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A Pocket Guide to Palms & Cycads
von Martin Gibbons

Hardcover - 15 x 17,3 cm - 254 Seiten
Mehr als 250 Farbfotos
Cartwell Books, Inc.

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Sprache: Englisch

This is a useful guide for anybody interested in the palm tree, whether as a potential grower or simply as an admirer of these beautiful plants. Packed with useful tips on how to grow and cultivate your own palm trees and cycads. On 254 pages 200 species of palm are covered in detail, one per page, plus 24 cycads. Fully illustrated with colour photography showing these stunning plants at their best.
The palm tree has come to symbolize all things tropical and brings to mind sandy beaches and exotic holidays. However, beyond the date and the coconut, most people’s knowledge of palm trees is fairly limited. There are, in fact, almost 3,000 different species of palm tree with more being discovered all the time. Far from just appearing in equatorial rainforests, swampy jungles, or arid deserts, there are hundreds which grow a long way from the equator, in conditions that are considerably less than tropical. This book looks at over 200 species of palm tree and shows you how to grow and cultivate one of these special trees. Packed with useful tips on the required growing conditions and any special needs, this guide allows you to nurture a variety of palm trees. The introduction gives a general overview of palm trees and includes details of their evolution and biology, the parts of the world which they inhabit, and their uses. Then, on each page, a different species of palm tree is featured with a photograph and text describing the common and Latin name, the fruit and leaves of the tree, and requirements such as the soil type, the climate, and the rate of growth. There is also a section on cycads and a glossary of the terms used.

Martin Gibbons ist international anerkannter Palmenexperte und betreibt seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich eine eigene Exoten-Gärtnerei in der Nähe von London.

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