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  how to...

...get more visitors to your web site
...choose the best page, location and link format for the affiliate link
...add pictures to your web site

This page will show you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your affiliation with rarepalmseeds.com. We do our best to make the affiliate banners as attractive as possible for your web site visitors. But the number of visitors to your web site who click on the affiliate link and the conversion rate you can achieve depends much on which banners are placed where on your web site, how popular your web site is and how closely the subject of your web site is related to palms and other tropical plants.

...get more visitors to your web site

The more visitors your web site has, the more people will see the affiliate link and are likely to click on it. The easiest way to get more visitors is to submit your web site to search engines:

• Google is by far the most popular search engine on the Internet. If your web site is not listed at Google people will have a hard time finding it.
Submit your web site to Google.com

Open Directory Project
• The Open Directory Project is the Internet's largest human-edited directory (even larger than Yahoo!) and is used by many web sites to build their directory.
Submit your web site to dmoz.org

AddMe offers more sophisticated tools (create meta tags, check your web site's popularity, automated search engine submission and a lot more) to improve and promote your web site.
About.com is a fine resource for information on how to build web pages.

...choose the best page, location and link format for the affiliate link

If your visitors cannot see the rarepalmseeds.com link they will not click on it. So where is the best location to place the affiliate link?

The home page
is by far the best page. It's the first page of your web site and everyone will see it at least once during a visit. Often links are placed on a special links page together with many other links. Our experience shows that only one out of 10-20 visitors ever gets to the links page. The deeper you bury the affiliate link in your web site the fewer people will see it and click on it.

"Above the scroll"
is the best location to place the affiliate link. "Above the scroll" is the part of a page that is visible to the visitor without scrolling. Many people never scroll down to the bottom of a page and thus would never see the link. The area described as "above the scroll" depends on the visitor's monitor and window size. The smaller the screen or window, the smaller the part of the page that is "above the scroll". On more than 90% of the screens the top 400 pixels are definitely above the scroll.

classic banner (468x60 pixels) is our preferred format. It can easily be placed at the top of any web page and is visible without scrolling. It has proven to be highly successful, generating a very good click-through-rate and conversion rate.

  "Above the scroll"
The classic banner at the top of the page is clearly visible to all visitors.

The window's height is 400 pixels. This is the part of your web pages that more than 90% of Internet surfers are able to see without scrolling.
  "Below the scroll"
This part of a web page is only visible by scrolling down. Many people don't scroll down. So if the banner is located here less people will click on it.

Putting a classic banner on your home page requires no more than 30 minutes and is definitely the best way to maximize your affiliate commission.

...add pictures to your web site

As a rarepalmseeds.com affiliate you can place up to 20 of our plant images on your web site. For example, if you're a palm enthusiast with a small web site about palms in your area, simply take our photos to illustrate your web site. Or you can show your favorite palm trees to your friends and other palm enthusiasts. Or you could even set up an "online nursery" and build a small web site around our pictures. Whatever you can imagine. The only thing we ask is that there is a clearly visible affiliate link and copyright notice next to each image.

Here is an example for the copyright notice:
Photo: copyright © rarepalmseeds.com

To get the images browse our web site and select any plants you want. Right-click on the image to save it to your hard drive (select "Save image to..." - or similar - from the context menu). Please do not link directly to our images as they might be replaced, renamed or removed by us. Add the pictures to your web site and upload them to your server.

Here is an example of how this could look:

  The picture is copied from the rarepalmseeds.com web site.
The button is served by us.
The text and everything else is your work (do not copy any item descriptions or prices from our web site).
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