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We need your help! To add to rarepalmseeds.com as an information resource for the palm
community, we would like to collect your experiences on the germination of palm seeds and other seeds. This will become an invaluable knowledge database for everyone! The more responses we receive, the more representative the information will be. So, if you have germination experiences to share, please fill in the form below.

By submitting your comments you automatically enter to win one of 4 vouchers for seeds worth Euro 50 / Euro 75 every year. The winners will be chosen once per year and will receive the voucher by e-mai. They can then select any species listed on our website. Submitted comments will be published on our web site. You can submit comments on as many species as you like. The more submissions you make, the greater your chances are of winning!

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Here is a nice example how comments will look like when published:

Seeds from this species ...

...are easy to germinate and need up to 3 months to sprout.
This plant does not deserve its reputation for difficult germination. Seeds must be FRESH for success. Results of almost 100% can be obtained. The fresh seeds are soaked in water for a couple of days after some gentle scarification with a steel file - well away from the three pores.Place in a sterile medium -vermiculite is better than perlite and place where the temperature will not go over 27C (81F) Expect first to germinate within three weeks and the rest to follow within two to three months.They need a deep container as the taproot is up to 15cm long.
Submitted on 11/30/2001 by Adam St.Clair


The winners
2001: Jim Murphy, Dennis Lutge, Mike Jamison
2002: Jens Bluetling, José M. Zerolo
2003: Patricia Mary Boyle, Sergei Leonov
2004: Rob Stacewicz, Patrick Jacklin
2005: Betty Jones, Chris Wolfe
2006: Markus Michel, Vincent LeJeune, Ricardo Sànchez Vàzquez
2007: Ignacio Urzúa, Vida Sopheap, Gary Fisher, Anton
2008: Anthony, B. Jung, Vida Sopheap, Marco Witt
2009: Justin, K. Kuné, E. Ulaszek, Ramón J.
2010: Matt Weiss, Dr. J, René Bosshard, Jesse Blenn
2011: Angelina Chamizo Checa, Le Page, Federico Minghetti, Jean-Luc Delorme
2012: Mike Organista, Marlena Fairbourne, J. Hamilton, Adam Grant
2013: Giorgio Resendiz Brun, Héctor Pérez Macías, Thomas Bach, Roberto Curion

The winners for 2014 will be selected in January 2015.

• Winners will be selected once a year from all comments rarepalmseeds.com receives via its website within this 12 month period.
• To ensure a high quality of comments we reserve the right to exclude comments that are only a few words long or identical comments submitted several times for different species.
• With submission of your comments you grant rarepalmseeds.com the unlimited and royalty-free right to publish them.

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