanthus floridus var. floridus Common Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspicexxl 5.80
Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus (= C. fertilis) Eastern Sweetshrubxxl 5.30
Cananga odorata Ylang-Ylang 5.60
Cinnamomum camphora Camphor Tree 5.00
Compsoneura sprucei xxl 9.90
Duguetia spixiana 61.60
Guatteria recurvisepala xxl 6.60
Liriodendron chinense Chinese Tulip Tree 4.50
Liriodendron tulipifera American Tulip Treexxl 4.60
Magnolia cathcartii (= Michelia cathcartii) Cathcart Magnolia 5.60
Magnolia champaca (= Michelia champaca) Joy Perfume Tree 5.00
Magnolia doltsopa Sweet Michelia 5.60
Magnolia kobus xxl 5.30
Peperomia macrostachya xxl 5.60
Piper aduncum Maticoxxl 4.60
Piper arboreum xxl 5.30
Piper attenuatum Chabo 5.60
Piper augustum xxl 5.60
Piper auritum Mexican Pepperleaf, Hoja Santaxxl 4.60
Piper crassinervium xxl 4.50
Piper grande Fennel Pepperxxl 4.50
Piper imperiale xxl 5.30
Piper lineolatifolium xxl 5.30
Piper obliquum xxl 4.50
Piper peepuloides Long Pepperxxl 5.60
Piper peltatum Monkey's Handxxl 4.60
Piper reticulatum Flechaxxl 4.80
Piper villiramulum xxl 4.50
Rollinia mucosa (= R. deliciosa) Biriba, Wild Sweet Sop 5.80
Siparuna aspera xxl 6.60
Siparuna eggersii Limoncilloxxl 6.20
Stelechocarpus burahol Kepel Fruit 14.90
Tasmannia lanceolata (= Drimys lanceolata) Mountain Pepper 4.60

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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rosid seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Abatia parviflora Little Andean Peach 5.40
Abelmoschus moschatus Musk Mallowxxl 4.60
Abutilon eremitopetalum xxl 12.80
Acacia adunca Wallangarra Wattle 4.80
Acacia aneura Mulga Wattlexxl 4.50
Acacia auriculiformis Earleaf Acacia 4.50
Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattlexxl 4.50
Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea' Purple Cootamundra Wattle 5.30
Acacia bellula 5.90
Acacia burkei Black Monkey Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia cincinnata Scorpion Wattle 5.80
Acacia cultriformis Knife-Leaf Wattle, Knife Acacia 4.50
Acacia dealbata Silver Wattle 4.50
Acacia erioloba Camel Thorn, Giraffe Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia galpinii Monkey Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia genistifolia 'Prostrata' Spreading Wattlexxl 8.30
Acacia karroo Sweet Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae Coastal Wattlexxl 5.10
Acacia luederitzii False Umbrella Thorn, Kalahari Thorn 5.30
Acacia mangium Black Wattle, Mangium Wattlexxl 4.50
Acacia mearnsii Black Wattle 4.50
Acacia nigrescens Knob Thorn Treexxl 5.30
Acacia nilotica Gum Arabic Tree, Egyptian Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia pervillei Red Acaciaxxl 14.90
Acacia podalyriifolia Queensland Silver Wattle 4.60
Acacia robusta Splendid Acaciaxxl 5.30
Acacia sieberiana Paperbark Thornxxl 5.30
Acacia stricta xxl 5.00
Acacia tortilis Umbrella Thorn Treexxl 4.80
Acacia xanthophloea Fever Tree, Sulphur Barkxxl 5.30
Acer negundo xxl 4.50
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Shingle Tree, Indian Ashxxl 4.50
Adansonia digitata Baobab 5.30
Adansonia fony (= A. rubrostipa) Fony Baobab 6.90
Adansonia grandidieri Grandidier's Baobabxxl 7.40
Adansonia gregorii Australian Baobab, Gadawonxxl 8.60
Adansonia madagascariensis Madadagascar Baobab 6.60
Adansonia perrieri Perrier's Baobab 7.00
Adansonia suarezensis Suarez Baobab 10.10
Adansonia za Za Baobab 6.60
Adenanthera pavonina Coral Pea, Saga Seed Treexxl 7.80
Adenia cladosepala 5.90
Aegle marmelos Bael, Bengal Quince, Wood Applexxl 4.60
Afzelia quanzensis Pod-Mahogany 5.60
Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heavenxxl 4.50
Ailanthus excelsa Indian Tree of Heavenxxl 4.60
Albizia adianthifolia Flat Crown Albizia 5.40
Albizia androyensis 6.90
Albizia anthelmintica 5.60
Albizia chinensis (= A. stipulata) Chinese Silk Tree 4.50
Albizia forbesii Broad-Pod False-Thorn 5.60
Albizia guachapele Chime Treexxl 5.60
Albizia harveyi Sickle-leaved Albizia 5.30
Albizia julibrissin Persian Silk Tree 4.80
Albizia lebbeck Lebbek Tree, Frywoodxxl 4.50
Albizia odoratissima Ceylon Rosewood, Fragrant Black Sirisxxl 4.50
Albizia procera White Sirisxxl 4.50
Albizia richardiana Hatiamiuki 5.40
Albizia saman (= Samanea saman) Rain Treexxl 4.80
Allocasuarina duncanii Duncan’s Sheoak 4.60
Allocasuarina littoralis Black Sheoakxxl 4.50
Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoakxxl 4.60
Allocasuarina zephyrea Western Sheoak 4.50
Allophylus cobbe Tit Berryxxl 5.60
Alnus nepalensis Nepalese Alder 5.30
Amorpha fruticosa Desert False Indigoxxl 4.50
Anacardium occidentale Cashew 10.20
Antidesma montanum var. montanum Mountain Currant Tree 4.60
Antidesma venosum Tassel Berry 5.60
Apeiba membranacea xxl 5.60
Argyrocytisus battandieri (= Cytisus battandieri) Moroccan Broom 4.50
Aronia melanocarpa Black Chokeberry 4.50
Averrhoa bilimbi Bilimbi, Cucumber Treexxl 5.30
Averrhoa carambola Starfruit 6.20
Baccaurea angulata Belimbing Hutanxxl 18.40
Baccaurea bracteata Golden Tampoi 18.70
Bauhinia galpinii Pride of De Kaap, Orchid Treexxl 5.30
Bauhinia grandidieri Blue Orchid Tree 8.80
Bauhinia grevei Greve's Orchid Treexxl 9.10
Bauhinia hookeri (= Lysiphyllum hookeri) Mountain Ebony, Hooker’s Bauhinia, Pegunny 5.90
Bauhinia madagascariensis xxl 9.10
Bauhinia monandra Pink Orchid Treexxl 7.00
Bauhinia natalensis Natal Orchid Treexxl 6.20
Bauhinia purpurea Purple Orchid Treexxl 5.10
Bauhinia racemosa Mountain Ebony xxl 4.80
Bauhinia semla White Orchid Tree 5.40
Bauhinia tarapotensis xxl 6.40
Bauhinia thonningii Tambarib, Rhodesian Bauhinia 5.80
Bauhinia tomentosa Yellow Orchid Tree, Mountain Ebonyxxl 5.30
Bauhinia variegata (= Phanera variegata) Pink or Variegated Orchid Treexxl 5.40
Bauhinia variegata var. candida White Orchid Tree, Buddhist Bauhinia 5.60
Begonia coccinea xxl 4.80
Begonia dregei Maple Leaf Begoniaxxl 5.40
Begonia glabra xxl 4.50
Begonia masoniana Iron Cross Begoniaxxl 5.40
Begonia parviflora Tree Begoniaxxl 4.50
Begonia picta xxl 5.40
Begonia xanthina xxl 5.60
Bellucia pentamera Coronilloxxl 4.50
Bischofia javanica Bishop Wood, Java Cedarxxl 4.60
Bixa orellana Achiote, Annatto 5.30
Blakea subconnata xxl 5.30
Bolusanthus speciosus Rhodesian Wisteria Treexxl 5.10
Bombax ceiba (= B. malabaricum) Red Cotton Treexxl 4.60
Bossiaea linophylla Narrow-leaf Water Bush 4.50
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra Flame Tree 5.60
Brachychiton bidwillii xxl 5.80
Brachychiton discolor White Kurrajongxxl 5.60
Brachychiton populneus Kurrajong 5.10
Bridelia micrantha Coastal Golden-leaf 5.40
Broussonetia papyrifera Paper Mulberryxxl 4.50
Bunchosia argentea Peanut Butter Fruitxxl 19.80
Bunchosia hookeriana Nechifucaxxl 7.00
Butea monosperma Flame of the Forest, Parrot Treexxl 5.40
Byttneria aculeata Purple Allamandaxxl 6.10
Byttneria catalpifolia Catalpa-Leaved Allamandaxxl 7.50
Caesalpinia mexicana Mexican Poinciana 5.30
Caesalpinia pulcherrima Dwarf Poinciana 5.10
Caesalpinia pulcherrima f. flava Yellow Dwarf Poinciana 5.60
Caesalpinia spinosa Tara Tree 5.90
Callistemon citrinus Crimson Bottlebrushxxl 4.30
Callistemon pallidus (= Melaleuca pallidus) Lemon Bottlebrushxxl 4.50
Callistemon salignus Willow Bottlebrushxxl 4.50
Callistemon subulatus Dwarf Bottlebrush 4.50
Callistemon viminalis 'Little John' Weeping Bottlebrush 4.80
Callistemon viridiflorus (= Melaleuca virens) Mountain Bottlebrushxxl 4.50
Calpurnia aurea subsp. aurea Common Calpurnia, Natal Laburnum 5.60
Canarium odontophyllum Dabai, Melaya, Tropical Olive 21.20
Canarium ovatum Pili Nutxxl 20.50
Canavalia ensiformis Sword Bean, Jack Beanxxl 5.80
Canavalia rosea Beach Bean 5.40
Capparis bonifaziana Barnix Treexxl 6.60
Capparis spinosa Caper Bushxxl 4.60
Caragana arborescens Siberian Peashrubxxl 4.50
Carica microcarpa subsp. baccata 6.90
Carica monoica 'Red Fruit' Red Papayaxxl 7.50
Carica papaya 'Honeydew' Papaya 4.50
Carpotroche platyptera xxl 5.80
Casearia arborea xxl 7.80
Cassia abbreviata Scrambled Egg Treexxl 5.60
Cassia artemisioides (= Senna artemisioides) Silver Cassia 4.60
Cassia bakeriana Pink Shower Tree, Wishing Tree 5.30
Cassia fistula Golden Shower Tree 4.50
Cassia grandis Pink Shower Tree 5.40
Cassia javanica subsp. nodosa Apple Blossom Cassia 4.60
Cassia leptophylla Gold Medallion Treexxl 5.30
Cassia renigera Burmese Pink Cassia 4.80
Cassia roxburghii (= C. marginata) Ceylon Senna, Red Cassiaxxl 4.80
Casuarina equisetifolia Horse Tail She-Oak, Australian Pinexxl 4.50
Cayaponia cruegeri xxl 5.60
Cayaponia tubulosa xxl 6.40
Cedrela odorata Spanish Cedarxxl 4.50
Ceiba pentandra Kapok Treexxl 4.60
Ceiba pentandra 'Variegata' Variegated Kapok Treexxl 10.20
Ceiba speciosa (= Chorisia speciosa) Pink Silk Floss Treexxl 5.30
Celtis africana White Stinkwoodxxl 5.30
Centrosema macrocarpum xxl 6.10
Centrosema pubescens xxl 5.30
Cerasus campanulata Taiwan Cherry 5.80
Ceratonia siliqua Carob Tree, Locust Beanxxl 5.30
Cercis canadensis var. canadensis Eastern Redbudxxl 4.50
Cercis chinensis Chinese Redbud 4.80
Cercis glabra Smooth Redbud 5.00
Cercis occidentalis Western Redbud 4.60
Cercis siliquastrum Judas Tree 4.60
Cercis siliquastrum 'Album' White Judas Tree 5.10
Chamaecrista absus (= Cassia absus) Tropical Sensitive Peaxxl 4.50
Chamaecrista nictitans Sensitive Cassiaxxl 5.60
Chorizema diversifolium xxl 4.60
Chukrasia tabularis Burmese Almondwood, Chickrassyxxl 4.50
Cionosicyos macranthus (= Cayaponia macranthus) Chinese Passion Fruit 11.80
Cissus descoingsii xxl 5.80
Cissus elongata 5.60
Cissus trigona xxl 8.60
Cissus verticillata Princess Vine, Curtain Ivyxxl 5.40
Cistus laurifolius Laurel-Leaved Rockrose 4.50
Citrullus lanatus var. citroides Wild Watermelonxxl 5.30
Citrus hystrix Kaffir Limexxl 7.00
Cleome anomala xxl 8.50
Clianthus puniceus Kakabeak, Parrot's Beakxxl 6.70
Clidemia hirta (= Melastoma hirta) xxl 4.50
Clidemia octona (= Melastoma octona) xxl 4.50
Coccinia grandis Ivy Gourdxxl 5.80
Cochlospermum vitifolium Buttercup Tree 5.80
Codariocalyx motorius (= Desmodium gyrans) Telegraph Plantxxl 5.60
Colvillea racemosa Colville's Glory Treexxl 5.40
Combretum erythrophyllum River Bushwillow 5.30
Combretum kraussii Forest Bushwillow 5.30
Combretum paniculatum African Burning Bush 5.60
Comesperma volubile Blue Love Creeper 5.40
Commiphora aprevalii xxl 5.90
Copaifera langsdorffii Diesel Treexxl 11.80
Coronilla juncea xxl 4.80
Corymbia citriodora (= Eucalyptus citriodora) Lemon-scented Gum, Spotted Gum 4.50
Corymbia ficifolia (= Eucalyptus ficifolia) Albany Red Flowering Gumxxl 5.60
Crinodendron patagua Patagua 5.60
Crotalaria incana Velvety Rattlepod, Shake-shake 4.50
Crotalaria retusa Yellow Rattlebox, Devil Bean 5.00
Croton sylvaticus Forest Fever-berry 5.40
Cucumis dipsaceus Hedgehog Cucumberxxl 4.60
Cucumis ficifolius Fig Leaf Cucumberxxl 5.80
Cucumis prophetarum Globe Cucumber 5.60
Cucurbita digitata Fingerleaf Gourd, Bitter Squashxxl 5.80
Cucurbita ecuadorensis Ecuadorian Squashxxl 4.80
Cucurbita foetidissima Buffalo Gourdxxl 5.80
Cunonia macrophylla 10.70
Cunonia montana 9.10
Cupania cinerea Candelillo, Gorgojeroxxl 6.20
Cyphostemma juttae Tree Grape 6.10
Cyphostemma quinatum 5.80
Dais cotinifolia Pompom Treexxl 5.30
Dalbergia nigra - EU ONLY Bahia Rosewood 16.60
Delonix decaryi Decary's Poincianaxxl 5.80
Delonix floribunda 6.40
Delonix pumila Dwarf Poinciana 6.40
Delonix regia Flamboyant, Royal Poinciana 5.30
Desmodium purpusii xxl 5.30
Dichapetalum rugosum xxl 10.40
Dichrostachys cinerea Sickle Bush 5.30
Dioclea reflexa Sea Beanxxl 9.10
Dobinea vulgaris 5.40
Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia Hop Bush, Sand Olivexxl 5.30
Dodonaea viscosa subsp. viscosa Sticky Hop Bushxxl 4.50
Dombeya burgessiae (= D. calantha) Pink Wild Pearxxl 5.80
Dombeya cymosa Smooth Dombeya 5.30
Dovyalis caffra Kei Applexxl 5.40
Edgeworthia gardneri Indian Papertree, Argalixxl 5.30
Ekebergia capensis Cape Ash 5.30
Elaeocarpus angustifolius Blue Marble Treexxl 18.40
Elaeocarpus coumbouiensis 24.80
Elaeocarpus lanceifolius Himalayan Olive 7.20
Elaeocarpus serratus (= E. ganitrus) Avil Treexxl 6.10
Engelhardtia spicata Mauwaxxl 5.30
Entada gigas Sea Heartxxl 39.50
Entada phaseoloides St. Thomas Bean 18.50
Entandrophragma caudatum Mountain Mahoganyxxl 5.30
Entelea arborescens 5.30
Enterolobium contortisiliquum Pacara Earpodxxl 5.40
Enterolobium cyclocarpum Elephant Ear Treexxl 7.50
Enterolobium timbouva Timbouva Tree 5.30
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat 5.80
Erythrina amazonica Amazon Coral Treexxl 5.60
Erythrina arborescens Himalaya Coral Treexxl 5.60
Erythrina berteroana Pito Coral Tree 7.40
Erythrina caffra Kaffir Coral Treexxl 5.30
Erythrina crista-galli Cockspur Coral Treexxl 5.60
Erythrina fusca Bucayo, Elequeme Treexxl 10.70
Erythrina humeana Dwarf Coral Tree 6.40
Erythrina livingstoniana Livingston's Coral Tree 5.30
Erythrina lysistemon Common Coral Treexxl 5.60
Erythrina rubrinervia Red-veined Coral Treexxl 5.80
Erythrina sandwicensis Wiliwili Tree 18.70
Erythrina variegata (= E. indica) Indian Coral Treexxl 5.40
Erythrina vespertilio Batwing Coral Tree 5.80
Eucalyptus alpina Grampians Gum 4.60
Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Red Gumxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus crenulata Buxton Gum, Silver Gumxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus delegatensis subsp. tasmaniensis Alpine Ashxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'Rosea' South Australian Blue Gum, White Ironbarkxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus obliqua 'Victoria' Messmate Stringybark 4.50
Eucalyptus ovata Marrawah Black Gumxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. debeuzevillei Jounama Snow Gum 4.50
Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. niphophila Alpine Snow Gumxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus pulchella White Peppermint Gum 4.50
Eucalyptus regnans Mountain Ashxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus risdonii Risdon Peppermintxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus rubida Candlebark Gumxxl 4.50
Eucalyptus viminalis subsp. viminalis Manna Gum, Ribbon Gumxxl 4.50
Euphorbia cactus 5.40
Euphorbia canariensis Canary Island Spurgexxl 5.30
Euphorbia cooperi 5.60
Euphorbia grandicornis Cow's Hornxxl 5.40
Euphorbia grandidens Large-toothed Euphorbia 5.40
Euphorbia ingens xxl 5.60
Euphorbia lydenburgensis 6.10
Euphorbia mauritanica Golden Spurge, Pencil Milk Bushxxl 5.30
Euphorbia parciramulosa 6.20
Euphorbia primulifolia xxl 6.40
Euphorbia stenoclada Silver Thicket xxl 5.30
Euphorbia tirucalli Pencil Treexxl 5.40
Eutaxia epacridoides 4.50
Evodia fraxinifolia Khanakpa 5.40
Evodia meliifolia 5.60
Ficus abutilifolia Large-leaved Rock Fig 5.30
Ficus americana subsp. andicola Andean Laurel Figxxl 4.50
Ficus auriculata (= F. roxburghii) Roxburgh Fig 5.30
Ficus benghalensis Banyan Tree 4.50
Ficus benjamina Weeping Figxxl 4.50
Ficus exasperata Sandpaper Fig, Rough Banyanxxl 5.60
Ficus habrophylla 5.60
Ficus hirta Hairy Figxxl 5.60
Ficus hispida Hairy Figxxl 5.30
Ficus hurlimannii Hurlimann's Fig 7.00
Ficus infectoria Cuvi White Fig 4.50
Ficus lutea Rock Fig, Giant-leaved Fig 5.30
Ficus natalensis Bark Cloth Tree, Natal Figxxl 5.30
Ficus obliqua Small-leaved Figxxl 4.80
Ficus pertusa Sonoran Strangler Figxxl 5.10
Ficus punctata Lance-leaf Climbing Fig 5.30
Ficus racemosa Cluster Fig Treexxl 4.50
Ficus religiosa Sacred Figxxl 4.50
Ficus semicordata Drooping Figxxl 5.30
Ficus sp. 'Ambae Golden' xxl 6.20
Ficus sp. 'Ambae Sweet & Tasty' xxl 8.20
Ficus sp. 'Jungle Fig' 5.90
Ficus sp. 'Ouiame Bac' 5.60
Ficus sur Cape Fig, Broom Cluster Figxxl 5.30
Flemingia strobilifera Luck Plant, Wild Hops 5.60
Fuchsia boliviana 'Red' xxl 4.80
Fuchsia boliviana 'White' 4.80
Galpinia transvaalica Wild Pride of India 5.30
Garcinia macrophylla (= Rheedia macrophylla) xxl 8.00
Gastrolobium bilobum Heart-leaved Poisonxxl 4.60
Gerrardanthus macrorhizus Bigfoot Vinexxl 8.60
Givotia madagascariensis xxl 6.90
Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locustxxl 4.60
Gliricidia maculata Gliricidiaxxl 4.80
Gompholobium scabrum xxl 5.30
Gossypium hirsutum Mexican Cottonxxl 5.60
Grewia arborea 5.80
Grewia flava Brandybush, Velvet Raisin 5.40
Grewia lasiocarpa Forest Raisin 5.30
Grewia occidentalis Cross-berry, Lavender Starflower 5.30
Grewia pondoensis 5.60
Grewia tulearensis 5.80
Guarea guidonia American Muskwoodxxl 10.20
Guazuma ulmifolia West Indian Elmxxl 4.80
Gurania lobata xxl 8.20
Hardenbergia comptoniana Australian Wisteriaxxl 5.30
Hardenbergia violacea 'Alba' White Coral Pea 4.80
Hardenbergia violacea 'Climbing Form' White Coral Peaxxl 5.60
Hardenbergia violacea 'Rosea' Pink Coral Pea 5.60
Harpephyllum caffrum African Wild Plumxxl 5.60
Hibiscus ferrugineus xxl 5.80
Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon, Syrian Ketmiaxxl 4.50
Hibiscus tiliaceus (= Talipariti tiliaceum) Beach Hibiscus, Sea Rosemallow 5.30
Hirtella triandra xxl 5.90
Hovea montana Mountain Hovea 5.40
Hymenaea courbaril Jatobá, Brazilian Copalxxl 13.50
Ibervillea tenuisecta Slimlobe Globeberryxxl 9.30
Indigofera australis Australian Indigo 4.60
Indigofera hirsuta Hairy Indigo 5.10
Indigofera jucunda 5.10
Jatropha curcas Physic Nut 5.10
Jatropha gossypiifolia Bellyache Bush 5.80
Jatropha mahafalensis Madagascar Jatrophaxxl 6.20
Jatropha multifida Coral Plant, Guatemala Rhubarbxxl 8.50
Juglans neotropica Andean Walnutxxl 19.40
Kennedia eximia Red Coral Vinexxl 4.50
Kennedia macrophylla xxl 5.60
Kennedia nigricans Black Coral Peaxxl 5.10
Kennedia prostrata Running Postman, Scarlet Runner 5.00
Kennedia rubicunda Dusky Coral Peaxxl 5.00
Kiggelaria africana Wild Peach 5.10
Kirkia acuminata White Seringa 5.30
Koelreuteria elegans subsp. elegans Chinese Rain Tree, Flamegold 4.50
Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana Chinese Rain Tree, Chinese Flame Tree 4.60
Koelreuteria paniculata (= K. apiculata) Goldenrain tree, Pride of Indiaxxl 4.50
Kunzea ambigua Tick Bushxxl 4.50
Kunzea baxteri 4.50
Kunzea parvifolia Violet Kunzea 4.50
Lafoensia acuminata 6.60
Lagenaria sphaerica Wild Calabashxxl 5.80
Lagerstroemia floribunda Tropical Crapemyrtle 4.50
Lagerstroemia speciosa Queen Crapemyrtle, Giant Crapemyrtlexxl 4.50
Lagerstroemia thorelii Queen's Flower 4.50
Lagunaria patersonia Norfolk White Oak, Primrose Tree 5.40
Lawsonia inermis (= L. alba) Henna 4.50
Leea macrophylla Elephant Ear Treexxl 5.80
Leptospermum glaucescens Smokey Tea Tree 4.50
Leptospermum grandiflorum Autumn Tea Treexxl 4.50
Leptospermum lanigerum Woolly Tea Treexxl 4.50
Leptospermum nitidum Shiny Tea Tree 4.50
Leptospermum polygalifolium Copper Tantoonxxl 4.50
Leptospermum rupestre Alpine Tea Treexxl 4.60
Leptospermum scoparium Manukaxxl 4.50
Leucaena leucocephala (= L. glabra) White Leadtree 4.50
Leucaena trichodes 5.30
Litchi chinensis Lychee 4.60
Luffa cylindrica (= L. aegyptiaca) Loofah, Sponge Gourd 5.30
Macaranga grandifolia 10.10
Maclura tinctoria (= Chlorophora tinctoria) Dyer's Mulberry, Fustic Tree 5.60
Maesopsis eminii Musizii Tree 13.90
Mallotus philippensis Red Kamalaxxl 4.50
Malpighia glabra (= M. emarginata) Acerola, Wild Crapemyrtle 5.60
Maytenus bachmannii Willow Maytenus 5.30
Maytenus procumbens Dune Koko Tree 5.30
Medinilla cummingii xxl 5.30
Medinilla speciosa 9.10
Melaleuca bracteata Black Tea Tree 4.50
Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark 4.50
Melaleuca gibbosa Slender Honey Myrtlexxl 4.50
Melaleuca hypericifolia Red Honey Myrtle 4.50
Melaleuca pustulata Cranbrook Paperbark 4.50
Melaleuca squamea Swamp Honey Myrtlexxl 4.50
Melaleuca squarrosa Scented Paperbark 4.50
Melia azedarach Chinaberry 5.30
Melia composita 5.60
Melia dubia 5.40
Melothria dulcis Sweet Cucumberxxl 7.80
Melothria pendula Guadeloupe Cucumber 5.30
Meriania nobilis xxl 4.80
Mesua ferrea Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnutxxl 5.40
Metrosideros umbellata Southern Rata 4.50
Miconia nervosa xxl 5.00
Miconia trinervia xxl 5.60
Millettia grandis Umzimbeet 5.40
Mimosa pigra Black Mimosaxxl 5.40
Mimosa pudica Sensitive Plantxxl 4.50
Mirbelia speciosa subsp. ringrosei Purple Mirbeliaxxl 4.60
Momordica charantia Bitter Melonxxl 5.40
Momordica cochinchinensis Gac Fruitxxl 9.80
Morella parvifolia Wax Laurel 5.40
Morella pubescens Wax Laurelxxl 5.40
Moringa oleifera Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Treexxl 5.60
Morkillia mexicana Coyote's Mantlexxl 6.70
Mucuna bracteata 6.40
Mucuna macrocarpa Rusty-leaf Muunaixxl 6.90
Mucuna pruriens Velvet Bean, Cowitchxxl 5.30
Mukia maderaspatana Musumusukkaixxl 7.70
Muntingia calabura Jamaican Cherry, Panama Berry 4.50
Myrciaria x cauliflora Brazilian Grape Tree, Jaboticabaxxl 10.20
Myriocarpa stipitata xxl 4.50
Myroxylon balsamum Balsam Tree, Tolu Balsam 5.80
Myrtastrum rufopunctatum xxl 7.20
Neptunia plena Water Dead-and-Awakexxl 5.60
Nothofagus cunninghamii Myrtle Beechxxl 4.60
Ochroma pyramidale (= O. lagopus) Balsa Treexxl 5.40
Operculicarya borealis 7.40
Operculicarya decaryi - EU ONLY Elephant Tree 7.00
Ormosia amazonica Huayruro Bean Treexxl 8.20
Ormosia macrocalyx xxl 7.50
Osbeckia stellata 5.40
Oxylobium ellipticum Golden Shaggy-Peaxxl 4.60
Oxyrhynchus trinervius Sea Beanxxl 7.80
Pachycormus discolor Baja Elephant Bushxxl 5.40
Pachycormus discolor Baja Elephant Treexxl 5.60
Padus virginiana (= Prunus virginiana) Chokecherryxxl 5.90
Pancheria confusa 12.80
Parkinsonia aculeata Jellybean Tree 4.50
Parthenocissus semicordata (= P. himalayana) Himalaya Grapevinexxl 5.30
Passiflora ambigua xxl 5.80
Passiflora auriculata Black Granadillaxxl 6.10
Passiflora capsularis Capsule-Fruited Passion Flowerxxl 5.80
Passiflora colinvauxii Colinvaux's Passion Flower 5.60
Passiflora coriacea Bat Leaved Passion Flowerxxl 6.70
Passiflora discophora xxl 19.70
Passiflora edulis f. edulis Passion Fruitxxl 5.30
Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Passion Fruitxxl 5.00
Passiflora foetida Wild Maracuja 5.90
Passiflora ligularis Sweet Granadillaxxl 5.00
Passiflora macrophylla Giant Leaved Passion Flowerxxl 6.90
Passiflora maliformis Sweet Cup, Sweet Calabashxxl 5.10
Passiflora mollissima Taxo, Banana Passionfruit 5.00
Passiflora morifolia Woodland Passionflowerxxl 5.90
Passiflora nitida Wild Granadilla, Bell Applexxl 11.80
Passiflora quadrangularis Giant Granadilla 5.60
Passiflora quadrangularis 'Erotica' Penis Passionfruitxxl 6.60
Passiflora resticulata xxl 7.50
Passiflora sexflora (= P. floribunda) Batwingxxl 5.40
Passiflora sp. 'Tiny Star' xxl 6.40
Passiflora suberosa Corky-stemmed Passion Flowerxxl 7.00
Passiflora tiliifolia Linden Leaved Passion Flowerxxl 8.20
Passiflora tripartita Tumboxxl 7.80
Paullinia acutangula xxl 5.80
Paullinia sp. 'Deep Purple' xxl 5.30
Pavonia burchellii xxl 5.60
Pavonia candida (= Hibiscus pedunculatus) Pink Mallowxxl 5.40
Pavonia hastata Spearleaf Swampmallow 4.60
Peltophorum pterocarpum (= Caesalpinia ferruginea) Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant 4.60
Peripterygia marginata xxl 12.60
Phyllanthus acidus Otaheite Gooseberry 5.80
Phyllanthus emblica Indian Gooseberry, Amla 4.50
Phyllanthus gunnii 4.60
Phyllanthus juglandifolius Bigleaf Leafflower 7.50
Pistacia chinensis xxl 5.10
Pistacia lentiscus Mastic Treexxl 4.60
Pithecellobium dulce Blackbead, Manila Tamarindxxl 4.80
Plethiandra sp. 'Creamy Star' Jambu Ara 5.30
Pleuranthodendron lindenii xxl 5.30
Plukenetia huayllabambana Giant Sacha Inchi, Giant Inca Peanutxxl 8.60
Plukenetia volubilis Sacha Inchi, Inca Peanutxxl 6.60
Polygala lancifolia (= P. virgata) Purple Broomxxl 5.30
Polygala myrtifolia September Bush, Sweet Pea Bush 5.30
Pongamia pinnata (= P. glabra) Indian Beech Tree, Honge Treexxl 5.30
Pongamiopsis pervilleana 6.60
Posadaea sphaerocarpa 6.20
Prosopis chilensis 'Large Fruited' Chilean Carob Tree 7.40
Prosopis cineraria Sangrixxl 4.50
Prosopis juliflora var. juliflora Mesquite 4.50
Prosopis tamarugo Tamarugo 7.40
Prunus cerasifera Cherry Plumxxl 5.60
Prunus cerasifera 'Red Cherry' Cherry Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Black Delight' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Golden Honey Suckle' Gold Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Golden Red' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Nutmeg Plum' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Tart Red-Purple' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Tiny Purple' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Tiny Sweet' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica 'Tricolor' xxl 10.20
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Honey Abricot' Mirabelle Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Red Speckled' Mirabelle Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Sweet Orange' Mirabelle Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Tiny Tart' Mirabelle Plumxxl 10.20
Prunus mahaleb xxl 4.50
Prunus padus Bird Cherryxxl 4.50
Prunus serotina subsp. capuli Wild Black Cherry 5.60
Prunus serotina subsp. serotina Black Cherry, Wild Cherry 4.60
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn, Sloexxl 4.50
Pseudobombax millei Shaving Brush Tree 5.60
Psidium acutangulum 5.60
Psidium cattleianum Strawberry Guava 5.30
Psidium guajava Common or Apple Guava 4.50
Psiguria warscewiczii xxl 5.80
Pterospermum acerifolium Dinner Plate Tree 4.60
Punica granatum Pomegranate 4.50
Purpureostemon ciliatus 9.80
Purshia stansburyana Stansbury Cliffrosexxl 6.20
Putranjiva roxburghii Lucky Bean Tree 5.10
Retanilla ephedra Frutilla del Campo 17.40
Rhaphiolepis indica var. umbellata 5.40
Rhoicissus rhomboidea Glossy Forest Grape, Rope-Wood Grape 5.30
Rhus chinensis (= R. semialata) Chinese Sumac 5.40
Rhus chirindensis Red Currant Treexxl 5.40
Rhus glauca Blue Kuni-bush 5.90
Rhus integrifolia Lemonade Berry 5.30
Rhus trilobata Skunk Bush Sumac, Indian Lemonadexxl 6.20
Ricinus communis Castor Oil Plantxxl 5.10
Ricinus communis 'Carmencita' Red Castor Oil Plantxxl 5.60
Robinia hispida var. fertilis Rose Acacia, Bristly Locustxxl 5.00
Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locustxxl 4.50
Robinia slavinii Tall Rose Acacia 5.80
Rosa acicularis Prickly Rosexxl 5.80
Rosa canina xxl 4.50
Rosa multiflora xxl 4.50
Rosa rugosa Japanese Rosexxl 4.50
Rosa spinosissima Burnet Rosexxl 5.40
Rosa woodsii Prairie Rosexxl 5.60
Sannantha virgata (= Baeckea virgata) 4.50
Sapindus saponaria Soapberryxxl 5.60
Sapium laurifolium xxl 5.60
Schinopsis marginata 5.40
Schinus molle Peruvian Pepper 4.50
Schizolobium parahyba Brazilian Firetreexxl 5.60
Schoenobiblus panamensis xxl 8.60
Schotia brachypetala Drunken Parrot Treexxl 5.40
Sclerocarya birrea Marula 6.40
Searsia lancea (= Rhus lancea) African Sumac, Karee 5.30
Selysia prunifera xxl 9.60
Senna alata (= Cassia alata) Candle Bushxxl 4.50
Senna alexandrina (= Cassia angustifolia) Alexandrian or Egyptian Senna 4.50
Senna auriculata (= Cassia auriculata) Avaram Cassia 4.50
Senna candolleana (= Cassia candolleana) Golden Cassiaxxl 4.60
Senna corymbosa (= Cassia corymbosa) Argentinian Cassia 4.50
Senna didymobotrya (= Cassia didymobotrya) Popcorn Cassia 4.80
Senna floribunda Golden Showy Cassia 4.80
Senna glutinosa subsp. pruinosa 5.30
Senna notabilis Cockroach Bush 4.50
Senna polyphylla (= Cassia polyphylla) Desert Cassia 5.40
Senna reticulata (= Cassia reticulata) xxl 5.40
Senna siamea (= Cassia siamea) Bombay Blackwood, Ironwoodxxl 4.50
Senna spectabilis Yellow Shower Treexxl 5.40
Senna sulfurea (= Cassia glauca) Smooth Senna 4.50
Senna viarum 5.40
Serjania membranacea 5.60
Sesbania bispinosa Prickly Sesban 4.50
Sesbania grandiflora Scarlet Wisteria Tree 4.50
Sesbania herbacea Coffeeweedxxl 5.10
Sesbania punicea (= S. tripetii) Rattlebox Treexxl 5.40
Sicana odorifera Musk Cucumber, Cassabanana 5.40
Sicana odorifera 'Chocolate' Musk Cucumber, Cassabananaxxl 5.80
Sophora tomentosa Yellow Necklacepod 5.10
Soulamea pancheri 22.40
Spondias mombin Hog Plum 5.80
Sterculia villosa Elephant Rope Treexxl 5.60
Stigmaphyllon ellipticum Orchid Vine, Butterfly Vinexxl 9.40
Styphnolobium japonicum (= Sophora japonica) Pagoda Treexxl 5.30
Swainsona formosa Sturt's Desert Peaxxl 5.30
Swartzia simplex Mountain Orangexxl 9.30
Swietenia macrophylla Big Leaf Mahoganyxxl 5.60
Swietenia mahagoni West Indian Mahogany 5.00
Syzygium pondoense Pondo Waterwood 5.40
Tamarindus indica Tamarind 5.30
Tamarindus indica 'Si Chomphu' Tamarind 5.80
Tapura fischeri Leafberry Tree 6.90
Terminalia bellirica Baheda, Bedda Nutxxl 5.60
Terminalia brownii Umbrella Treexxl 5.40
Terminalia chebula Black Myrobalanxxl 5.30
Terminalia sericea Silver Cluster Leaf 5.30
Tetradium daniellii (= Euodia hupehensis) Bee-Bee Treexxl 4.50
Tetrapterocarpon geayi 7.80
Tetrorchidium macrophyllum xxl 6.90
Thespesia populnea Portia Tree, Indian Tulip Treexxl 4.60
Tibouchina semidecandra Princess Flower, Glory Bushxxl 5.30
Tibouchina urvilleana Princess Flowerxxl 5.40
Toona ciliata (= Cedrela toona, T. australis) Australian Red Cedar, Indian Mahogany 4.50
Toona sinensis Chinese Mahoganyxxl 4.50
Trema micrantha Jamaican Nettletreexxl 5.30
Trema orientalis Pigeon Wood, Indian Nettle Tree 5.60
Triadica sebifera (= Sapium sebiferum) Chinese Tallowtree 4.60
Trichosanthes kinabaluensis 7.20
Trichosanthes kirilowii Gu lóu 6.40
Trichosanthes lepiniana Lepin Snakegourd 5.60
Trichosanthes sp. 'Bali Melon' 10.40
Trichosanthes sp. 'Cyclops Melon' 12.00
Trigonella foenum-graecum Fenugreekxxl 4.50
Trimeria grandifolia Wild Mulberry 5.10
Trochomeriopsis diversifolia 16.00
Tropaeolum moritzianum Moritz's Nasturtiumxxl 6.90
Turpinia occidentalis Muttonwoodxxl 5.60
Turraea floribunda Honeysuckle Treexxl 5.30
Ugni molinae Murta 4.50
Urera baccifera xxl 5.80
Urera caracasana xxl 4.60
Urodon dasyphyllus Mop Bushpea 5.10
Vismia baccifera xxl 6.20
Vismia gracilis xxl 5.00
Vismia lateriflora xxl 5.30
Vochysia ferruginea xxl 6.90
Weinmannia tomentosa xxl 4.80
Wercklea ferox (= Hibiscus ferox) xxl 5.40
Wisteria sinensis xxl 5.80
Woodfordia fruticosa Fire-flame Bush 5.40
Xanthophyllum amoenum Nyalin 31.20
Xanthostemon chrysanthus Golden Penda 5.90
Xanthostemon gugerlii Giant Xanthostemon 10.10
Xylosma spiculifera Crown of the Hillsxxl 5.60
Zanthoxylum armatum Winged Prickly Ash, Nepal Pepper 5.60
Zanthoxylum capense Small Knobwood 5.30
Zanthoxylum riedelianum Yellow Prickly Ash 5.40
Zehneria scabra xxl 5.40
Ziziphus jujuba Red date, Chinese date 5.40
Ziziphus mauritiana Indian Plum 5.40
Ziziphus thyrsiflora Ébanoxxl 6.60

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asterid seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Acanthus mollis Bears Breeches, Oyster Plantxxl 5.90
Aciphylla aurea Golden Spaniard, Taramea 5.10
Aciphylla colensoi Wild Spaniard 7.20
Aciphylla crenulata 6.20
Aciphylla crosby-smithii Crosby-Smith's Speargrass 8.20
Aciphylla dieffenbachii Dieffenbachs Speargrass 6.90
Aciphylla divisa 11.40
Aciphylla glaucescens Feathery Spaniard 5.60
Aciphylla horrida 'Lomondii' Horrid Spaniard 7.20
Aciphylla lyallii Lyall's Speargrass 14.40
Aciphylla montana Mountain Speargrass 13.90
Aciphylla pinnatifida 5.80
Aciphylla scott-thomsonii Giant Spaniard, Thomson's Spaniard 5.00
Aciphylla simplex Simple Speargrass 5.30
Aciphylla subflabellata Spaniard 7.50
Aciphylla traversii Chatham Island Speargrass, Taramea 11.40
Acnistus arborescens Hollowheart, Wild Tobacco 4.50
Adenium obesum Desert Rosexxl 5.90
Adenium swazicum xxl 11.80
Aegiphila sellowiana Tamanqueiraxxl 4.60
Aeschynanthus parviflorus Sikkim Blushwort 5.40
Alstonia scholaris Indian Devil Tree, Blackboard Treexxl 4.50
Amphilophium crucigerum Monkey Combxxl 5.90
Amphilophium paniculatum 5.60
Anisotome haastii Haast's Carrot 5.30
Anisotome latifolia Campbell Carrot 5.30
Anisotome lyallii Lyall's Carrot 5.30
Apodytes abbottii 5.60
Apodytes dimidiata White Pearxxl 5.40
Aralia chinensis Chinese Angelica Tree 4.50
Aralia leschenaultii (= Pentapanax leschenaultii) 5.60
Araujia sericifera Cruel Vinexxl 5.40
Ardisia compressa xxl 5.40
Ardisia crenata Christmas Berry, Australian Hollyxxl 5.10
Ardisia croatii subsp. correae xxl 7.40
Ardisia fulva 5.60
Ardisia macrocarpa Himalayan Coralberryxxl 5.40
Ardisia neriifolia Oleander-leaved Coralberry 5.60
Ardisia polycephala xxl 4.80
Argania spinosa Argan Treexxl 8.50
Asclepias curassavica Tropical Milkweedxxl 5.30
Barleria obtusa Bush Violet 5.30
Barleria repens Small Bush Violetxxl 5.10
Barringtonia racemosa Powderpuff Tree 9.20
Bertiera guianensis xxl 5.30
Bonellia macrocarpa subsp. panamensis (= Jacquinia panamensis) xxl 10.40
Borojoa patinoi (= Alibertia patinoi) Borojó 5.30
Brachyglottis repanda 'Rangiora' Rangiora, Bushman's Friend 4.50
Brassaiopsis hainla Seto Chuletro Treexxl 5.40
Buddleja asiatica Dogtailxxl 5.00
Burchellia bubalina Wild Pomegranatexxl 5.30
Burmeistera brachyandra xxl 5.00
Burmeistera cyclostigmata xxl 5.10
Calatola costaricensis xxl 30.70
Callicarpa acuminata xxl 4.80
Callicarpa americana American Beautyberryxxl 4.50
Callicarpa arborea Beautyberry Tree 5.40
Callicarpa dichotoma Purple Beautyberryxxl 4.80
Callicarpa japonica 'Leucocarpa' White Japanese Beautyberry 4.50
Callichlamys latifolia xxl 9.30
Camellia sinensis 'Darjeeling' Tea Plant xxl 5.60
Campsis radicans Trumpet Vinexxl 4.60
Canthium inerme Turkey Berry 5.30
Capsicum baccatum xxl 5.80
Capsicum pubescens Tree Chilixxl 5.80
Capsicum pubescens 'Red Giant' Tree Chili 7.40
Carissa macrocarpa Natal Plumxxl 5.30
Cascabela thevetia (= Thevetia peruviana, C. neriifolia) Yellow Oleanderxxl 5.90
Catalpa bignonioides Southern Catalpaxxl 4.50
Catalpa ovata Chinese Catalpaxxl 4.50
Catalpa speciosa Northern Catalpaxxl 4.50
Catharanthus roseus Madagascar Periwinkle 4.50
Celmisia argentea Silver Cushion Mountain Daisy 5.60
Celmisia armstrongii Armstrongs Mountain Daisy 5.30
Celmisia coriacea Fiordland Mountain Daisy 5.30
Celmisia hookeri Hookers Mountain Daisy 5.80
Celmisia mackaui Akaroa Daisy 5.30
Celmisia parva 5.90
Celmisia semicordata subsp. semicordata Large Mountain Daisy 5.30
Celmisia sessiliflora White Cushion Mountain Daisy 5.80
Celmisia traversii Mountain Daisy 5.60
Celmisia viscosa Sticky Mountain Daisy 5.60
Centropogon cornutus xxl 5.10
Ceratotheca triloba African Foxglovexxl 5.40
Cestrum microcalyx xxl 5.40
Chiococca alba West Indian Milkberryxxl 7.80
Chrysanthemoides monilifera Tick Berry 5.30
Chrysophyllum cainito Star Applexxl 9.10
Citharexylum gentryi Fiddlewoodsxxl 5.40
Clavija longifolia 5.80
Clavija membranacea Shiculin Pijcha 7.50
Clerodendrum glandulosum (= C. colebrookianum) East Indian Glory Bowerxxl 5.30
Clerodendrum infortunatum (= C. viscosum) Hill Glory Bowerxxl 5.40
Clerodendrum trichotomum Harlequin Glorybower 5.30
Coddia rudis Small Bone Apple 5.30
Codonopsis viridis xxl 5.60
Coffea arabica Arabica Coffeexxl 5.10
Colebrookea oppositifolia xxl 5.30
Columnea eburnea xxl 5.00
Columnea picta xxl 4.80
Columnea strigosa xxl 5.40
Cordia boissieri Mexican Olive 5.80
Cordia dichotoma Fragrant Manjack, Glue Berryxxl 5.10
Cordia myxa Assyrian Plumxxl 5.10
Cordia sebestena Scarlet Cordiaxxl 5.90
Cordia sp. 'Manabí' xxl 5.90
Cordia tetrandra 5.40
Cordia wallichii Large Sebestenxxl 5.10
Cornus kousa Kousa Dogwoodxxl 5.30
Cornutia pyramidata Hoary-leaved Cornutia 5.60
Coussarea latifolia xxl 6.60
Cryptolepis dubia (= C. buchananii) Indian Sarsaparillaxxl 5.40
Cryptostegia grandiflora Rubber Vine 5.30
Curtisia dentata Assegai, Cape Lancewoodxxl 5.40
Cussonia natalensis Rock Cabbage Tree 5.30
Cussonia paniculata subsp. sinuata Mountain Cabbage Tree 5.30
Cussonia sphaerocephala Forest Cabbage Tree 5.30
Cussonia spicata Common Cabbage Treexxl 5.30
Cybianthus kayapii xxl 6.20
Cybistax antisyphilitica (= Bignonia antisyphilitica) Green Ipêxxl 8.80
Cyphomandra abutiloides (= Solanum abutiloides) xxl 4.60
Cyphomandra betacea (= Solanum betaceum) Tamarillo 4.60
Cyphomandra hartwegii Hartweg's Tamarilloxxl 5.60
Datura metel 'Purple' Devils Trumpetxxl 5.00
Dendropanax arboreus Angelica Treexxl 4.50
Dendroseris micrantha 6.70
Dendroseris pinnata 9.10
Dendroseris pruinata 10.90
Dichroa febrifuga Blue Evergreen Hydrangeaxxl 5.60
Diospyros inconstans xxl 8.80
Diospyros lycioides Bluebush, Monkey Plum 5.10
Diospyros melanoxylon Coromandel Ebony, East Indian Ebonyxxl 5.10
Diospyros scabrida Hard Leaved Monkey Plum 5.40
Diospyros vaccinioides Small Persimmonxxl 5.40
Diospyros villosa xxl 5.40
Disterigma dumontii xxl 5.40
Dolichandra unguis-cati (= Bignonia unguis-cati, Doxantha unguis-cati) 4.60
Dracophyllum longifolium 'Pink' Pink Inanga 5.60
Dracophyllum prostratum 5.60
Dracophyllum strictum 5.90
Duranta erecta (= D. repens) Golden Dewdrop 5.60
Echium candicans Pride of Madeiraxxl 4.60
Echium wildpretii Tower of Jewels, Red Bugloss 5.10
Eremophila maculata Spotted Emu Bush 7.40
Eryngium eburneum Candelabra Sea Holly 5.10
Euclea crispa Blue Guarri, Blue Ebony 5.30
Faramea oblongifolia xxl 11.80
Fatsia japonica Japanese Araliaxxl 4.60
Fernelia buxifolia xxl 5.80
Fouquieria burragei 'Pink Flower' xxl 6.20
Fouquieria burragei 'White Flower' xxl 6.90
Fouquieria columnaris Boojum Treexxl 7.00
Fouquieria formosa 5.90
Frasera speciosa Deer’s Ears, Monument Plantxxl 5.60
Fraxinus anomala Single Leaf Ashxxl 5.40
Fridericia speciosa 7.00
Gardenia cornuta Horned Gardenia 5.60
Gardenia erubescens Female Gardenia 5.60
Gardenia jasminoides Common Gardenia, Cape Jasmine 4.50
Gardenia oudiepe 8.50
Gaultheria hispida Snow Berry 4.50
Gaultheria rigida (= Pernettya rigida) 8.30
Genipa americana Marmalade Boxxxl 5.80
Geophila macropoda Mouse Earxxl 5.40
Glossoloma herthae (= Alloplectus herthae) xxl 5.30
Glossoloma ichthyoderma (= Alloplectus ichthyoderma) xxl 5.80
Gmelina arborea Beechwood, White Teakxxl 5.40
Gomphocarpus physocarpus Balloonplantxxl 5.80
Gonolobus ophioglossa xxl 6.40
Guettarda crispiflora xxl 5.90
Guettarda speciosa Beach Gardeniaxxl 8.20
Gustavia superba Heaven Lotusxxl 26.40
Haldina cordifolia Haldu Tree 4.50
Hamelia axillaris Balsamilloxxl 5.10
Hamelia patens Mexican Firebushxxl 5.10
Henckelia pumila (= Chirita pumila) xxl 5.40
Heracleum wallichii Wallich's Hogweed 5.60
Holmskioldia sanguinea Chinese Hat Plant 5.80
Hymenolepis parviflora Golden Coulter Bush 4.50
Hymenosporum flavum Australlian Frangipanixxl 4.80
Hypoestes aristata Ribbon Bushxxl 5.10
Hyptis capitata Buttonweed, Knobweedxxl 4.50
Ilex mitis African Hollyxxl 5.30
Ilex vomitoria Yaupon Hollyxxl 7.40
Ipomoea cairica (= I. palmata) Cairo Morning Glory 4.60
Ipomoea carnea Pink Morning Gloryxxl 5.60
Ipomoea pes-caprae Beach Morning Glory, Goat's Footxxl 5.30
Ipomoea quamoclit Cardinal Vinexxl 5.30
Isertia laevis xxl 5.30
Jacaranda mimosifolia Blue Jacarandaxxl 4.50
Jacquinia berteroi 'Cuba' 7.00
Kigelia africana (= K. pinnata) Sausage Tree 5.60
Kleinia neriifolia (= Senecio kleinia) Verodexxl 5.10
Kohleria spicata xxl 4.50
Lantana camara Common Lantana, Wild Sagexxl 4.50
Lavandula dentata Fringed Lavender 4.50
Lavandula pedunculata subsp. atlantica Moroccan Lavender 4.50
Leonotis leonurus Lion's tailxxl 5.00
Leonotis nepetifolia Klip Daggaxxl 5.40
Lepechinia meyenii Tequarxxl 5.30
Liabum saloyense xxl 4.50
Luculia gratissima Luculiaxxl 5.40
Lycianthes pauciflora xxl 5.80
Lycianthes sp. 'Salima' 5.60
Lycoseris trinervis xxl 6.90
Macropharynx anomala xxl 10.10
Maesa chisia xxl 5.40
Manilkara hexandra Ceylon Iron Woodxxl 4.60
Marcgravia brownei xxl 4.50
Marcgraviastrum subsessile xxl 5.30
Markhamia lutea Bell Bean Tree, Nile Tulip Tree 5.80
Markhamia zanzibarica Bell Bean Tree 5.40
Matelea orthoneura xxl 5.80
Matelea sp. 'Julio' xxl 5.80
Matelea sp. 'Santa Teresa' xxl 5.40
Merremia umbellata Hogvinexxl 5.60
Meryta balansae 11.00
Meryta lecardii 10.10
Meryta neoebudica xxl 19.20
Mesechites trifidus 5.60
Mimusops caffra Coast Red Milkwoodxxl 5.30
Mimusops elengi Spanish Cherryxxl 5.00
Mimusops obovata Coastal Red Milkwood 5.30
Morinda citrifolia Noni 4.50
Mussaenda macrophylla xxl 5.40
Myodocarpus fraxinifolius 7.50
Myodocarpus lanceolatus 13.60
Neohymenopogon parasiticus xxl 5.40
Neolamarckia cadamba (= Anthocephalus cadamba) Kadam Tree 4.50
Neopanax arboreus (= Pseudopanax arboreus) Fivefinger 5.00
Neopanax colensoi (= Pseudopanax colensoi) Mountain Fivefinger 5.30
Neopanax laetus (= Pseudopanax laetus) 4.80
Neopanax macintyrei (= Pseudopanax macintyrei) MacIntyres Fivefinger 5.90
Nicotiana glauca Tree Tobaccoxxl 4.50
Nicotiana tabacum Cultivated Tobaccoxxl 4.50
Noronhia emarginata Madagascar Olive 14.50
Notopleura uliginosa xxl 13.90
Nuxia floribunda Forest Elder 5.30
Oroxylum indicum Tree of Damoclesxxl 5.40
Orphium frutescens Sea Rose, Sticky Flower 4.50
Pachypodium densiflorum var. densiflorum 5.80
Pachypodium horombense 5.90
Pachypodium lamerei 'Madagascar Palm' 4.80
Pachypodium lealii xxl 10.20
Pachypodium rutenbergianum 5.60
Palicourea punicea xxl 5.90
Pandorea jasminoides 'Alba' White Bower Vine 4.50
Paragenipa wrightii Large Leaf Maroon Coffee 10.70
Paulownia catalpifolia 4.50
Paulownia elongata Pink Empress Tree 4.50
Paulownia fortunei Fortunes Empress Tree, Sapphire Tree 4.50
Paulownia tomentosa Princesstree, Empress Treexxl 4.50
Pavetta lanceolata Bridal Bush, Christmas Bush 5.30
Penstemon barbatus Scarlet Bugler 4.50
Pentagonia lanciloba xxl 6.10
Pentagonia macrophylla xxl 5.60
Phacelia pinnatifida xxl 6.60
Physalis philadelphica Tomatilloxxl 4.80
Pittosporum bicolor Banyalla 5.30
Pittosporum crassifolium Karo, Stiffleaf Cheesewood 5.40
Pittosporum hosmeri Kona Cheesewood 7.70
Pittosporum pentandrum var. formosanum Taiwanese Cheesewood 5.30
Pittosporum viridiflorum Cheesewood 5.60
Plumeria rubra Frangipanixxl 7.20
Polyosma leratii 8.20
Polyscias pancheri (= Tieghemopanax pancheri) 7.20
Polyscias sp. 'Mt. Tonta' 6.90
Prestonia mollis xxl 5.60
Psammisia pauciflora xxl 5.40
Psammisia ulbrichiana xxl 5.40
Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides (= Senecio confusus) Mexican Flame Vine 5.00
Pseudopanax crassifolius Lancewood, Horoeka 5.40
Psychotria allenii xxl 6.10
Psychotria capensis Bastard Lemonwood 5.40
Psychotria cyanococca xxl 6.40
Psychotria marginata xxl 5.60
Psychotria racemosa xxl 5.10
Psydrax obovata Quar Tree 5.60
Radermachera sinica Emerald Tree 4.50
Raukaua simplex (= Pseudopanax simplex) 6.20
Rauvolfia serpentina Snakeroot 5.10
Rauvolfia vomitoria African Snakeroot, Poison Devil's Pepper 7.00
Rhaphithamnus venustus 34.40
Rhododendron javanicum 'Orange' Vireyaxxl 5.30
Rhododendron javanicum 'Pink' Vireyaxxl 5.30
Rhododendron javanicum 'Yellow' Vireyaxxl 5.30
Rhynchoglossum obliquum xxl 5.30
Richea dracophylla Pineapple Candleheath 4.50
Richea pandanifolia Pandani, Giant Grass Tree 4.50
Richea scoparia Honey Bush 4.50
Robinsonia gayana 6.20
Rosenbergiodendron formosum (= Randia formosa) Blackberry Jam Fruitxxl 5.80
Rotheca serrata (= Clerodendrum serrata) Blue Fountain Bushxxl 5.40
Rothmannia annae Wright's Gardenia 42.40
Rothmannia capensis Wild Gardeniaxxl 5.30
Rothmannia globosa September Bells, Bell Gardeniaxxl 5.30
Saurauia prainiana xxl 5.00
Scaevola cylindrica 10.70
Scaevola taccada Beach Cabbage, Sea Lettucexxl 5.40
Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella Tree 4.50
Schefflera arboricola 'Hong Kong' 4.60
Schefflera bipalmatifolia 5.60
Schefflera digitata Pate, Seven-finger 4.50
Schefflera pubigera (= S. bengalensis) 5.40
Schefflera sp. 'Alto Tambo' xxl 5.40
Schefflera sphaerocoma xxl 6.40
Schima superba 4.50
Schima wallichii Samak 5.60
Senecio barbertonicus xxl 5.90
Senecio hollermayeri 5.00
Senecio radicans String of Bananasxxl 5.00
Sesamum pedalioides xxl 5.80
Simira rubescens Simiraxxl 8.50
Solanum anguivi (= S. indicum) Forest Bitterberry 4.30
Solanum caripense Tzimbaloxxl 4.60
Solanum dulcamara Bittersweet Nightshadexxl 4.60
Solanum ferox Terong Bulu 5.60
Solanum laciniatum Kangaroo Applexxl 4.60
Solanum mammosum Nipplefruitxxl 5.10
Solanum pimpinellifolium Currant Tomatoxxl 4.60
Solanum quitoense Naranjilla, Lulo 4.60
Solanum seaforthianum Brazilian Nightshadexxl 5.40
Solanum sessiliflorum Cocona 4.60
Solanum sessiliflorum 'Red Giant' Large Yellow Coconaxxl 6.40
Solanum sessiliflorum 'Red Topiro' Small Red Coconaxxl 5.30
Solanum sessiliflorum 'Yellow Giant' Large Yellow Coconaxxl 6.40
Solanum sisymbriifolium xxl 6.10
Solanum sp. 'Tuwayo' xxl 5.40
Solanum stramoniifolium Bura-Bura, Coconillaxxl 5.10
Solanum ternatum xxl 5.40
Solanum vescum 4.60
Solanum virginianum (= S. xanthocarpum) Thorny Nightshade, Thai Eggplantxxl 4.50
Spathodea campanulata African Tuliptree 4.60
Stapelia leendertziae Leendertz's Carrion Flowerxxl 5.30
Stereospermum euphorioides Mangarahara 6.20
Stictocardia mojangensis (= Ipomoea mojangensis) 5.90
Stilbocarpa polaris 10.70
Strophanthus boivinii Wood Shaving Flowerxxl 6.10
Strychnos decussata Cape Teak 5.10
Styphelia cymbulae xxl 7.20
Styphelia triflora Pink Five-Cornersxxl 7.50
Tabebuia chrysotricha (= Handroanthus chrysotrichus) Golden Trumpet Tree 4.50
Tabebuia impetiginosa (= T. avellanedae, Handroanthus impetiginosus) Pink Ipê, Pink Lapacho 4.60
Tabebuia rosea 'Pink' xxl 5.00
Tabebuia umbellata (= Handroanthus umbellata) Yellow Trumpet Treexxl 8.80
Tecoma fulva subsp. garrocha Orange Trumpetbush 4.60
Tecoma stans var. sambucifolia Golden Trumpetbush 4.60
Tecoma stans var. stans Yellow Trumpetbushxxl 4.50
Tectona grandis Teak 4.60
Thunbergia lutea Sikkim Clock Vine 5.60
Tournefortia glabra xxl 5.60
Tournefortia psilostachya Smooth-stemmed Tournefortiaxxl 5.80
Trianaea speciosa xxl 5.80
Vaccinium vacciniaceum (= V. serratum) Tibetan Blueberryxxl 5.40
Vangueria infausta African Medlarxxl 5.30
Verbesina minuticeps 4.50
Vernonia volkameriaefolia 5.30
Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree, Chasteberryxxl 4.60
Wigandia ecuadorensis 4.50
Wightia speciosissima (= W. gigantea) xxl 5.40
Withania somnifera Indian Ginsengxxl 4.50
Witheringia solanacea xxl 5.30
Wrightia natalensis Saddle-podxxl 5.30

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other eudicot seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Abuta colombiana xxl 13.50
Aeonium arboreum var. holochrysum 5.30
Aeonium aureum (= Greenovia aurea) Canary Golden Mountain Rose 5.00
Aeonium ciliatum 4.60
Aeonium haworthii 4.50
Aeonium lancerottense xxl 4.50
Aeonium percarneum 5.30
Aeonium spathulatum 4.60
Aeonium undulatum xxl 5.30
Alluaudia procera Madagascar Ocotillo 5.30
Anacampseros coahuilensis 5.00
Anomospermum chloranthum xxl 8.80
Antigonon leptopus Coral Vine 5.40
Argemone mexicana Mexican Prickly Poppyxxl 5.40
Bocconia integrifolia 6.20
Carpobrotus rossii Karkallaxxl 4.50
Carpobrotus virescens Coastal Pigface 4.50
Celosia spicata Wheatstraw Celosiaxxl 4.50
Cissampelos andromorpha xxl 7.00
Cissampelos tropaeolifolia xxl 6.90
Decaisnea insignis (= D. fargesii) Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Bean Treexxl 5.40
Dillenia indica Chulta Tree 4.50
Disciphania ernestii xxl 6.60
Disciphania sp. 'Blue Fruit' xxl 8.30
Disphyma crassifolium Purple Dew Plant 4.50
Doliocarpus major xxl 6.40
Echeveria gigantea Giant Hens and Chicksxxl 5.30
Faucaria bosscheana (= F. albidens) xxl 5.00
Glottiphyllum regium Tongue-Leaved Mesemb 4.80
Grevillea robusta Silky Oak, Australian Silver Oakxxl 4.50
Haloragis masatierrana Robinson Crusoe Seaberry 12.80
Hibbertia trachyphylla 12.80
Kalanchoe grandiflora xxl 4.50
Kalanchoe humilis Penwiper 4.60
Kalanchoe longiflora 4.60
Kalanchoe maromokotrensis xxl 5.30
Lampranthus aureus 5.00
Lampranthus stipulaceus Ice Plant 4.80
Limnobotrya lacustris (= Ribes lacustre) Prickly Currantxxl 6.10
Liquidambar styraciflua American Sweetgum 4.50
Mesembryanthemum spathulatum xxl 4.80
Nandina domestica Sacred Bambooxxl 4.60
Nelumbo nucifera Sacred Lotusxxl 5.40
Nelumbo nucifera 'Red' Sacred Lotusxxl 7.20
Nelumbo nucifera 'White' Sacred Lotusxxl 7.00
Phytolacca rivinoides Venezuelan Pokeweed 4.50
Plumbago auriculata 'Alba' 5.30
Plumbago europaea Common Leadwort 4.50
Ptilotus spathulatus Possum Tailsxxl 5.10
Rhagodia baccata var. candolleana (= Chenopodium candolleanum) Seaberry Saltbush 4.60
Salsola oppositifolia 4.50
Santalum album Indian Sandalwood 5.00
Santalum spicatum Australian Sandalwood 7.00
Silene undulata (= S. capensis) Xhosa Dream Herb 5.60
Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Treexxl 5.60
Stephania glandulifera 5.30
Suaeda australis Seablitexxl 4.50
Telopea truncata Tasmanian Waratah 5.30
Trichostigma octandrum Hoopvinexxl 6.90

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cacti seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Acanthocalycium spiniflorum xxl 4.80
Acharagma aguirreanum 5.00
Acharagma roseana subsp. galeanense xxl 5.90
Ariocarpus retusus subsp. confusus - EU ONLY Living Rock, Star Rockxxl 5.60
Ariocarpus retusus subsp. retusus - EU ONLY Living Rock, False Peyotexxl 5.40
Ariocarpus retusus subsp. trigonus - EU ONLY Living Rock, Star Rock 5.30
Astrophytum asterias - EU ONLY Sand Dollar Cactus 5.60
Astrophytum asterias 'Nudum' - EU ONLY Sand Dollar Cactusxxl 5.60
Astrophytum capricorne Goat's Horns Cactusxxl 5.00
Astrophytum myriostigma (= A. columnare) Bishop's Cap Cactus 5.00
Astrophytum niveum 5.30
Astrophytum niveum 'Nudum' 5.30
Astrophytum ornatum 4.80
Blossfeldia liliputana 4.60
Browningia viridis xxl 5.60
Carnegiea gigantea Saguaro 4.60
Cereus hexagonus Lady of the Night Cactusxxl 5.60
Cochemiea maritima 5.00
Cochemiea poselgeri 4.60
Cochemiea setispina 5.00
Corryocactus brevistylus 4.60
Coryphantha borwigii 5.40
Coryphantha cornifera 5.00
Coryphantha delaetiana 4.80
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis xxl 4.80
Coryphantha odorata (= Cumarinia odorata) xxl 5.30
Coryphantha pallida subsp. pseudoradians xxl 4.80
Coryphantha potosiana xxl 4.80
Coryphantha pseudoechinus subsp. laui xxl 5.10
Coryphantha pseudoechinus subsp. laui 'Magentae' xxl 5.30
Coryphantha pseudonickelsiae xxl 5.00
Coryphantha pulleineana xxl 5.00
Coryphantha recurvata xxl 5.40
Coryphantha robustispina subsp. scheeri Needle Mulee 5.60
Coryphantha werdermannii - EU ONLY xxl 5.30
Cumulopuntia boliviana subsp. ignescens 9.10
Cylindropuntia imbricata Tree Chollaxxl 5.10
Cylindropuntia spinosior Cane Cholla 5.30
Cylindropuntia whipplei (= Opuntia whipplei) Whipple Chollaxxl 5.60
Echinocactus grusonii Golden Barrel Cactusxxl 4.50
Echinocactus horizonthalonius Devil's-Head Cactusxxl 5.40
Echinocactus platyacanthus (= E. ingens) Giant Barrel Cactusxxl 4.60
Echinocereus barthelowanus xxl 4.60
Echinocereus brandegeei Strawberry Cactusxxl 5.00
Echinocereus chloranthus Green Hedge Hogxxl 5.00
Echinocereus engelmannii Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactusxxl 5.00
Echinocereus enneacanthus subsp. brevispinus xxl 4.80
Echinocereus ferreirianus - EU ONLY Hedgehog Cactusxxl 4.80
Echinocereus grandis Giant Rainbow Cactusxxl 5.30
Echinocereus leucanthus (= Wilcoxia albiflora) xxl 4.80
Echinocereus mapimiensis xxl 4.80
Echinocereus poselgeri Dahlia Cactus 4.80
Echinocereus reichenbachii var. fitchii Black Lace Cactusxxl 5.00
Echinocereus reichenbachii var. reichenbachii xxl 4.60
Echinocereus triglochidiatus xxl 5.00
Echinocereus viereckii var. morricalii xxl 5.10
Echinocereus viereckii var. viereckii xxl 4.80
Echinocereus viridiflorus 'Robustior' xxl 4.80
Echinocereus websterianus Webster's Hedgehog Cactusxxl 4.60
Echinopsis pachanoi (= Trichocereus peruvianus) Pitaya, Dragon Fruitxxl 5.30
Epiphyllum phyllanthus Climbing Cactusxxl 5.40
Eriosyce napina (= Neochilenia napina) xxl 5.10
Escobaria henricksonii xxl 5.00
Escobaria zilziana xxl 4.60
Escontria chiotilla Chiotilla Cactusxxl 5.30
Eulychnia acida Copao 4.60
Eulychnia breviflora 4.80
Ferocactus alamosanus subsp. reppenhagenii xxl 4.80
Ferocactus chrysacanthus 5.40
Ferocactus cylindraceus (= F. acanthodes) Compass Barrel Cactusxxl 4.60
Ferocactus diguetii xxl 5.00
Ferocactus emoryi subsp. rectispinus Long Spined Barrel Cactusxxl 4.80
Ferocactus gracilis subsp. coloratus Fire Barrel Cactus 5.30
Ferocactus gracilis subsp. gracilis 5.00
Ferocactus herrerae Twisted Barrel Cactusxxl 4.50
Ferocactus peninsulae xxl 4.50
Ferocactus peninsulae 'Sta. Rosalia' 4.60
Ferocactus pilosus Mexican Lime Cactus, Mexican Fire Barrel 4.50
Ferocactus recurvus (= F. latispinus) Devil's Tongue Barrelxxl 4.60
Ferocactus robustus Clustering Barrel Cactusxxl 5.10
Ferocactus schwarzii xxl 4.80
Ferocactus viridescens var. littoralis xxl 4.80
Ferocactus viridescens var. orcuttii xxl 4.80
Ferocactus viridescens var. viridescens Costal Barrel Cactusxxl 4.80
Ferocactus wislizeni Fishhook Barrel Cactusxxl 4.80
Glandulicactus crassihamatus Chihuahuan Fishhook Cactusxxl 5.30
Hylocereus costaricensis Red Pitaya, Red Dragon Fruit 5.80
Hylocereus undatus White Pitaya, White Dragon Fruitxxl 4.50
Maihueniopsis bolivianum 5.00
Maihueniopsis colorea 7.40
Maihueniopsis domeykoensis 10.40
Maihueniopsis glomerata 5.00
Mammillaria albicoma xxl 5.60
Mammillaria beneckei (= Dolichothele balsasoides) xxl 6.20
Mammillaria berkiana xxl 5.00
Mammillaria boelderliana xxl 4.80
Mammillaria boolii xxl 4.80
Mammillaria brandegeei subsp. brandegeei xxl 4.60
Mammillaria brandegeei subsp. glareosa xxl 4.80
Mammillaria capensis xxl 4.60
Mammillaria carretii xxl 4.80
Mammillaria columbiana subsp. yucatanensis xxl 4.80
Mammillaria decipiens (= Dolichothele decipiens) Bird's Nest Pincushionxxl 4.80
Mammillaria deherdtiana xxl 5.00
Mammillaria guelzowiana 'Robustior' xxl 5.00
Mammillaria haageana subsp. vaupelii xxl 4.80
Mammillaria halbingeri 'Yellow Flower' xxl 4.80
Mammillaria huitzilopochtli xxl 4.80
Mammillaria hutchisoniana subsp. louisae xxl 5.00
Mammillaria insularis xxl 5.00
Mammillaria johnstonii xxl 4.60
Mammillaria marksiana xxl 4.60
Mammillaria miegiana xxl 4.60
Mammillaria nazasensis xxl 5.10
Mammillaria peninsularis xxl 4.60
Mammillaria petrophila subsp. petrophila xxl 4.60
Mammillaria picta subsp. viereckii xxl 4.80
Mammillaria plumosa Feather Cactusxxl 5.00
Mammillaria pottsii xxl 4.80
Mammillaria roemeri xxl 5.80
Mammillaria sheldonii (= M. alamensis) xxl 4.60
Mammillaria solisioides - EU ONLY xxl 5.90
Mammillaria spinosissima subsp. pilcayensis xxl 4.80
Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya (= M. gasseriana) Star of Tacubayaxxl 5.00
Mammillaria tayloriorum xxl 5.00
Mammillaria verhaertiana (= M. phitauiana) xxl 4.60
Melocactus curvispinus (= M. guitartii) xxl 4.60
Melocactus neryi xxl 5.00
Neobuxbaumia tetetzo Teteche Cactusxxl 5.00
Opuntia atrispina xxl 6.10
Opuntia bentonii xxl 5.90
Opuntia charlestonensis xxl 5.90
Opuntia chlorotica Clockface Prickly Pear 7.70
Opuntia cylindrica Andean Prickly Pearxxl 5.30
Opuntia dillenii xxl 5.80
Opuntia dulcis Sweet Prickly Pear 5.60
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii Texas Prickly Pear Cactusxxl 4.80
Opuntia engelmannii var. linguiformis xxl 5.80
Opuntia ficus-indica Indian Fig Cactusxxl 5.30
Opuntia fragilis Brittle Pricklypearxxl 7.20
Opuntia karwinskiana xxl 4.80
Opuntia lasiacantha Red Prickly Pearxxl 5.40
Opuntia littoralis xxl 5.00
Opuntia macrorhiza 'Blue' Twistspine Pricklypearxxl 5.90
Opuntia microdasys Bunny Ears Cactusxxl 5.10
Opuntia microdasys subsp. rufida Blind Prickly Pear, Cinnamon Cactus 10.10
Opuntia phaeacantha Mojave Prickly Pearxxl 5.10
Opuntia santarita Purple Prickly Pearxxl 5.60
Opuntia streptacantha Giant Prickly Pearxxl 5.10
Opuntia stricta 5.40
Opuntia trichophora xxl 5.90
Pachycereus hollianus xxl 5.40
Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum Indian Combxxl 5.30
Pachycereus pringlei Elephant Cactus, Mexican Giant Cactus 4.60
Pachycereus weberi Oaxaca Cardonxxl 5.30
Peniocereus greggii subsp. transmontanus 5.30
Pereskia aculeata Leaf Cactus 5.10
Pereskia bleo Rose Cactusxxl 17.10
Pilosocereus chrysacanthus xxl 5.40
Polaskia chichipe xxl 4.80
Selenicereus testudo Dog-Tail Cactusxxl 5.40
Stenocereus gummosus Sour Pitayaxxl 5.40
Stenocereus pruinosus xxl 5.40
Strombocactus corregidorae xxl 5.80
Strombocactus disciformis subsp. disciformis xxl 4.80
Thelocactus bicolor subsp. bolaensis xxl 4.80
Thelocactus bicolor subsp. schwarzii xxl 4.80
Thelocactus conothelos subsp. aurantiacus xxl 5.90
Thelocactus conothelos subsp. garciae xxl 5.10
Thelocactus lausseri xxl 5.00
Thelocactus rinconensis subsp. freudenbergeri xxl 5.00
Thelocactus rinconensis subsp. rinconensis xxl 4.80
Tunilla soehrensii 6.40
Turbinicarpus beguinii (= Gymnocactus beguinii) - EU ONLY xxl 5.30
Turbinicarpus booleanus - EU ONLY xxl 5.30
Turbinicarpus dickisoniae - EU ONLY xxl 5.30
Turbinicarpus jauernigii - EU ONLY xxl 5.00
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele subsp. minimus - EU ONLY xxl 5.10
Turbinicarpus saueri subsp. saueri (= Gymnocactus saueri) - EU ONLY xxl 6.20
Turbinicarpus saueri subsp. ysabelae - EU ONLY xxl 5.30
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus subsp. gracilis - EU ONLY xxl 5.00
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus subsp. klinkerianus - EU ONLY xxl 5.40
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus subsp. schmiedickeanus - EU ONLY xxl 5.80
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus subsp. schwarzii - EU ONLY xxl 4.80
Weberbauerocereus johnsonii 4.80
Weberbauerocereus longicomus xxl 4.60
Weberbauerocereus rauhii (= Haageocereus rauhii) 5.40
Weberbauerocereus weberbaueri (= Cereus weberbaueri) Golden Arequipa Cactusxxl 5.60
Weberbauerocereus winterianus 5.00

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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cycad seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Cycas cairnsiana Mount Surprise Sago 61.50
Cycas clivicola subsp. lutea Mountain Sago 52.40
Cycas debaoensis Multipinnate Sagoxxl 52.80
Cycas elephantipes Elephant Foot Sago 21.60
Cycas elongata 42.70
Cycas glauca Timor Sagoxxl 76.40
Cycas guizhouensis Xingyi Sago 40.80
Cycas micholitzii Micholitz’s Sagoxxl 49.40
Cycas ophiolitica Marlborough Blue Sago 71.30
Cycas panzhihuaensis Hardy Sago, Doukou Sago 37.70
Cycas pectinata 17.70
Cycas platyphylla Petford Blue Sago 49.60
Cycas pranburiensis Pranburi Sago 74.10
Cycas pruinosa 'Blue' xxl 102.80
Cycas revoluta King Sago 10.80
Cycas taitungensis Emperor Sago 39.60
Cycas terryana Broadsound Sagoxxl 68.70
Cycas thouarsii x C. circinalis F1 42.20
Dioon califanoi Califano's Cycadxxl 60.30
Dioon caputoi xxl 119.40
Dioon holmgrenii Holmgren's Cycad 75.20
Dioon purpusii Purpus' Cycadxxl 76.60
Dioon sp. 'El Camaron' (= D. oaxacensis) El Camaron Cycadxxl 85.20
Lepidozamia hopei Hope's Zamiaxxl 105.90
Macrozamia communis Burrawangxxl 13.20
Macrozamia diplomera xxl 132.70
Macrozamia fraseri 59.00
Macrozamia humilis xxl 131.90
Macrozamia miquelii 10.30
Macrozamia moorei xxl 59.40
Macrozamia serpentina 19.10
Zamia encephalartoides Indian Cocoa Zamiaxxl 229.60
Zamia floridana (= Z. integrifolia) Coontie 6.10
Zamia poeppigiana Poeppig's Zamiaxxl 43.10
Zamia sp. 'Emerald' Emerald Zamiaxxl 33.40
Zamia variegata (= Z. picta) xxl 34.70

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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conifer seeds

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Abies alba (= A. nobilis) European Silver Firxxl 5.10
Abies balsamea Balsam Firxxl 4.50
Abies cephalonica Grecian Fir 5.90
Abies delavayi var. delavayi Delavay Fir 8.80
Abies firma Momi Firxxl 5.30
Abies koreana xxl 4.50
Abies magnifica California Red Firxxl 5.40
Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani Trojan Firxxl 5.00
Abies pindrow West Himalayan Fir 4.50
Abies pinsapo Spanish Firxxl 5.60
Abies recurvata (= A. ernestii) Min Fir, Ernest Fir 5.00
Actinostrobus arenarius Sandplain Cypress 5.30
Actinostrobus pyramidalis Swan River Cypress 4.60
Araucaria araucana - EU ONLY Monkey Puzzle Tree 13.40
Araucaria columnaris Coral Reef Araucaria, Cook Pinexxl 7.80
Araucaria cunninghamii subsp. cunninghamii Hoop Pine 5.30
Araucaria montana Mountain Araucaria 15.00
Athrotaxis cupressoides Pencil Pinexxl 5.80
Athrotaxis laxifolia Summit Cedar 5.30
Athrotaxis selaginoides King Billy Pinexxl 5.00
Austrocedrus chilensis Chilean Cedar 5.10
Callitris columellaris White Cypress-Pine, Bribie Island Pine 5.60
Callitris glaucophylla White Cypress Pine 5.30
Callitris oblonga Pigmy Cypress Pine 4.60
Callitris preissii Rottnest Island Pine 4.60
Callitris rhomboidea Oyster Bay Pine 4.80
Callitris verrucosa Mallee Pine, Sandhill Pine 5.00
Calocedrus decurrens California Incense Cedarxxl 5.10
Cedrus deodara Deodar Cedar, Himalaya Cedar 4.60
Cephalotaxus fortunei Fortune Plum Yew 6.10
Cephalotaxus oliveri 9.10
Cephalotaxus sinensis var. sinensis Chinese Plum Yew 6.40
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Port Orford Cedar 5.40
Chamaecyparis pisifera Sawara Cypress 5.10
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar, Sugi Cedar 4.50
Cunninghamia lanceolata Common China Fir 4.50
Cupressus arizonica var. arizonica Arizona Cypress 4.50
Cupressus cashmeriana Kashmir Cypress 4.50
Cupressus dupreziana var. atlantica Moroccan Cypress 4.80
Cupressus lusitanica Mexican Cypressxxl 4.50
Cupressus macrocarpa Monterey Cypress 4.50
Cupressus sempervirens Mediterranean Cypressxxl 4.60
Cupressus sempervirens 'Stricta' Slender Mediterranean Cypress 4.50
Dacrydium araucarioides Candelabra Resin Yew 29.60
Diselma archeri Cheshunt Pine 8.50
Ephedra intermedia Blue Jointfir 4.60
Ephedra nevadensis Gray Jointfir, Nevada Mormon Tea 4.50
Ephedra sinica Chinese Jointfir, Cao Ma Huang 4.60
Ephedra viridis Mountain Jointfir, Green Mormon Tea 4.50
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree 5.60
Juniperus osteosperma Utah Juniper 5.30
Keteleeria fortunei Fortune's Youshan 5.60
Lagarostrobos franklinii Huon Pinexxl 8.20
Microcachrys tetragona Strawberry Pinexxl 11.70
Nageia nagi (= Podocarpus nagi) Asian Bayberryxxl 5.80
Pherosphaera hookeriana Mount Mawson Pine, Drooping Pine 9.10
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Celery Top Pinexxl 5.80
Picea smithiana Morinda Sprucexxl 5.00
Pinus aristata Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine 5.40
Pinus armandii David's Pine, Chinese White Pine 5.30
Pinus engelmannii Apache Pinexxl 5.80
Pinus maximartinezii Martínez Piñon, Maxipiñon, King Pinyon 10.10
Pinus parviflora Japanese White Pinexxl 11.80
Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa Pine, Western Yellow Pine 4.80
Pinus pumila Japanese Stone Pinexxl 5.60
Pinus roxburghii Chir Pine 4.80
Pinus tabuliformis Chinese Red Pinexxl 5.00
Pinus thunbergii Japanese Black Pine 4.60
Pinus wallichiana Bhutan Pine, Himalayan White Pine 4.80
Pinus yunnanensis var. yunnanensis Yunnan Pinexxl 4.50
Platycladus orientalis (= Thuja orientalis) Oriental Arborvitaexxl 4.50
Platycladus orientalis 'Compacta' (= Thuja orientalis) Dwarf Oriental Arborvitae 4.50
Podocarpus costalis Lan Yü Yewxxl 5.30
Podocarpus lawrencei Mountain Plum Pinexxl 10.10
Podocarpus saligna Mañio 5.60
Podocarpus totara Totara 5.40
Prumnopitys andina Mountain Grape 10.10
Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii Coast Douglas Firxxl 4.80
Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood 4.80
Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Sequoia, Sierra Redwoodxxl 5.30
Taiwania cryptomerioides Coffin Tree, Taiwan Cedarxxl 4.50
Taxodium distichum var. distichum Northern Bald Cypress 5.30
Taxodium distichum var. imbricatum Pond Cypressxxl 5.30
Taxodium huegelii (= T. mucronatum) Montezuma Bald Cypress 4.50
Taxus baccata Common Yewxxl 4.60
Thuja occidentalis Northern White Cedar, Eastern Arborvitae 4.50
Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar 4.50

Palms   Aroids   Other Eudicots
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Gunneras   Cacti
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Magnoliids   Cycads
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Rosids   Conifers
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Asterids   Tree Ferns
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tree fern spores

Botanical name Common name   Qty Euro/
Blechnum cycadifolium Cycad Leaf Tree Fern 11.00
Blechnum gibbum Dwarf Tree Fern 5.00
Blechnum minus Soft Water Fernxxl 5.00
Blechnum nudum Fishbone Water Fern 5.00
Blechnum sp. 'Pink Panama' 5.00
Cyathea alata 7.00
Cyathea borneensis 6.00
Cyathea carrii Carr's Tree Fern 7.00
Cyathea contaminans Blue Tree Fern 7.00
Cyathea decurrens 8.00
Cyathea dregei Drège's Tree Fern 5.00
Cyathea fenicis Iraya Tree Fernxxl 6.00
Cyathea gleichenioides Coral Treefernxxl 5.00
Cyathea intermedia 8.00
Cyathea lepifera Flying Spider-monkey Tree Fernxxl 5.00
Cyathea leucotricha 6.00
Cyathea loheri xxl 8.00
Cyathea longipes 8.00
Cyathea lunulata subsp. vitiensis 9.00
Cyathea medullaris Black Tree Fern, Mamaku 4.00
Cyathea podophylla xxl 6.00
Cyathea poeppigii xxl 5.00
Cyathea ramispina 9.00
Cyathea sp. 'Tiny Top' 7.00
Cyathea spinulosa Spiny Tree Fernxxl 5.00
Cyathea truncata 8.00
Cyathea vaupelii 9.00
Cyathea vieillardii 7.00
Dicksonia berteroana (= D. berteriana) 9.00
Dicksonia fibrosa Kuripaka, Wheki-Pongaxxl 4.00
Platycerium superbum Giant Australian Staghorn Fernxxl 5.00
Platycerium wandae Giant New Guinea Staghorn Fern 5.00
Thyrsopteris elegans 10.00

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